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Rick Roll : this is the story of a bunch of guys having a day out having fun while becoming famous for walking around in tuxedos all the time and stealing the spotlight from raving too much. anything is possible in this world.

夢幻光o : 3:30~4:00 GOOD!

supendi Xu : 2014: have a nice day 2018: lets start world war 3

Minh Trịnh Nhật : Việt Nam giơ tay 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

Ryulin18 : 3:51 - the reason I worry about visiting Japan. I may look like that guy

Aom K : 0:34 that's a nice car over there

My Pote : อ้าวAKB. เพิ่งเห็น 5555

Tasty Fruity : Tokyo become human

Hansje Kountur : This is the epitome of synchronization, and not to mention perfection.

#Anime Mashup : 1:23 really nice drop...

Dio Brando : Youtube recommended me this Channel for years, now i understand why and i'm actually having a nice day

99onone BLANK : This is now me were ever i GO!


Otaku cute : มีคนไทยดูรึป่าวววววว

Henry Zhang : Seriously is there anybody who knew this dance first THEN recognized the move from Project Yi?

vincent peng : 即使從2018年來看仍然是一首寫得很棒的歌

Zanis gaming : 1:29 anime ?

Emperor Of Kek-kind : When you and the boys hit the town

Chú cún mang tên Nasus : 2018??????

Master Chief : Agree or not, like or not; you gotta admit, the Japanese do really know how to put a smile on your face. Amazing song and video, Have a Nice Day everyone!

Bhumisupanontちちゃ : AKB48~

Aguri Aguri : 0:12 >:3333

M Mold : Genki Sudo, like the famous fighter? Wow is that HIM in the dance video holy shit!? thats awesome

sim : That atom bomb was sure strong.

Wolf Edmunds : It doesn't get more Japan than this channel.

nanasi : 不思議な哀愁を感じる(笑)

Reaper : 3:58 I was there :)

jindig3 : 병맛인데 개고퀄이얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

つるさん福岡。 : 肖像権は大丈夫?

Renai Circulation : PROJECT YI brought me to here

유시로 : 한국에서는 볼수 없는 그런 색다른 뮤비네요 상당히 신선하네요

hou in vong : 2018 keep watching The best machine dance team!

許文聖 : Hay thế , i love japan

Aaron : what is this and why did i click on it

Crushed Proxy : PROJECT Yi brought me here

Ai : にっぽんがすばらしいねえ!

Undine66770 : Where did the English subtitles go???? As of Aug 4, 10:53 PM CDT, they are not there.

Stephen Train : why is my title in vietnamese

Neko Chan : *LOL* 😂😂

RaziVideos : imposible verlo sin estar sonriendo todo el rato ^^

K Y : Cung yg nonton 2018 ☝

張翔鈞 : I will heard this song every morning

Phu Thanh Tran : I like gôd

SunlightFire : that hot dog shot gets me every time

mimei : I wish everyone in the world was like World Order ♥

akise : Anime is normal in japan???? In my country if someone finds out you watch anime ur dead instantly no excuses

Tired : I still can't figure out if the thing at 1:04 is for kids or creepy grown men in Japan.

Đường Tăng : Master Yi

Noh 'Mask : 2018 +++

Phantom Ghost : Man I love these guys and Japan...I see the reason why Stefanie Joosten moved to Japan from Netherlands.