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Rick Roll : this is the story of a bunch of guys having a day out having fun while becoming famous for walking around in tuxedos all the time and stealing the spotlight from raving too much. anything is possible in this world.

Renai Circulation : PROJECT YI brought me to here

Putra Archibald : The song always puts me in a good mood.

Asriel Dreamerr : まだ見てる人いる?笑

Lewd Snake : World order "Have a nice day" Me: Aww First video in recommendations: World order: Let's start WW3" Me: Oh..

Master Chief : Agree or not, like or not; you gotta admit, the Japanese do really know how to put a smile on your face. Amazing song and video, Have a Nice Day everyone!

Pikachu Vn : Việt Nam siêu phẩm Yi

tk fufufu : ヲタ芸キレッキレで草

V҉O҉S҉F҉ : 神曲不多說!!!!

Nagisa Chanel : Fan Yi like this :)

#Anime Mashup : 1:23 really nice drop...

네루 : 1:26 나도 모르게 끄덕끄덕 거리고있었다 ㅋㅋ

GoatMaster93 : 3:13 when you walk in and see this

pig no pie : ใครคนไทยบาง

Kano Shuuya : 2018 ~

Wolf Edmunds : It doesn't get more Japan than this channel.

Khoa Ho : 3:30 BEST PART!!!

David L : better than crappy kpop dance

e Lamb : Despite the negativity regarding the hard life of Japanese Salarymen, these people were in fact the true modern warriors who sacrificed a lot for their family's future.

Thị Hoàng Yến Trần : You sing and dance well! This is a great video! I love Japan! ❤🇯🇵

Henry Zhang : Seriously is there anybody who knew this dance first THEN recognized the move from Project Yi?

BMT : Amazing song, amazing people, amazing country, amazing video 'xD

Deku Spiegel : I love you Japan whit all my heart ❤️

Shin 97 : This song always drawn a big smile and sometime tears to me, it kinda help me a little bit from my depression ... thank you.

おのゆうじ : 元気さん元気ですかー! 神はテーブルクロス。すべては、ここからはじまりました。 ここまでこれたのも、元気さんのおかげです。ありがとう。

DoucheBag CH : ริจจัง ท่านเตี้ย พารูรุ จูรินะ ยูกิริน ย้วย ยุยฮัง

Loyal To None : If these guys were white instead of Japanese, SJWs would immediately label this video as "sexist" and "racist".

MintZaaZaa : เพลงนี่ใครรู้จักจากพี่ กาน knn ม้างงงงงง 0w0

Unhin gamer : 1:25 to 1:52 and 3:31 till the end = most memorable

Crushed Proxy : PROJECT Yi brought me here

Maja :3 : I don't know what is it, but I think this is so cool :D

Yusubi : What is that anime called on the left at 1:29

Miguel FBF : Show!!! Gostei de mais! faz mais Time :v

nakaharaindria : I just saw this on tumblr and I totally loving iiiiit! Hahaha.

RaziVideos : imposible verlo sin estar sonriendo todo el rato ^^

Tatsuki Ron : Damn! I still remember when I heard this song from 2014! Man.... I'll miss those days.... :,)

Anchovy : I from Taiwan AIR army . I listen this music .i’m so happy thanks my friends! Have nice everyday :D

霸天虎decephtian : 还有中字,赞👍

Aom K : 0:34 that's a nice car over there

Phantom Ghost : Man I love these guys and Japan...I see the reason why Stefanie Joosten moved to Japan from Netherlands.

Kazama Yuuta : Cung yg nonton 2018 ☝

N N B M : Nice song

Maximus Aurelius : wait, genki sudo is a jpop idol? wtf he is a former ufc/pride fighter lol

Y K : イエーイ!

mimei : I wish everyone in the world was like World Order ♥

Haya 10 : 日本語のコメント少ない!(笑)

Arwin Fiky Pratama : 2:58 kyuun💕 moment 😂


Ryulin18 : 3:51 - the reason I worry about visiting Japan. I may look like that guy

Hunter : Project Yi