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Master Chief : Agree or not, like or not; you gotta admit, the Japanese do really know how to put a smile on your face. Amazing song and video, Have a Nice Day everyone!

chicken : 沒看歌詞只覺得好聽 好看,但歌詞根本肥宅悲歌 T_T

Kylle Hufalar : Im still watching this *October 2018?*

Echo Unbroken : i cant understand a word they said but i get feels from this song

Chief Sabo. : *13 October 2018* ?

Rick Roll : this is the story of a bunch of guys having a day out having fun while becoming famous for walking around in tuxedos all the time and stealing the spotlight from raving too much. anything is possible in this world.

MMMDCLXXIX : Quick answer: yes. People are still watching this at the time you're going to ask just to get comment likes

Skatefanatic Ri : I love Japan.

Warfu ­ : This is one of the most creative music videos I have ever seen!!! And I just realized I saw them at 2014 YT Rewind >:'v


Wolf Edmunds : It doesn't get more Japan than this channel.

MOJOisHOTT : Are we not going to talk about the guy with a body pillow at 3:51

bあrusa 02 : ここまで日本語ないことある?w 新着コメントもまだまだ続いてるみたいだし、注目されてるのはとっても嬉しい

XDONUT : Any one August 2018 ??

nanasi : 不思議な哀愁を感じる(笑)

Autumn Sun : World order "Have a nice day" Me: Aww First video in recommendations: World order: Let's start WW3" Me: Oh..

One Two Tress : Anyone September 2018???

Soundless FOB : My new teacher accidentally played this in class because he didn't think the speakers were working lmao I died

The Cursed One : I honestly dont know if they're acting or if that's just how the japanese are

D4rk Bl3d3 : 3:31 PROJECT:Master Yi's dance ;))

mimei : I wish everyone in the world was like World Order ♥

selami32 : 1:43 little boy "WTF are you doing" look

try al : 無表情なのにめちゃめちゃ楽しんでるのが伝わってくるのがたまらなく好き

Fan Bomi : I saw akb48

kapuzinergruft : There is some sadness like in a murakami story

Bloodrage Kraken : Made my day. From Malaysia. Thank you.

The Hero : It would be a very beautiful world when politicians are like this

undine66770 : Where did the English subtitles go???? As of Aug 4, 10:53 PM CDT, they are not there.

theGuaRoGMr. : I like Japan very much. Some Day I would like to go to, It would be a dream come true ... <3 <3

supendi Xu : 2014: have a nice day 2018: lets start world war 3

Tom Racka 816 : The japanese guys is so interesting

Yuuki Rito : Hello japan

Vega Lucas : Wow...

Yui Akaneko : It's so weird but cute when you see this as a rookie idol, I love you guys

Henry Zhang : Seriously is there anybody who knew this dance first THEN recognized the move from Project Yi?

Đi thông cống : Master Yi`s dance 3:31 :>

ice tea : god bless japan...!!!

Ridwan Firmansyah : Pretty sure I saw a weebo

Irsan Septian : 1:55 any japanese songs nowadays there's always be AOI SORA wkwkkwkwk

Matt Cohen : So overwhelmingly positive. I love this and their other videos/songs. I am now a fan.

Emperor Of Kek-kind : When you and the boys hit the town

uncomfortable Moans : Shout out to *best boi* Hiroki Ikeyama

このまり : こういう一般の人をMVに撮り込むのほんとすき

Tan Yu Jie : i really dont understand why but every time i watch the video when the whole lot start dancing at the AKB48 part i get the feels to cry omg why is this a THING??? music's great though

VenGenceGaming : who else thinks these guys should perform at the olympic opening ceremony


YÔKAI SADIS : At 1:29 as you can see there at they're back you can see some anime there so maybe hive a thumbs up to them aye?

Haoxuan (Albert) Yang : Master Yi!!!

ズライタ : コメントの数すごい!! 1万(≧ω≦)b

M Mold : Genki Sudo, like the famous fighter? Wow is that HIM in the dance video holy shit!? thats awesome