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Interviewer gets fired for laughing at disabled guestfunny

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coffee bean : 不不不不不不 the sweet talk is important too 乒潘潘潘

KRTHEONE : This is a life changer for me when ever i watch this i can't stop laughing i feel like i have found a machine that can make me laugh

Jenny Talwarts : OMG I'm tears and my face hurts LMAO Why you do this to me!

Zilungile Khumalo : The guy in the audience, behind Valair is trying so hard to suppress his laugh... I am dead!


St Sabados : This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life! I watched it 3 days ago and I still can't stop laughing! My abs have started to show! !!!

Aly C : How can I watch this any day at any time and not get tired?

havscr6 : people say this is a wind up but even if it is I literally wet myself laughing every time I watch it...lololololol

smoke dogg : I remember when I first saw this video. I laughed until I cried. Too funny lmaooo.

Jiggy : did batman start talking at 4:30

fakhrian irsali : He was cracking up when listening to Pooh Bear and Batman

Amazon Customer : So people who are saying it's fake, that's right guys. But that's not the catch here. Channel who aired this did not allow to have a practice session with the actors. This led to this accident live on air which in turn led to its cancellation.

Meatloaf : Oh this is hard firing him for that, that woman in the back was also trying to hold it back, me too

Jal Sule : I literally fell down laughing!!!不不

Emperor : The girl behind the host trying not to laugh omg XD

DMaustrap1 : I still love the World of Warcraft sub titled version! Man with gravely voice: "I play Runescape!"

jonnie byford : It's 2 a.m. in the morning, can't sleep, no food in house, no money, no woman, nothing. Then I watch this, and go from being depressed to literally crying laughing. I haven't felt tears on my face for laughing in a long, long time. Ta mate, best video ever on YT.

Movie Vet : One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Dangerously funny.

Salvador King : The funny is he's only laughing himself his a legend

Ali AhMad : 4:27 This is batman

Matthew Guzda : Ok ok I literally cried at this. And I don't mean out of sadness. This is the funniest thing I've seen I think in years. O-m-g ! That was better then an orgasm

first_ chapter : This video was my therapy when I'm stress.

Sewing Neddle in a Washing Machine : 5 other ppl were holding it too. the camera pressure wasnt on them to burst

Herbstregen89 : one of the funniest videos ever. legendary!

Lo No : Dude went full on rooster right in front of them. Holy shit

Jack Mundo : Im sorry the guy lost his great job but is this hilarious or what?

Hunter Rule : I was especially laughing at the part with the guy who spoke like Batman lol

Palesa Emmanuel Sikwane : Lady in the back on the right (with the handkerchief) behind the guy with the turquoise jersey was also in tears 4:06

Hola Burger : 1:33 Pay attention to the blonde woman in the background throughout the video. She's trying not to laugh too.

Abdullatif Gari : i think it was arranged and the host was innocent. i mean, come on two guys with vocal surgery accidents in the same show among few people with opposite voice tones? and he is the only guy from the audience talks?

Strike Freedom : When you're trying your best not to laugh at Pika's voice

If it's in the Word Then it's in the word : I would have laughed just as loud if I were in that audience the moment the host lost it不不不不

Dan Fabela : Can you imagine interviewing with those two guys? Mr. Squeak: Have you reviewed and accepted the tenets of our company sexual harassment Policys?.. Me:...mmmphh!....bbrrrhh... heeeheee Mr. Frog: Do you smoke and need smoke breaks often? Me: BWAAHAAHHAAA.!!!.. O MU GAAWWD,,,ILL...BE.. G...GOING.. NOW!,,BWAAAAHAAAHAA!!!

Joseph Mahlo : I don't know how many times I've watched this, guy's a legend

kbral010 : The Joker strikes again.

Bruce73X : He got fired for this, but honestly this was worth it!

Stakaman : Feels like he was setup.

Medic : Put it on 0.25x everytime when Valair speaks also he kinda sounds like Wii Party Egghead host.

Max 15 : He had to stop laughing at 1:39

Xena Ex : This dude is so cool

rocketman5004 : Literally me as a tv host

Gabriel Ambo : This video is the best medicine for people who are depress or mentally disturb

Brett B. : The blonde behind the host is fighting to hold her laughter back too. Ive heard this is fake but if it is, they made it hilarious!

MAUREEN HARRISON : Oh this makes me laugh so much, looking at everyone's face you can tell there trying not to laugh. I cried laughing the first time I saw it , what a tonic .


Warren Spearman : Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Salvador King : This reporter deserve a award

Carter Conklin : I cant watch this without imagining that this is exactly what an interview show would look like if Michael Scott was the host.

Faleula Faaiu : .Anyhow,I couldnt help imagine what it be,like listening to both Valair and batman having the same discussion behind a screen.Kids! Cmon the shows about to start!!lol!!