Boemerang HD quality with subtitles

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coffee bean : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the sweet talk is important too 💥‼️‼️‼️

Jenny Talwarts : OMG I'm tears and my face hurts LMAO Why you do this to me!

Zilungile Khumalo : The guy in the audience, behind Valair is trying so hard to suppress his laugh... I am dead!

Jal Sule : I literally fell down laughing!!!🤣🤣

Meatloaf : Oh this is hard firing him for that, that woman in the back was also trying to hold it back, me too

havscr6 : people say this is a wind up but even if it is I literally wet myself laughing every time I watch it...lololololol

michieliosios : Unfortunately, this isn't real. It's part of a comedy show. "The host of the show Boemerang" is a character that he's playing here.


KRTHEONE : This is a life changer for me when ever i watch this i can't stop laughing i feel like i have found a machine that can make me laugh

ray Walker : He lost it when the man from the audience grabbed the mic and was sounding like Batman!!!!

Aly C : How can I watch this any day at any time and not get tired?

Xena Ex : This dude is so cool 😎

Salvador King : The funny is he's only laughing himself😂😂😂😂 his a legend😂

Kodi Pagan Shqiptare : I hop to back this program and this person make another dram another big fan


mike : I've watched this 20 times off & on because it was so funny..I thought it was real the whole time..I looked it up and all from the Country it came from said it was fake in comments..yep it is. They must think we are dumb if we believed it was still funny but not the

Warren Spearman : Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Movie Vet : One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Dangerously funny.

Salvador King : This reporter deserve a award 😂😂😂😂

Gordon Freeman : Put it on 0.25x everytime when Valair speaks also he kinda sounds like Wii Party Egghead host.

Joanne DeStefano : so frkn funny..lolol