One Year Of Hair Growth In One Minute

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Deep fried Chicken nuggets : I like the part we're his hair grows

William Da Silva : Bye bye camera storage

Eden Hunt : 0:18 anyone else catch that

Ethan Knight : he looks like he breathes extremely loud

Exotic Butters : 1:03.5

Dancing pineapple : 0:45 a random stranger appears

Daisy S : Who else was waiting for him to close his mouth

Black Monster 'Donovan' : Went from Caucasian to Hispanic Edit: Thank for the likes🖒🖒

R r : 1:03 When your head is bugged

Giovanni Regis : This is clickbait, its actually one minute and eleven seconds. I disliked.

Goon Rides : 0:18 you look different

Drew Tracy : Yep, he looks high in all of them.

Enola Naumann : he looks better with short hair lol

Abidolbontot : Tbh you have very slow hair growth like my friend

RichieRich with a shotgun : Blink and miss 50 days

DetNi : 0:45 WTF

connie abapo : 0:54 (Freedom fest with these losers)

Family Guy : He definitely doesn't do drugs

Nolarix : anyone peep that random dude at 0:44? slow it down ;)

unXpected X : lol my hair growth in 3 weeks

Legendary Markikid 202 : Who are the people at 0:45 and 0:18 wtf

SexyDolphin : He went from Sid from Toy Story to John Snow

S Connolly : This in my recommended 3 years later

Emily Mitchell : 2x speed, blink and miss 20 days 😂😂😂

ogoatgod : Wow, he didn't close his mouth for a whole year.

1000 subs with no vid?? : Ok YouTube I’ll watch it

Skoih : He started looking like that boy from the movie, “Get Out”.

XRYCTIK Life : 2Х speed 😂

Kaan-Ferhat Yigit : Wtf this guy in 0:20 haha

10.000 subscriptores sin subir video???? ? : i dont know why, but this was the largest minute of my life

Bryce Miller Fishing : I got lost on the internet again

TJ Burchfield : 00:46 insert random dude

Instinctzz : 0:45 wtf who is he

JKneisley : You can see that throughout all of the pictures, his mouth gets wider and wider

Jose Guerrero : He never learned to close his mouth :(

R r : Where is the part of the hair? i just saw a daily pic of his uvula

molly : Why am i watching this

Kolton Kinlicheene : Wtf.. i wish my hair grew that slow, the end of a year my shit would've have been twice that long

William Da Silva : 0:18 thank me later

Jonathan Duran : Why choose little big planet music, I always question it I’ve never seen one of these videos with like metal

KING 888 : No one is gonna talk about the horrible music ok I will *ITS STILL BETTER THAN GUCCI GANG*

Feyyaz Das Knabbermix : When the Drugs kick in

Sparks of Revolution offical channel : 1 year of not cutting and washing it appears

# Universe # : One minute... ... AMD ELEVEN SECONDSSS

Brad Moger : They say that still to this day he hasn't closed his mouth.

Labros Kkkk : 0:18 Google where you at???

JKneisley : Pause at 1:03 😂

Goon Rides : It was fun watching it at 2 speed

el fifero extremo : De ser el calvo de brazzers a Luisito comunica bienvenido a doc tops