One Year Of Hair Growth In One Minute

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Deep fried Chicken nuggets : I like the part we're his hair grows

ogoatgod : Wow, he didn't close his mouth for a whole year.

Jonathan Duran : Why choose little big planet music, I always question it I’ve never seen one of these videos with like metal

ThatOneHappyPerson : This guy looks high In about 90% of these

JKneisley : I don't think there's 1 picture with his mouth closed lol

Dancing pineapple : 0:45 a random stranger appears

Sit On My Face : @ *1:12* Omg her sister's ass. *T H I C C* 🔥🔥🔥

jallsanga ASMR : YouTube suggestions brought me hair.

TheMd Moosa : 0:18 OMG!! Anyone see ..???😨😱

JKneisley : My dude needs to close his mouth

Richie Chaffin : Blink and miss 50 days

sir Bean : 0:45 lol that other guy was his friend

Eden Hunt : 0:18 anyone else catch that

pexin : From a chad footballer to a stoner computer science student in 1 year


Vlog Broz : Legend says he is still tired as hell Edit:so much likes is retarded THERE BETTER Edit 2: I think this top comment TELL ME IF IT IS

august : Pause at 0:45 then unpause and pause until you see an irrelevant guy appear

Parker Scott : his face look like he is eternally smelling a fart

Jesus Meza-Garcia : He has the mike wazowski lips after they used the scream extractor on him.

Petrified You : 0:47 *you can see his hair grow*

10.000 subscriptores sin subir video???? ? : i dont know why, but this was the largest minute of my life

DiBBagE : Damn my hair must grow fast asf then

White Boy Reacts : I like how he momentarily turns black

Daisy S : Who else was waiting for him to close his mouth

Junior Tau26 : 0:49 Hmmm Suspect👀

unXpected X : lol my hair growth in 3 weeks

Toki Wartooth : he was stoned 365 consecutive days

BakedPotatoYT : If girls has that hair (by the end of the video), they call it short hair. If boys has that hair (by the end of the video), they call it long hair. *Why tho?!*

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : How did he manage to stay still for a year?

Your friendly Neighborhood Loaf of Bread : 0:45 that's not him

Jose Guerrero : He never learned to close his mouth :(

hurrifr33z3 Pr. : 00:45

JKneisley : You can see that throughout all of the pictures, his mouth gets wider and wider

el fifero extremo : De ser el calvo de brazzers a Luisito comunica bienvenido a doc tops

Glitch3d Syst3m : Your hair doesn't grow fast.

Brad Moger : They say that still to this day he hasn't closed his mouth.

Kaan-Ferhat Yigit : Wtf this guy in 0:20 haha

SexyDolphin : He went from Sid from Toy Story to John Snow

Fortnite_Frosty : Why is this in my recommended?????

Shiroshika : I guess he's a mouth breather.

Emily Martinez : CLICKBAIT ITS 1:11 MINUTES NOT 1

Mr. Ariz : *If you blink you will miss 30 days!*

Kolton Kinlicheene : Wtf.. i wish my hair grew that slow, the end of a year my shit would've have been twice that long

DONT PRESS F FOR SWAG : My hair grows so fast in just 1 month its like theres a forest on my head i never knew some peoples hair grow slow.

Youtubeshit : What happens if he closes his mouth

Mahdi F. : Legends says he has still an open mouth

S Connolly : This in my recommended 3 years later

Anaiyahh was here : *and 11 seconds*

Rush Green lion : This is clickbait it is 1:11

Kristi Zguro : 1year mouth opened