One Year Of Hair Growth In One Minute

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Deep fried Chicken nuggets : I like the part we're his hair grows

Dancing pineapple : 0:45 a random stranger appears

Jose Guerrero : He never learned to close his mouth :(

Brad Moger : They say that still to this day he hasn't closed his mouth.

Dr. PiLL : Why he looking like he deciding on what he want from the drive thru menu

Emma : Press pause and go to 0:18 😂 thank me later

trinity spot : This song in the background made me want to die

MicKey : Legend says his mouth is still open

Light : 1:08 Ready to fight majin buu

Vlog Broz : Legend says he is still tired as hell Edit:so much likes is retarded THERE BETTER Edit 2: I think this top comment TELL ME IF IT IS

Jøhñŷ Töûçåñ : 0:13 I hate your guts

Wyatt Cusick : Day 1 poor or thug Day 365 surfer Stereotypes am I right

Craig D : legend says, his hair is still growing to this day....

Jujudo : 365 days and you didn't learn how to take a photo on your camera the right way around or close your mouth

min exol : He is handsome

Big Man47 : 0:20 that not even him

Velimir Ristic : Why he looks like a fish?

mrzazzaable : Dude your 4 months is my 3 weeks

Carlos GP : it should be called "1 year without closing my mouth''

MXG 09 : WHAT ........ TAP ON THE BLUE NO.s....... 0:18,0:20,0:45 AND 0:53............ WHO ISS THAAT......¿¿¿¿

This channel’s videos are Old : 1:03

Cam Scott : In bed with another man 0:49 😭😭😴

BP : If he cut it eight he could have that cute Noah centineo hair

unXpected X : lol my hair growth in 3 weeks

Pancake The Hamster : 0:13 I hate this stupid thing Is he talking about the dog cuz if he don't want it I'll have it

Romeo Di Serafino : 0:44...???

greg scott : Braugh you look better with long hair! Anyone agree?

Luv Luv : The music is annoying but you look great with short & long hair

Garlic Bread guy : He looks so stoned in every picture

Liam Vogl : He went from Prison Inmate to Ben Solo.

R.I.P X : My hair grows that long in like 4 months

FannomacritaireSuomi : You'd be super cute if you took better care of your hair... Js. Best length: 0:20-0:30

Big Man47 : Pause 1:03

SharkByte : Takes me only 4 months to grow what he did in a year

Harry Potter : The music though....

Mr deadpool : 0:18 ummm..

Cookerz Darkz : Cool *Your Ready To Be Part Of One Direction* Edit:Even If The Band Is Still Not Reuniting...

Guinney : I'm pretty sure that man in 0:45 isn't that kid

JookaBits : We need to hire someone to close his mouth

christian miranda : he's still stoned to this day.

Verix L : His hairs longer than mine and i never cut my hair....

SmilingIpad : Wow, an amazing hair journey with terrible music ruining it.

K Tech : He went from a military guy to a weed addict



SovietOnion : Started out as Alexander Rossi. Ended up as JR Hildebrand.

Baiatu Cristi : You are looking like Daniel Bîru when you have small hair

n i k o l : Idk but he looks like being punched in the back in every pic

Moon Beauties Tv : I wish my hair grew as much too

JamesFan05 : God i love this song