The Best Bull Rider of All Time: J.B. Mauney

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VICE Sports : VICE Sports traveled with J.B. to check out his atypical workouts, his superior technique and unrivaled work ethic that has taken him to unprecedented ground in the bull riding community. WATCH NEXT: Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding —

Gods M3dic : I never question the first person who thought it would be a good idea to get on a bull and ride it. I always questioned the 2nd person who decided to do it next lol

ROY HILL : The saddest part was the part wheir cowboy admits that the world is becoming a place with less cowboys

Quentin Smith : We need more cowboys and less Californians.

1banana2kiwis : I'd rather be a cowboy than just a bull rider any day.... says the worlds best known bull rider. Very cool.

Tom big : Can't believe Vice did this documentary, when I first saw the title I was ready for some peta save the bulls shit. Bravo Vice.

Walter Melon : More cowboys and fewer politicians.

neonicon : people complaining about the cigs. gtfo lol those are marlboro red, they have the name cowboy killer for a reason.

Damien Holland : "I was the kid that would try when the others had the talent." And there you have it. Determination often pays off.

chris call : America needs more of this, and less Kardashians.

Bobby Fay : I met him once in a local diner. I had just found out who he was just before I was introduced to him. Obviously I am nobody...but he was so humble...I have nothing but respect for MEN like this!

Brett OBerry : Bull riders are a special kind of crazy. I went to the same high school as Larry Mahan a little more than 20 years later. I especially remember the (near retirement) guidance counselor who told us the story about how she kept trying to steer him into a trade or college after he made it clear that he wanted to be a cowboy... After he became world champion, it caused her to rethink the advice she gave students... "Follow your passion... be good at something you love to do."

Gadnuk Breaker of Worlds : Where have all the real men gone? Nowadays it's all bearded, ponytail having, latte ordering, hipster glasses wearing fruitcakes with low T and too much soy in their diets. We gotta get back to manhood the way it's supposed to be, and not this frilly bullshit they're teaching to boys nowadays thinking it's progressive. It's backwards as hell and unnatural to high heaven.

Vinny Ocean : The thumbnail is The Marlboro Man reincarnated.

Rockabilly Rambler : Young guy, i bet no boomers EVER threw down this hard....buncha pansies were too buisy handing out participation trophys.

steve c : This Ladies and Gents is a real man, respect to you J.B.

Tony Nathan : Glorify men like JB. Tell the trannies to go back in their damn closets.

Cantankerous Twat : I came across this totally by accident, I never thought I would be watching a documentary on bull riding.....but that was incredible.

Rant Therapist : I always notice that these super tough cool guys always have this super calm demeanor about them like they're exactly where they want and need to be in life. I'd like to have that.

We Play Wax : Talk about stereotypes: the accent, gum chewing with mouth open, cigarette in the corner of the mouth. This guys ticks all the boxes of a textbook american cowboy :)))

United We Stand, Divided We Fall : He is a "Throwback Cowboy" ...? A cowboy is a cowboy, no matter the generation they are from. It is in the heart, and soul... not a form of fashion or a kind of appearance.

Jd Haas : I rode bulls back in the late 70s into the mid 80s. I was a pretty good bull rider for high school and open rodeos. Never went pro, but I can testify that there is no greater rush than tying onto a bull and nodding your head! You have no idea what’s going to happen next. I’ve recently started watching rodeos and PBR again and I will tell you that this guy JB Mauney is a man I’d love to meet. He’s a true “COWBOY” and possibly the best bull rider I’ve ever seen! My hats off to you JB. You seem to have life figured out and I can’t believe some of the bulls you’ve ridden. You’re a hell of a hand and all around good man. You’ve inspired my heart. I salute you and your life inspirations. Best of luck in life.

epicdriver4g : Best part of the video, J.B's interaction with his daughter,....thnx for sharing this.

Cisco Leon : My wife is the best bull rider of all time. She last all 8 seconds.

David Kledzik : J.B. Mauney is a great bullrider, and if he makes it the distance, he might go down as the greatest. But for the time being, Ty Murray, Tuff Hedeman, Don Gay, are tops. The best in my book is still the late great Lane Frost, bar none.

Kurtis Feller : That's ma strong hand!

Disaster Experiments : Everyone complaining about the cigarettes like the bulls aren't gonna kill him first...

Kevin Williams : i think ole lane frost is still the best there ever was. died before his time god rest his soul and ole tuff went on to be 3 time world champ. man how times change. this boy here has some real talent also

bootsy : You know how you can know juuuust enough about something like a sport to be able to watch it and appreciate the skill and talent that goes into being good at it? Yeah, that's not me when it comes to bull riding. I can't even fathom the sort of ability it takes to get on a bull and - the vast majority of the time - be able to hang on long enough to be the best.

Ron E. Johnson : GOD Bless cowboys!!!!!!!

Brie Baby83 : Coincidence that he looks like Lane Frost???🤔 I think not! I have been a fan of his since he started!

Democrats Only : That's 6 million well earned.

TallSomeone : Beautifully constructed video. Great color and imagery. Very nice.

Eyeseeu : JB is cool on a level never seen before. The rappers wish they were half as cool as JB! JB makes snoop dogg look like a middle aged, overweight Magic the gathering guy.

BoooB : Sponsored by Monster not Red Bull... Lol

Eric Stewart : thanks jb mauney. i dream of jumping a motorcycle off the tallest and fastest ramp with a wing suit parachute and the worlds largest air bag to land on. i also want to learn the national anthem to sing at the rodeo. best wishes . eric stewart american trucker monroe city in.

Krasnaludek : Cowboys are a dying breed. Now the USA is being overrun with .... oh, never mind. Just sad to see rodeos going away and being replaced with sprawl & apartments.

Arne D : This is the most dangerous sport on the planet, and the winning purses should reflect that. JB should be winning millions at the major tournaments, not hundreds of thousands. He's the best.

Sweet Jones III : If this country glorified people like this and less of the Kardashians we might have less lazy young people that don't like to work.

Jerry sonel : I guess people forgot about Don Gay and Jim Shoulders.

jesse tate : FALSE dale brisby is the best bull rider according to himself

Rod Freeseman : "I'm willing to sacrifice that to be the best at what I do."  Everything you need to know about becoming a champion in any area of life.

Rolex Collector : So u tellin me Cowboys I see in Brooklyn Williamsburg are not real Cowboys ??

Adam Vance : This guys is cool. No one can say he ain't. Justin Beaver, take notice.

Eva MZ : Never thought I’d be so attracted to a guy that weighs around the same as I do😅 damn there is something so sexy about J.B.

MrDoublehappy : Thats plain an simple beautiful man

Chase : I thought Dale Brisby was the best bull rider of all time?!

Jarvis Garcia : Ty was pretty good, so was Chris LeDoux who I knew personally. Kids these days...

P Madsen : As a kid cowboys were always my heroes, I’m almost 50 now and they still are. God bless them.

Deandra Begay : Jb mauney daughter cute and she's good cowgirl with her father he raises Bella good and he has new wife and Bella has new mother her raises her good.."😆🖤😢🐂🙌🏼