An Awfully Overdue Autopsy of Bill Nye Saves the World

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I'm not dead. Bibliography: (not used in the video but this article has a lot of good criticisms of the show that lined up with my thoughts) Videography: The Three Stooges work the bar The Experiment that made Einstein a superstar PET Scan animation What Are Healing Crystals Why do people still think the Earth is flat? – BBC News BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY Official Theatrical Trailer Who created God? | Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox Learning about how the universe was born: The story of the Horn Antenna Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic Bill Nye Saves the World | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix NBC’s Earliest Report on AIDS 1982 AIDS and the Reagan Administration First Moon Landing 1969 What is NOT Random? 1985 clips on the rise of AIDS and how Ronald Reagan ignored the LGBT community Galileo on Trial for Heresy Archive footage of Hiroshima bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima (1945) 4th Dimension – Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy – Carl Sagan White Rabbit Project | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix Mythbusters – Epic Fails | Top 25 Moments NOVA scienceNOW : 34 – Emergence What is Space Time? | StarTalk The Physics of Lightsabers | StarTalk How It’s Made Ice Cream Incredible Teamwork from Little Clownfish | Blue Planet II TAM 2014 – Bill Nye – Keynote Talk Measured Response: Bill Nye VS Pseudoscience (Part One) Iguana vs Snakes | Planet Earth II One Final Tribute | Daily Planet CMT’s Redneck Island – Sneak Peek 1


LambHoot RH : holy crap... that anti-vax mother at the end was like hitting him head on. Like, what she was saying practically sounded like a criticism of his show and not just of her experience with pediatricians. Holy macaroni. Also Kev yo have you thought about hitting up some education science topic style videos? You'd absolutely slay.

ANTI Super : This was like 1 year of waiting

Riven The Norm : He comes back after months with an absolute banger

UnoriginallyChrisLPs : This is a fantastically put together video! Amazing job with this one! :)

Bosko : You are such a underrated YouTuber

Super Gamer61499 : Wow. Just, wow. Amazing dude. :) While this video is long, what a way to end the Bill Nye trilogy. It was great dude. On a side note: While I am not the biggest fan of Hbomberguy, I liked that Bill Nye Pseudoscience video he made. And I can see why people wouldn't like this version tbh. Even if right, it is definitely best to go the respectful route generally. You win more people that way even if you don't convince them. :P

c s : hey this was awesome! i'm glad i stumbled upon your channel. i thoroughly enjoyed this in-depth, multi-part analysis. what really struck me was your touching on the topic of empathetic communication--it /is/ easy to get frustrated with the other side for their perceived ignorance. i think we do all need to remember more empathy when we go to argue about what we believe in. besides that, cool video, saved me the trouble of watching the show to ridicule it, lol. nice job.

MML's Commentaries : Fantastic breakdown of a terrible show. I didn't really consider how actively harmful the show (and especially season 1) actually is until you broke it all down in the way you did. We gotta constantly remind ourselves that just as good media can make a positive impact, bad media can really hurt. And with modern media trends constantly leaning more and more towards the "ooo gotem mic drop" approach, it's hard to say how and when people will learn to take a sympathetic approach to educating people with crazy world views without enabling them or mocking them.

StupidStarSonic : Holy shit, great video. Maan... i never knew The Eyes Of Nye existed until now. If you'll excuse, im gonna go watch the full series

tom smith : This needs more views, lol

jedimaster677 : Madagascar the game was a childhood fav of mine. Fuckin love the music from that game

Patrick Ebeling : Thank you. This video summarizes my feelings exactly for why this show failed. I love Bill Nye, and as you said it's not that his stances are wrong, it's the presentation. Educating people, and helping them learn shouldn't come from a negative space, it needs to come from an exciting, enthusiastic, and welcoming stance. Bill truly encapsulated that in his original kids show, topics were exciting, he would explain the reasoning behind why something is accurate, and would do it in a fun, interesting, and welcoming way. Bill Nye saves the world on the other hand is too focused on why people are wrong, and not why something is right.

crabsp00k : the legend has finally returned


StupidStarSonic : 43 minutes?! Damn. Lemme get my popcorn

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Scrubba Dubbins : Isn't the music at the beginning from the PC version of Sonic 3?

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LOCO CHAVO : Finally! You’re here :)

DATT TUMS : I loved the video but after watching it I want to see how fast you can talk in real time

tigris115 : I try to be productive and constructive very useful. For example, I'm adamantly pro-trophy hunting due to its value to conservation and it giving an incentive to preserve and safeguard wildlife. I usually try to cite sources and directly address whatever conerns my friends have

Kyle S. : Thought this series was dead tbh

IVV : thanks

DooMann : "Science is political and pretending that is isn't is a deception that hurts you more than anything else." - Bobby Broccoli

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