Ep10 Creating a 3D Printed Gun

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Sean McCabe : Update: Still the best channel on the internet. The 3D printed spiral light bulb at 01:33 was when I knew my Patreon money was going to good use.

John Degenstein : I'm a simple man, I see a "Good" Inventions video -- I watch and think carefully about the quality of the invention, production value, and humor. Then I flip a coin to decide if I should like or dislike the video. 5/7

Mike Puckett : Alex, every time I see you using SOLIDWORKS 2013, it makes me want to stick a hot tire iron into a vat of miracle whip. Can I please send you a license for the 2018/2019 education version on behalf of SOLIDWORKS?

fu x : I wasn't expecting the ketchup gun.

Andrew Shuman : My favorite channel on YouTube. This is the only channel I have the "bell Icon" on.

Cooper Powers : How to build a 3-D printed mustard gun -buy a 3-d printer -model your plan -lose your drugs -question everything -???? -profit

twinkle star : There are so many life lessons in each episode, lol

Brendan Womer : I have no clue how your videos aren’t on the front page of YouTube. All of your content is better than most everything else I see. Keep up the good work man!!

ASMRWEEDMANGAMING420 2nd Vlog Chanel : Here at 3.6k veiws! 🎉

Paul Fischer : Hahahaha I love your content mang

Leo Williams : I immediately clicked the video when I saw it. Thank you for making such consistently great content. You are truly underrated. Keep it up!

jarvo : awesome work my dude

Ivan Gonzalez : Sick rhymes!

Alf : God damnit man, love the videos. Keep it up :)

James Knarr : Always love your videos

Sterling Mims : Combines comedy, solidworks, 3d printing and heavy levels of irony, LOVE it. Keep it up!

TeganES : Another perfect video!

Sens 420 : man,youregonnablow up soon

Alan : Needs an as-SALT rifle to go with it.

temporary_name : That flow simulation - I almost cried

Brad Kovach : "Tupac's life tragically ended on a Vegas block when he was shot by a cocked glock at a crosswalk. Word." Beautiful.

hassuttelunikki : Brilliant

Facundo C. : Best Chanel of engineering on the platform

GeneralLund : Ahahaha. Amazing as always. Never stop.

Christine : You are amazing

Max Lurie : Needs more relish.

James Anderson : Best channel on YouTube

IceGold : lol you're perfect dude

Caitlin Ann : Best vid on the damn internet’s

windy5883 : Why does she have a mic?

Connor Bowen : I love your videos.

Wyz Barrieses : ur back!

Wolfgang Icarus : Do you go to Harvard ?

JustMonika : Word.

Liam MacLellan : Will you be my Dad?

Belia Portillo : 3D printed guns are fine but there should absolutely be a law against ketchup on hotdogs.

SiMpLe LiFe HaCkS : https://youtu.be/9H7J0eBe_eU

Drake Kress : 😂😂😂👏👏

Squirting Mustard : As a semi-professional mustardist, I enthusiastically endorse this excellent idea!

Shiva Argula : Food safe plastic? IDK if I'd use it regularly.. not to mention if you do use it, that mustard will be sitting stagnant in it for a long time..