Classic Will Ferrell Outtakes - Eastbound & Down Season 1

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Shady Dave : *LET. THE BOY. WATCH.*

J. Jun : reclekclek

ty2 : This is one of the greatest and funniest sets of bloopers that there is anywhere in history.

WALWIN : This ALWAYS cheers me up. No matter what

BNGMOB : This is impossible not to laugh at

bob dylan : I've been watching this for days now I don't think it's ever going to die out

Melanie Merle : My mum passed away nearly 2 years ago. She tried so hard to deny how much she found Will funny. But Good Lord did this clip CRACK her up. Here's to mum and me Mel xxxxx

joeyservo : The SUN. Just dancin' RIGHT off of em' just nice.

cameron H : ALL THE WHILE...

red : "getting ready to take em to MARKET!" - Will Ferrell has to be one of the best comedic actors of this generation

hawaiidispenser : Amazing improv skills from the master.  There's no way I could've kept a straight face standing next to him.

Cynthia Alcott : This makes me double over — no matter how many times I watch it.... 'All the while!'

Christian Warren : If I recall recleckly😂😂

Louis Minett : "LET THE BOY WATCH!"  XD

Justaperson : i lost it at "my son Gabriel", funnist thing ive ever seen XD 

Christian Iwuagwu : I couldn't work with Will Ferrell lmao

Matt Herman : I watch this once a day

SERGIO BACA : I try to make it thru the whole video without laughing, I'm 0 - 21 right now

Andreas Poppe : That little smile he gets right before he says two plums for one gets me everytime. He knows he just came up with gold

Disturbed Pyro : watching Craig Robinson try and keep a straight face is the best part!

John Lennon : "Gettin' ready 'take 'em to market!"


brandon cormier : he must be the hardest person to work with in the movie business cause he goes off the cuff and it is so random you can't help but laugh!

TheDreadlockedMan : Has to be the funniest video I've ever seen in my life.

William Bunch : This had me in real tears 😂😂😂

Chinpokoman : On toppa her

shibuyadepunch : ma pluuuums

Billionaire Mike : Fresh and juicy ready for the picking

Andy Rivera : GOAT.

Hippopotamus Anonymous : I love how he re-invented the Ric Flair character. True homage to Ric.

Casual Play : "When I was on tah pah huh" ahahaha

Philip Jones : Craig Robinson trying to keep a straight face is so damn funny

Gar Bailey : TY universe for creating Will Farrell.

Lester Green : This is comedy gold. And if anyone knows comedy gold, it's me.

jeff blair : "If I recall reclectly... If I recall correctly" 😂😂😂

Jason Turner : I had tears in my eyes

BanyanTrees1 : When they all crack up after Will says "I can feel the tension in the air.." is so great.

Bradley Gonzalez : LET THE BOY WATCH!!!!

bd 1010297 : Can I trade it for your Twinkie? these are my plums.

Indietrix Film Reviews : I love that the camera shakes slightly where you can see the operator losing his shit. 

Tol1as : Will Ferrell has got to be the funniest man on the planet

David : I can't no laugh challenge to this at all

Jake Wiesler : All the while! Everone sayin.... ::queue Craig Robinson laugh:: gets me every time

gene12586 : I would just like to remind everyone that these are the 4 funniest minutes in the history of mankind.

xxxAnaconda69 : I just noticed Will Ferrell looks like Ric Flair.

Cringeflix : One does not simply watch this once

Andy Moore : special. ... 2 plums for one

Zack Sleeps : I love the black dudes face from like 0:17 to 0:30 trying not to crack up

no-one ?????? : holy shit that's the greatest shit I've ever seen

eric p : Gettin ready to take em to MAHHKET.