Fan Correction: King Tut Isn't In A Museum!

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tinnerino : 0:28 I farted at that exact moment, awkward.

MrY3110w : whatever you do there will always be an Asian out there who does it better

xx_deathlord : Who ever writes the descriptions need a raise.

Plot Twist : And they made a second mistake buy implying Tutankhamun is buried in one of the Pyramids Oh USA... :P

hipnhappenin : The Asian ones are always well thought out and polite.

Vodkainum : The fan correction itself is the best yet, along with the Breaking Bad one.

Rob Lena : Problem is king tut wasn't in those pyramids.

TheGiantBunnysaid : That presentation was so damn good. The casual walk around real pyramids, that hair fix, that joke at the end, shit. I can't wait to see one that that tops this.

Drew Peterson : "So the challenge still stands"  Love it :D

Daniel Terestenyi : Still wrong, Conan!  King tut's tumb is not in Cairo (where the video was made), but in the valley of the kings, a few hundred miles away.

TheChaosPlatypus : that boy is so hot

Hbopper7 : Well, Tutankamun was also never at Giza. His tomb was in the Valley of the Kings.

cozycushins : awesome fan correction, definitely deserves his recognition - his entire video was done straight up , no gimmicks or editing or awkward pauses - great job Teddy! 

Synard : Looks like Conan made this fan cry home to his mummy...

None : That's Conan's compositing and CGI budget gone.

A. A. : ..Teddy Cho is one handsome man.

BohemianFish : That kid was slick. Get him his own show on the History Channel.

Not Ya Boy : I guess that guy went to cry to his..... MUMMY.

mrs benedict cumberbatch : I need to bang that teddy guy

LightVSDarkness64 : Why is Conan complimenting the people now.  Did audiences just think it was depressing and mean when he insulted them?

Fruitveganful Mart : This guy is in an amazing location. Great video. And he's cute too! ;-)

Nathan Callidor : Hehe also Conan King Tutt is not buried in the great pyramids, in fact no mummies have ever been found inside those pyramids, indicating there were not tombs.

Levan : Mummy is a hooligan

Rain Young : Love Conan. I love his silly sense of humor, I love how he's polite to his guests, and when he does the daily events routine about what's going on in the world, he doesn't do trashy jokes to really hurt someone.

A SH : Well done fan in Egypt !

behinderteleberwurst : fake

Ezra Motz : That looked pretty real lol except the end

SirKevinMartin : Lovely. At least it wasn't rude like the other Fan Corrections. This was fun. Woot!

Mu우렁쉥이 : Wow. I think Teddy and Conan are both awesome.

Brothers Unite : You are "Dead" wrong.... No pun intended.

osskeet : No way thats real. Aren't mummies dead? How did the helicopter pick it up so fast? Has to be fake.

Ghost81 : I guess if you can't find a friend to hold the camera for you, you can always tape it on a stick.

Unded Disfunction : Best one.

notnavonnam : Of course this guy nails it; its clearly that nerdy dude from Myth Busters

William Wallace : King tut wasn't buried in the great pyramid of Khufu, Khufu was, king tut was buried in the valley of the kings

Kevin Xu : Oh man! This one is awesome!!! Hahahaha

Gooper Loper : dude i was getting spooked likr dun bring that thing closer!

ndgv2 : I really don't like the fan corrections but this one was good.

Demet Efe : 2016 and just saw this, i looked Teddy up and hey he has a channel and really good videos, i literally just saw his videos but he doesn't have many subscribers and hasn't uploaded for a year. i really want him to come back to youtube despite i just found out that he exists edit: just realized that he has an another channel called redwall you can check him out if you'd like

AmR ReDa : Egypt <3 My Beloved Home

Timo T : Come on, Conan! At least TRY! You prove something wrong by being even MORE wrong?! :D You heloed Tut's mommy out of Khufus pyramid?! What did it do in there? Isn't Tutankhamon buried in Valley of The Kings that is no where even near to those pyramids in Giza? :D

Michael Miller : But..... King Tut was barried in the valley of the kings..... not the pyramids.....

Grégoire Cuisine : This might be the best Fan Correction ever! The fan made a great work and the answer from the show is really good too!

Driezzz DL : We need a new remote! Come on Conan, a viewer from Belgium!

DestinedRj : And Tut was NOT buried in those pyramids.

teed : wow this is one of the best fan corrections for sure! not even because it's so funny, but just because it's so well made

Tomohawk : Give Teddy his own talk show!

yossarian1633 : I'm sorry Conan, that could've been any mummy they pulled out of there. If he'd had a nametag on his mummy wrap then okay, maybe. Otherwise this is hardly definitive proof.

BanIsNotAPotato : I believe this video was..... wrapped up pretty well.

Mod EfyeR : Did Conan says virgin than version