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Khaled Khalil : Jesus christ they do anything 😂😂

Tim Last : So it's the silly salmon, but its now called "you're on fire"

Hugo Bertrand : Your Channel Is On Fire!🔥

THE_SHACKONATER1 : Do the "You're on water" challenge next, which means you have to jump in fire. You won't do it, no balls.

South-East Queensland Emergency Vehicles : 0:18 - RIP Silly Salmon - Like, heart & pin this comment if you love us :P *YOU'RE ON FIRE!* Edit: O shit, you pinned it! Thanks bro! 💙👍 Another Edit: It un-pinned, cri

Granny : *New FISHING technique found!*

Darryl Gaming : Who's here before 1M views?

Fletcher Harris : Bit of acting classes wouldn't hurt

AltijdDieLevi : Can You guys upload more? Its funny

Bo000o : Thank god there is a YouTube channel that is actually posting some fire content

IDK Vids : Hey Jackson!!

Asura : One day a man who is out fishing will have an australian idiot on his fishing line

Unstxbled- YT : I'm always up for you guys

CuTeCh!cKen : As always fantastic!

Kendalle : Do they not have they phones in they pockets?

Flying lead : How about a plastic bag over the head tightly challenge

Muhamad Satria Mauludin : Lol, very LMAO jack😂

Wisexmicah.33_ Editz : Is this a new challenge or what?

Verner Voss : Thank you for starting an unnecessary challenge

Josh Rogers : Well that was Lit🔥

Lion Lionas : Best Chanel ever ;)

Undeadgamer Plays : YOUR ON FIRE 🔥

Nickey L : Your phone is on fire!

MIAH PICAZO : Yo Jackson you won’t pin this AGAIN

Boxhead OFFICIAL : I wish I was first

Kharn Schlager-Reay : What the

Dedrick Jones : They should know by now not to walk by water with this guy

Lov_6ux9ine _05 : We had gone for a trip with my school and we were having our lunch and my friends told me " yo girl ur on fire" so I jumped front a lil bridge... And the sec timp I jumped in a fountain!!! Omg that was too embarrassing...

TheMutedVid : Make a vid with shammi also!!!

Undeadgamer Plays : 0:08 that scream though 🤣🤣🤣


Natalka Pučikova : Cool video in fire😂

Zetron _ : *Hi*

Mardin 47 : What is your job? And BTW your channel is 🔥🔥🔥

never mind : This is fake,i mean no one has his mobile or his purse with him,he is just jumping like that in the water,obviously fake😜😜😜

ItsYoBoi RinzVen : Ay Jackson Your On Fire!! (Starts Running) (Sees A Sharks) *To Be Continued.*

Why do I Play games : This is Jackson He has a 100 health Let’s defeat him 1like = 1 damage

Werner Hansen : Nice bro

Mexican Live Vlogs : Can you do your money is on fire when they are about to order something if you like this idea pin me😝😂

AWsaL : Why does the video last only 49 seconds?You took us 10 seconds of enjoyment😡 🤣🤣🤣

Sights of Northern Ireland : Best challenge since floor is lava

tigerboy _ : Will Griggs on fire

Yeah buddy : Fake news

Moe .Lester : Look at these suicidal goofy ass challenge here tf just stop these people Its 2018😶

Pure Skill : 0:10 why did he take his hat off already if he doesn’t know what he is going to do? Scripted lol but he did just off tho so that’s lit

Mini Man : Something I would do

MEOW Noahp77 : What can Jackson do you do them if they don’t do it

Ghost boii : Haha Jackson I'm earlyish again, love ya m8, can I get a pin?

Diamond Master : I have good idea Its Drink it fast Challenge

K Videos : Make a video "teri gaand mein loda or kudo " 😂😂😂😂