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Khaled Khalil : Jesus christ they do anything 😂😂

Tim Last : So it's the silly salmon, but its now called "you're on fire"

Hugo Bertrand : Your Channel Is On Fire!🔥

THE_SHACKONATER1 : Do the "You're on water" challenge next, which means you have to jump in fire. You won't do it, no balls.

South-East Queensland Emergency Vehicles : 0:18 - RIP Silly Salmon - Like, heart & pin this comment if you love us :P *YOU'RE ON FIRE!* Edit: O shit, you pinned it! Thanks bro! 💙👍 Another Edit: It un-pinned, cri

Granny : *New FISHING technique found!*

Darryl La Rosa : Who's here before 1M views?

Fletcher Harris : Bit of acting classes wouldn't hurt

AltijdDieLevi : Can You guys upload more? Its funny

Bo000o : Thank god there is a YouTube channel that is actually posting some fire content

IDK Vids : Hey Jackson!!

CuTeCh!cKen : As always fantastic!

Moyses Vlogs : I'm always up for you guys

Asura : One day a man who is out fishing will have an australian idiot on his fishing line

Flying lead : How about a plastic bag over the head tightly challenge

Kendalle : Do they not have they phones in they pockets?

Josh Rogers : Well that was Lit🔥

Why do I Play games : This is Jackson He has a 100 health Let’s defeat him 1like = 1 damage

Wisexmicah.33_ Editz : Is this a new challenge or what?

Verner Voss : Thank you for starting an unnecessary challenge

Muhamad Satria Mauludin : Lol, very LMAO jack😂

Lov_6ux9ine _05 : We had gone for a trip with my school and we were having our lunch and my friends told me " yo girl ur on fire" so I jumped front a lil bridge... And the sec timp I jumped in a fountain!!! Omg that was too embarrassing...

Boxhead OFFICIAL : I wish I was first

Nickey L : Your phone is on fire!

Lion Lionas : Best Chanel ever ;)

kwest Empire : Hi Jackson you left Shamni Ltd and get lost in the UK.... we want to see more from you and shamni

Undeadgamer Plays : YOUR ON FIRE 🔥

Kharn Schlager-Reay : What the

MIAH PICAZO : Yo Jackson you won’t pin this AGAIN

Natalka Pučikova : Cool video in fire😂

Theod. B. : What if they forget to turn the camera on? 😂😂😂

never mind : This is fake,i mean no one has his mobile or his purse with him,he is just jumping like that in the water,obviously fake😜😜😜

Yeah buddy : Fake news

Jan Der Lutscher : Your chanal is on fire too😂👍👌

Undeadgamer Plays : 0:08 that scream though 🤣🤣🤣

Mexican Live Vlogs : Can you do your money is on fire when they are about to order something if you like this idea pin me😝😂

Pure Skill : 0:10 why did he take his hat off already if he doesn’t know what he is going to do? Scripted lol but he did just off tho so that’s lit

K Videos : Make a video "teri gaand mein loda or kudo " 😂😂😂😂


Tyler Choate : You know what's more fire than this? You're channel! Keep making awesome challenges 👍

Moe .Lester : Look at these suicidal goofy ass challenge here tf just stop these people Its 2018😶

Ghost boii : Haha Jackson I'm earlyish again, love ya m8, can I get a pin?

Dedrick Jones : They should know by now not to walk by water with this guy

7 star : Will you find him for me bro

47_Mardelli_Xalo _47 : What is your job? And BTW your channel is 🔥🔥🔥


meera aljallaf : Please be my friend, thank you.

OfficialxObey : I sware yall some good swimmers!!!!! 🏊

TheMutedVid : Make a vid with shammi also!!!

AMSOVAC : Why does the video last only 49 seconds?You took us 10 seconds of enjoyment😡 🤣🤣🤣