Wire Twisting Machine DIY Toy

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Wire Twisting Machine DIY Toy You Want To Try! In this wire twisting tool video, we will show you how to use parts such as lego and a slow DC motor that can be used to twist electrical wire and also thread and yarn. This DIY wire twisting tool for twisting wire may not be as fast as twisting wire with the drill but it is safer to build and use. It is also suitable to be used with your kids as the wire twister tool for play - equivalent to using a wire twisting plier without the need for manual twisting. The parts you need: Motor: http://oink.us/70rpm-motor Lego Compatible Bricks: http://oink.us/1000lego Lego Plates: http://oink.us/legoplate Battery Case: http://oink.us/4aabatterycase Self Locking Switch: http://oink.us/selflockingswitch Wire: http://oink.us/28awg Music: Peritune Thank you for watching. You can subscribe and turn on notifications for our videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCICsQZjIEekgsFXUt6Rfeow?sub_confirmation=1


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