Wolves growling at each other

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Taifer : this sounds like my grandpa sleeping

Christopher Lara : 00:15 the wolf is me walking in to drama

PJB1995 : Hahahaha I found it hilarious 15 seconds in when the third wolf walks infront of the camera on your side of the fence like "whatcha doin?" while the two grumpy ones are relegated behind the fence :')

729Drew : 3rd guy stumbles in like hey whas happenin

Toast : i like how that one wolf at the end walks into the shot

Drk Grl666 : that's like the scariest sound in the world lol but wolves are the most beautiful animals, just love them <3 great video

AlphaVex : 0:15 Dammit Moon-moon!

bbcasting : Wolves are awesome.

"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star : That's like if you heard me burp in slow mo

Jane Wu : sounds kinda like zombies in minecraft. whoops sorry about that

Pharan : youtubers growling at vertically recorded video

Foxy Roxy34 : lol alex comes to protect you so cute

moonJuice : That is some demonic growling there dang! Love the vids keep them coming!!

jack1spade : Moon Moon, you're blocking the shot!

funmuni : I'll join you with that whimper

Orijuno : i would be that one wolf, minding my own business like the one that goes in front of the camera

YouAre ReadingThis : That growl at 0:10.. what a vicious sound hahah

JalapenoNigga : Is that not the most terrifying shit you've ever seen

XxRiøtxX : First time i see a wolf growling in my whole life :P Thanks for the video :D

Wolffenhaus Merry : ring tone worthy

Irene Fung : The third dog popping up was so hilarious! It was so unexpected :)

Jackal : Sounds like a demon

Colton Biggs : This is unsettling

DiaryofaWetNose : I love how Alex is just like "Hey! Whattup?" Completely oblivious to the deep, heated discussion going on just over the fence!Perfect comedic timing lol! 😅 Such beautiful animals! ❤️

Gavin Tryde : Scared shitless

vo7tage : they're growling because you're shooting a vertical video 

Emanuel Grant : *They're just playing*

The Laughing PUG : I asked for wolf growls not broken blow dryers

J. Scott Elblein : At the end it's like they just heard someone unwrapping a cheese slice ...


flying mint bun bun : my mom said that it's not good to keep wild animals as pets and she said why use pets like cats or dogs. these animals might kill you if your not careful enough so please don't be mad at me I'm only 7 and learned these things from my parents. I just want God's animals to be free roaming around in the wild learning how to hunt and stay healthy. I learned this from a site but I'm not that smart. So please don't be that mad at me I will subscribe you if your not mad at me 🐺

Citizen of Corona : Territory dispute

Darken NoShinka : when ever anyone touches my food without asking

Tyler Martinz : not very smart being that close to wild scary animals

c h r o m e : Yupe those are Definitely wolves

Kattbjörn Deluxe : Twilight all over again.

Buggy : Imagine you sleep and you hear that shit coming from under your bed

lizbeth Arevalo : are you sure there growling

Sakoni Waya_Zelda master : That sound is beautiful... *grrrrrrwwww*🐾

IIsYouAndYouIsMe : scared the shit outta me

Joel Salter : those growls are scary man

Dr. Naomi Garcia : (◎ヮ◎)

Devilburk : I love it

Short Round : pfft they are just saying hello

Narwhalzful : Sounds like minecraft

DarkAlley Productions : Sarah can I use the audio from this In a short film?

Randy Monger : Dude that's terrifying imagine walking in the woods and hearing that

Life-Row-Toll : They became friends in the end.

NN Exotic : haha I love it :D

Jesse W. : This is clearly how I will work out differences with a girlfriend if I ever decide to get one. :p