Accidentally Vegan Eats Cheese First Time !!

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Dr.DisRespect 2x BlockbusterChamp : Congratulations, You're a vegan that loves cheese. *Firm* *handshakes*

S A : "only in america" sorry mate people put cheese in sauces all over the world...

exaltedchampion : I can tell just by looking at his hair that he's vegan and he wants to tell me about it

Katie Newmeyer : He had a temper tantrum over a pizza his mom got him while sitting in his childhood bedroom

Monster of the East : Those angry killer human instincts came out when he found out he ate cheese! He threw that phone like a spear killing his prey haha

Tom : Say it with me, SOYBOY

greenplastic69 : little does he know the phone he threw contains rare earth minerals mined in Africa, which someone died mining them under harsh conditions LOL.

trav v : It's proof vegans are the most peaceful, because as soon as he ate cheese he got violent. (SARCASM BY THE WAY)

88intimidatorjr : Soyboy.

Account Inactive : What a weenie.

Informed Choice : Serious case of grow up required there I think. That being said, two girls died recently in the UK because of inadequate food labelling so that's an important caveat. As for a vegan eating a bit of cheese, I think there are more pressing matters to be focussing on. All that aside the dairy industry is a major issue environmentally. There has been a discovery where seaweed added to feed radically reduces cow methane output. I try to eat regularly these days!

Seb E : talk about the apex of #firstworldproblemfaggotry, lol!

Jason M : I put cheese in sauce


Joshua Graham : Gets mad about a little cheese, but doesn't give a shit about the 8 liters of semen he drinks every day.

Markus Magnon : The floss.. haha is this real?

UnlicensedOkie : Karma hahaha

D L : 5 star idiot

*INSULT* •the man• : Lol!,instead of acting like an ass,he should just 'go back' to the first time or one of the first times rather,that he had cheese..maybe his 1st cheeseburger at McD's or his first serving of mac n' cheese.I bet it was a great feeling,so now that the dude is "all vegan" he knows that a little "run in"with cheese ain't gonna kill him but make him stronger for future obstacles

Justin : who films themselves eating a pizza?

Pinar Sengul : So sorry for him, I experienced worse than that today, I ate a whole slice of animal derived cheese in the toast!

Ahwoofe : I mean like I wouldn't kill an animal but they're gonna die anyways so I might as well eat it

John De Luna : He vegan eating cheese?

Fatty Kas : Lmao

Mark Stewart : The dude has his passion. Most people don't even have haters have to hate. The vast majority of the comments are just "I hate people that hate something"...aka grow up.

Valenski : Vegans = Cancer

pAceMaker : That’s what mental illness looks like