China's Mooncake festival | Trying Chinese mooncakes
Trying Chinese mooncakes

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China's mooncake festival | Trying Chinese mooncakes So today is China's Mid Autumn festival and the main food associated with it is Mooncakes. These come in a variety of different flavours and sizes. Myself and Radio went to buy a bunch and try them. Check out Radios channel here Check out my Facebook page: Twitter: Instagram: Alexabsolute14 My gear: My main camera Sony 18-105 F4 Sony 10-18 f4 Sigma 30mm F1.4 Zhiyun crane plus DJI Mavic Pro fly more combo Iphone Condenser mic moment lens Hoya Variable ND Lowepro 450 aw backpack


Jerry Capital : Nice video! Dude love the vibe, you got yourself a solid subscriber

Diego Viecili : My friend gave me vegan mooncakes this festival! It was great because before I couldn’t find them and give a try:)

Rico's Story : You have a great personality man! Gave you another sub! Would you mind giving me some feedback of your own? That way I can learn how to become a better content creator myself! Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it!

Andy Li : Please define classic Chinese mooncakes... I would say as long as there are Chinese produced mooncakes, that's Chinese traditional mooncakes, surely the Chinese manufacturers need to develop more flavours and boost the varieties. But that's doesn't mean they are not classic Chinese mooncake... and just so you know we do have green tea flavour way before. and as a younger generation in China, I grew up eating different flavour of mooncake, including cappuccino flavour, don't tell me that's not something from China, cause that's my childhood memory and I will never forget about it..>,<