Oil Driller Breaches Salt Mine Under Louisana Lake

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This is how you flush an entire lake down a hole. An exploratory drilling exercise miscalculates the location of a salt mine while drilling through a lake bed. The mine is hit, and the oil derek, the mine, the lake, and a few barges are a total loss.


TomTheTrain : Put some flex seal on it

brachypelmasmith : So honey, how was your day? Well, we broke the Gulf of Mexico. That was something.

Christopher Leamons : No loss of human life. That's incredible.

McDonald Family YouTube : That old man wearing the "I survived Lake peigneur" hat at 5:21 is probably the talk of the town and has had his story told at least 55000 times by now at his local breakfast spot while drinking his small hot coffee.

Swamp Henly : Member when the History channel used to talk about history? Member? 🍇

Moola Moose : Oh shit there was actually history shown on the History channel at one point. Imagine that.

Useless Duck Company : I like stories about historic events like this, there should be a channel just for this stuff. 

Nabre Labre : The triangulation was performed by a flat earther

Tentarek : T_T this reminds me of old history channel. Sleepily watching documentaries and learning stuff. Now it's all reality show garbage.

Holly Rockwell : Texaco never paid anyone even 1 cent. They claimed the mine simply sprang a leak in a weak spot and as the man said, it was hundreds of feet down in flooded tunnels so no one could prove otherwise. Surveys were done to show the relationship of the drill to the mine layout and how they overlapped, but Texaco claimed that the surveys were poorly done and stuck to its claim. People all around lost boats, homes and in some cases, all their land! This documentary doesn't say, but I expect most of it not all of the local fish died unable to survive in salt water. I live in New Orleans and there are still old-timers who remember this and tell amazing stories, but it is really helpful to see this vid and get a good explanation of how it actually happened. Thanks for the post, this goes in my Favorites file.

rav ravensdale : i wonder what archaeologists will make of it in a few thousand years time :-D

Tracy Menard : My Dad was there. He was responsible for saving those men. The last man out had water up to his neck. I can remember coming home from school and my Dad was sitting on the couch with a blank stare. My mom told me what happened. And to add - all those Diamond Crystal employees got SCREWED....BIG TIME...My Dad had been there 28 years.....and got $25,000......Livelihood gone - life gone - The lawyers took it all...

Brendan Keating : This was what history was like before all of the dumb shows they have now.

Rich Holland : This is precisely why you pay attention in geometry class...smh.

Zoes Dada : Back before the "MTV effect" hit history channel and turned it into yet another reality show mediocrity.

Yura Enjoji : i wish my girlfriend had 1/10th of that sucking power...

Greg Gallacci : So no one died? That would be the most amazing part, no?

Boot Nreboot : "the cause of the disaster was never officially determined,"......."the cause most likely was a 14 inch wide drill bit" well duhhhh!! must have been told what to say by a room full of lawyers. Most likely the drill bit, yea i would have to say that is exactly what caused it, it punched a frickin hole in the roof of the mine shaft. geeeeeezzz doesnt take a genius to figure that one out!

Ramiel : "The cause of the disaster was never determined" My ass, it was Texaco... oh uh oom never mind, the cause was never determined (don't hurt me!)

DJ BIS : Texaco is pretty good at this whole ruining earth thing. They have been at it for a LONG time.

q p : The culprit was not the drill bit. But rather the people operating it.

cbonesteak 95 : You know it’s a bad fishing day when the lake dries up.

Remember The Slap Films : I think this would qualify as an "oopsie".

Joe Perrotta : This was all just an elaborate story told by that fisherman to his buddies over a few beers to explain why didn't catch any catfish once again... "Wait till I tell you what happened this time"

Brett Windsor : The driller got off with a written warning!!!!!!

playhouserage : I'll never trust a 14 inch wide drill bit again!

Peter Palmer : So in other words, the oil company got off scott free? In today's court system I'm certain a jury could've easily found in favor of the county and the salt mine company.

K.C. LeJeune : We went in our boat about 6 years ago on the lake and the depth finder read close to 600 feet deep in one spot, we were told that in certain areas it's around 1000+ feet deep, kinda scary considering the lake used to be shallow enough to stand in with your head above water, it still is on the other side.

Me Too : Must have been one hell of mine to hold all that water

drdwkelley : 7:50 wow the construction of those barges must have been incredible to survive being submerged for 2 days then pop up as as if nothing had happened to them.

Josh Pickles : Awesome how the drilling company skirted taking responsibility for their mistake. Destroyed a mine, people's homes and businesses and didn't have to pay a penny because "all the evidence is at the bottom of a lake".

fanofCOH : "just a simple miscalculation" only off by 400 feet smh

Peter Rabitt : 2007 History Channel: The rise and fall of the Soviet Union. 2019 History Channel: CASH FOR GOLD!

AUSTIN PEYTON : _To show you the power of flex tape_ *drills down* _I drilled this lake in half_

Ion Hunter : See folks, them free tape measures from Harbor Fright are off a bit.

DJ BIS : Over the course of the years I've had the curious opportunity of watching this video. Each time I tell myself "no need to watch it again, you already know what it's about" ... Yet here I am again, jaw agape from watching this amazing footage and photos of the colossal damage and unbelievable suction power of what was really just a tiny penetration in relation to the scale of the tragedy. Also, incredibly no lives were lost! It's amazing and I'll probably end up watching it again in a few years when YouTube recommends it again.

𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 : When a student asks 'when will we ever need this?' In geometry class, here's a good example.

Kyle Rotterdam : Hory shet!! Makes me sick to my stomache thinking about being sucked down a whirlpool into a flooded salt mine 1500ft below the bottom of a lake. My worst nightmare.

Steve Heraty : This may be the most expensive Dry Hole in this history of Oil and Gas exploration. What a story..

Jace Wallace : I've got a 14in drill bit for ya

Arbitrator207 : We'll just keep mining salt out from underneath a huge lake...what's the worst that could happen?

Daniel Vincent : So glad the miners got out

Dodo M : "The cause of the disaster was never officially determined" sounds to me like nobody payed for the damages.

Mr Plow : Boy that would have been freaky

Quiet Dignity and Grace : So... measure twice, cut once kiddies. Highest waterfall in LA. What the hell was number 2?

Hoof Arted : Bet texaco didn't pay a penny and that engineer still works there. Smh

Jim Rr : Reminds me of the old seven gallon flush tawlet at grand maws' house

ems postal : Back when the History Channel is still all about historical documentaries. Such great times. Now it's all about pawnshops, storage wars and truckers. LOL...

William Worth : Who in their instrument wisdom thought this whole thing was a good idea let's drill near a salt mine