The Killers live at the Castle 3 - Mr. Brightside

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Iván Mont : If they only knew this was gonna be one of the biggest rock anthems of all time...They witnessed the birth of a legend.

Gabriel Adrian : It's funny how now when they play this song every one looses their mind. And in this video people are just standing there talking to each other, but its the EXACT same song.

stepwinkieTM : the answer to brandon's 'poor' vocals is back then they were a raw punk band, which requires messy, grunge vocals rather than focusing vocals to be on key,  people are only saying its bad now since they evolved in styles and improved , compared to a few established new wave, punk bands nowadays this still holds up!

MILO RICKETTS-MASON : every star starts somewhere

BroHomeless : This is actually pretty horrible. thank god Brandon learned how to sing after this. It only sounds good to some of us because we understand the vision he had for it as we've all heard the final version.

Regina Alongi : who was playing after them because clearly this crowd was there for someone else

M.J. Cruz : Even like this, it's still the best song ever.

jopln : im amazed that the crowd does not give one single fuck. this is mind blowing

TheKillerzTribute : Proof everyone starts somewhere. Just awesome in a completely different way;)

Super Mario Stupid Show : I actually really like the drummer

Anna Molina : Watching this feels as if we´d come across footage of The Beatles in steps indeed...

che ameer : weird that the greatest rock song of all time sounded like absolute shit back then

DolusEventualis : I love the Killers - and this outstanding early track. Fantastic to see the "primitive" but still Killers authentic setup. It brougth tears to my eyes. Thanks.....

3spooky5me4school : wow theyve come so far since this! its amazing!!

Lacey : Not hearing the "it was only a kiss, IT WAS ONLY A KISS" screamed by the audience at Brandon is SO weird!

Wolf Hentzen : That's not Mark! :O


Absolem Live : Ha ha they 're so cute

pittsburgh199 : Amazing. Take me back there please.

SCharlesDennicon : I love how the video quality makes it look like it happened in the 70s. ^^;

mario jimenez cardenas : :,)

jorge pardo : ahora estos chicos estarian saltando como locos por esta cancion.

Esteban Agüero Pérez : Stupid and sansual Brandon Flowers lml

RedTV8888 : It's so bizarre to see the crowd not flip out and jam to the song.  

countingcrows123 : somebody must've whipped them in shape honestly

dannyF : You can clearly sea that Ian Curtis influence here.. Beautiful

nicdoucette86 : That's comforting knowing I just paid 232 dollars more for my ticket on 8/1/13

lemonyfresh26 : Do you have more videos of them first starting???

NeonFairytale : OMG! They sucked! Haha :D And they played at Wembley last week. They've grown up so much :')

Benny Beep Bop : if only those people knew what they would become!!!!!

thekillersforever : it isnt :P so dont worry youre not crazy

thekillersforever : it is ronnie, 100% sure. :)

dresser risse : I don't think that's Ronnie on drums.

dresser risse : It can't be. I don't think it is.

willie espinosa : crazy ive been looking for video like this for some you have anymore?

matedog2 : What's' the line up at this point? That's gotta be Ronnie on drums right?

Louise Sarah : It's looks like a failed attempt moshpit xD Awsome band though.

thekillersforever : lmao brandon that was rough.... but man oh man, if only the crowd knew years later you would get to be that lucky!

Cesar More : Wow I paid 150 dollars month ago

bretterthanyou : This show was not more than 8 dollars.

Meli Velázquez : wooooooowwww

theisafernandes : NOSSAAAAA

kindakoolio : The crowd has no idea...

marwood03 : Love the synth solo at the end which is now the "I never" part

Krullige Monst : Is that a fight at 1:24? Or just kids playing. Because of it's a fight, '2013 Brandon' would, "Stop fighting, stop fightin, this is a positive atmosphere!"

Jonah Hutchison : They play it so fast in parts!

Jonah Hutchison : That crowd doesn't know what they are hearing when the opening riff hits

Tay Reed : oh my god these made my day so much better holy shit

kmr15mhs : Classic. OMG. This made my whole fucking day.

HDays : Just LOVE. Greatness In the Making!