A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Psycho Psychiatrists

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The best scene for Fry & Laurie at the doctor's.


ANKIT YADAV : Intelligent comedy is so rare these days

Stefan Travis : Plot twist: There are no real psychiatrists in the world.

Rahul Khamamkar : Who thinks up such crazy scenarios? It's brilliant.

listerone : ...some sort of jargon you picked up in the Reader's Digest...

Timotej Bernat : "Bender Gestalt" genius

Martin Mitchell : Being a bit slow, I was wondering which of Fry and Laurie would prove to be the real psychiatrist. But of course the only way to resolve it was that neither of them were. Perfect finish.

Irina Va : So I think it would be useful if we started by your telling me something about your state of mind at the moment. How would you describe it? Would you say you were happy or depressed? Confident or unsure of yourself? What words would you use to describe your mood, would you say? Take your time. Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Your problem seems to centre around the delusion that you are a psychiatrist and that everyone you speak to is a patient of some sort. This is a rare but not unheard of syndrome. I think perhaps it would be helpful now if we talked a little bit about your mother. What are your feelings towards your mother? Extraordinary, really. Very intriguing. Now why mother? Was your mother affectionate towards you when you were small? Affection? Affection, that's interesting. I wonder why you chose that word particularly. I think it will be helpful if you told me at this point, if you can remember, whether or not you were breastfed as an infant. Already, you see, we're focusing in on breasts. Good, good. Now, how do you feel about breasts now? Do they Do they frighten you? Because, again, this is quite common. Breasts and fear. Ah, now, that is very interesting, breasts and fear. Fascinating association. Where do you think your father fits into that association? Right, right. Absolutely classic. Father, father All right, so let's imagine a line, shall we? We have fear at one end, breasts at the other. Now, where would you place your father on that line? Lines. Lines. Now that is That is interesting. Line I may ask you to draw those lines in a minute in something we call a Bender-Gestalt test, which can be very revealing. But lines, let's explore those for a moment. They're very penetrative, aren't they? Very, very thrusting, very male, very masculine. - They urge onwards, don't they? Right, right. So now at last the layers are beginning to unpeel. This is very important. So we have We have breasts. We have fear. We have male thrusting, penetrative, urging, some sort of psychiatric jargon you've picked up from the Reader's Digest. How often would you say you masturbated? Now, I'm gonna be really quite firm now, all right? - I'm the doctor. You are the patient. Yes, that's right. Now, I'm sorry, I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say, "I am the patient. " - What was that? "I am the patient." Good, good. That's a breakthrough. Now that you can say that, now that you can admit it, we can proceed. Excellent. You are the patient. I am, you are. Perhaps we're all patients. No, I am not a patient. Now, now, please remain calm, Mr Windrush. Dr Windrush. Now, you realise that I only have to lift this phone, you will be restrained. Yes, hello? - Yes, it's all right, Rebecca, I'm in a session - Don't worry, thank you, Rebecca. - He's just a patient. Don't worry about it. - There's nothing to worry about. Now, look, I can't help you unless you stop playing this ridiculous game. Extraordinary. I don't think I've ever come across a more deeply embedded illusion. It is not an illusion. Your last doctor tried you on a course of Lentizol, I believe. Did you find that helped at all? All right, let's go right back to the beginning, shall we? If you are, as you think, a doctor Well, I'm sorry, that's the full hour, Mr Windrush. Shall we say same time next week? Er, yes, I think I can fit you in same time next week.

Ken Pudsey : SuperbπŸ’―

kEtE : Now... This one is one quality comedy.

Haochi Zhang : Nice video of three psychiatrists having a conversation!

dumbo7429 : Many a true word spaken in jest...... Shakespere


MarxistKnight : A mad psychiatrist, that'll be new *tut*

Artur Czekalski : Extraordinary

Stormbringer_777 : To be forever yung!πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ

Martin Mitchell : Lovely. Classic Fry and Laurie.

WolfgangLMclain : Stephen, I'm afraid you have described a ray, and I'm surprised at you.

AmongSuspectsProject : This sketch is marvellous!

Nathan Gachugi : WOW. Genius sketch.

i Ded : extraordinary!

greenstingray77 : house in the early stages lol

loodlebop : This is clever I love it

Aditya Bhagwat : Extraordinary

George A : Made me go crazy with laughter

Jane Ross : The real twist is, it's you that delusionally believes you're watching a comedy sketch on the internet. You're actually in a real doctor's office where this is actually happening.

sam : All i hear is Jeeves and Wooster

Richard Dale : Brilliant

Vivianne O : Plot twist: even the lady "psychiatrist" was one of them. You see their problem seems to revolve on the delusion that they're psychiatrists πŸ˜…

1 of 8 billion : psycho psychiatrist? Hannibal Lecter.

Sharpy : This is pure gold

Martingoldfire : Pure genius.

celtic barbarian : They are the masters along with john Cleese and simon pegg .

celtic barbarian : Pretty dry boring people that need a life that dislike this comedy master piece.

DTOM : Has my money on Laurie as the real one. Good twist! Makes the whole bit even funnier.

davetubervid : Brilliant

Thor isme : So intriguing!

Duncie Punkie : What a delight.

junk junk : brilliant .....

L Ofaday : One of the better ones.

Nopperabou : The sketch falls apart a bit because Fry is a much more convincing Psychiatrist.

BunnyMan456 : Fascinating...

The Mijonju Show : Google deepmind AI simulation.

anthony dontoh : And then Dr House was born

RoScFan : I did not see that coming....

Arse Robinson : 3:38 LOL.

Henry : Clever

INTRO Sting : This is so funny

mvolestrangler : surely it's delusion not illusion?

Klaatu barada nikto : Yep