The ONE THING I wont be doing at pride this year
The ONE THING I wont be doing at gay pride

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Michael Henry insta: Michaelhenry915 Pete Zias insta: petezias Michael Lucid insta: damianagarcia Directed by: Paul McGovern Jr. insta: pmcg34 written by: Michael Henry DP/Edited by: Paul McGovern Jr.


Syed Abbas : The dumpster queens are finally back.

Noah Hughes : “The public school system failed your anush.”

Bryne Josava : "I was raised on Gay Porn" Honestly, this was the most relevant thing I ever heard

Rotten Boy Fudanshi : "Gay porn is good for the soul" Amen

Mout M. : The tea is hot.

Raffy Rillo : Yass the dumpster queens are back! And I love gay porn too!

Rifki N R : Your parents can't afford AOL. I DIED.

Andrew Hicks : My anus is not an old jalopy! I don't know how many times I've said that myself. I looove you Michael. I'll smile all day now.

RodneyMoua : the “you’re our ride..” part... i relate to that way too much :,)

Markee Bierneza : OMG Queens of talking dirty behind the dumpster! What a legends!

oneleossunshine : HOW DO YOU GET ANY TAKES WITHOUT LAUGHING?! holy shit this is gold. Also I know there is a blooper reel waiting to happen and I WANT IT

Gotdangucrzy : The head tilt after your parents couldn’t afford AOL😂😭😭😭

ClydeBlood : I wanna find regular looking guys attractive!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 goals

A. C. Monterrey-Dumont : "The public school system failed your anesh." The story if everyone. Lmao.

kkjh0kkjh : I love how you almost touch on real psychological and sociopolitical things in all your videos. Almost....

Dolphins will take over : It was so weird hearing them talk about porn because they sound like white women (that's a compliment) 😂😂

Frank Woodward : coconut oil....yaaasss!! lol

sebatian : this should be a Netflix show "The Dumpster Queens of L.A"

Robb K : I love you guys


Rajeev Ningthouja : Omg..... The dumpster queens are finally back....... 😂 thank you Gayseus

Littleathquakes : did they add more trash cans?!

SATCH1R0 : 2:19 “No.” 😂😂

kevin flores : I've never been to gay pride... I'm 26

boba tea : *rapid blinking*

N : The Prince of "HOW?!?" reprises his role! I'm lucky to live long enough to see it.

Alejandro Avalos : Love Michael Henry's painted nails💅

hey it's me death : Tag yourself I'm Michael's pit stains

Junior Mendez : The dumpster Queens are back! Yeah! 😂🤓🤗 You guys are the perfect combo. Keep them coming! We need more videos with the 3 of you. 👸👸👸

Thor Swenson : The guy in the middle is wearing Mom Jeans, Skechers (?!?), and an Old Navy plaid short-sleeve shirt from 1999, and he has a LOT of gel in his hair. And he's gay and living in Southern California in 2019??? How is that even possible? That said, these three guys are my absolute favorites on this channel!

Marcelo Gianbaptiste : Anal fisures are kinda like female stretch marks. They are a symbol of love and should be proud of and treated with coconut oil and cocoa butter

Leo B : The three of you play so well off each other. Amazingly funny

Lan Stovall : this was too funny!! glad it came up in my recommendations

phira360 : The shaky camera, zoom, and sound effects 😂 love the editing

PsyLover ॐ : A well deserved for you guys. My favorite queens ❤

Scott SVO : Im cracking up lmao the added sound fx

I Ko : love this "trashy" talk ❤️😘

craziiboii : Yesss I live!!! Love the dumpster queens

Jon Ricciardi : Omg please use a dumpster as a backdrop every time. I love it. I died

Sean Baker : My favorite "how" sound effect is back!! 🤣

Will Taylor : I just love how they're sitting by some bins.

Can we get 50000 subscribers with no videos? : I just love your vids Michael! big kiss from all of us at GCF

Alan : yay ...we're back where we belong and amen to pert anuses

Adz Mo : Faaaarkk!!! U 3 RoK!!! Toets shuld do loooonger eps! xox luv it! lol

Ricardo Trevino : "your parents couldn't afford AOL?" xD

Christopher Davenport : The dumpster queens are my favorite!! LOVE your videos!

BookSlug : With coconut oil, huh? Would that work with a Bounty bar? 😉

Chijioke Okereke : Lol thanks again dis vid made my day lol

THEROBBIEKSHOW : coconut oil for the win eh :-)