The ONE THING I wont be doing at pride this year

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Michael Henry : Thanks for watching!!! Please subscribe! EVERYONE take your friends phones and subscribe them to my channel!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Syed Abbas : The dumpster queens are finally back.

Dolphins will take over : It was so weird hearing them talk about porn because they sound like white women (that's a compliment) 😂😂

Noah Hughes : “The public school system failed your anush.”

Bryne Josava : "I was raised on Gay Porn" Honestly, this was the most relevant thing I ever heard

Raffy Rillo : Yass the dumpster queens are back! And I love gay porn too!

Rotten Boy Fudanshi : "Gay porn is good for the soul" Amen

Rifki N R : Your parents can't afford AOL. I DIED.

Andrew Hicks : My anus is not an old jalopy! I don't know how many times I've said that myself. I looove you Michael. I'll smile all day now.


Mout M. : The tea is hot.

RodneyMoua : the “you’re our ride..” part... i relate to that way too much :,)

oneleossunshine : HOW DO YOU GET ANY TAKES WITHOUT LAUGHING?! holy shit this is gold. Also I know there is a blooper reel waiting to happen and I WANT IT

Markee Bierneza : OMG Queens of talking dirty behind the dumpster! What a legends!

LondonIndeed : The head tilt after your parents couldn’t afford AOL😂😭😭😭

Queen B : This girls are truly trashy... I Love it! Go on with yo bad self 😂

Robb K : I love you guys

Tobi Thomas : Like anal fissures??!? I think I just died!

Littleathquakes : did they add more trash cans?!

Frank Woodward : coconut oil....yaaasss!! lol

ThanksDylan : "Yes, I healed my anal fissures with coconut oil, thank you." LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

SATCH1R0 : 2:19 “No.” 😂😂


kevin flores : I've never been to gay pride... I'm 26

A. C. Monterrey-Dumont : "The public school system failed your anesh." The story if everyone. Lmao.

Rajeev Ningthouja : Omg..... The dumpster queens are finally back....... 😂 thank you Gayseus

sebatian : this should be a Netflix show "The Dumpster Queens of L.A"

boba tea : *rapid blinking*

Happy Slayer : Anal fissures are no joke 😖

hey it's me death : Tag yourself I'm Michael's pit stains

Alejandro Avalos : Love Michael Henry's painted nails💅

sebatian : I just googled "anal fissures" OMG!!!

Junior Mendez : The dumpster Queens are back! Yeah! 😂🤓🤗 You guys are the perfect combo. Keep them coming! We need more videos with the 3 of you. 👸👸👸

phira360 : The shaky camera, zoom, and sound effects 😂 love the editing

Leo B : The three of you play so well off each other. Amazingly funny

Lan Stovall : this was too funny!! glad it came up in my recommendations

Eric B : The guy in the middle sounds exactly like Damiana Garcia....hmm...

Jon Ricciardi : Omg please use a dumpster as a backdrop every time. I love it. I died

Alan : yay ...we're back where we belong and amen to pert anuses

Chijioke Okereke : Lol thanks again dis vid made my day lol

Johnniee Larue : The public school system failed your balloon knot. :-((((

Scott SVO : Im cracking up lmao the added sound fx

kkjh0kkjh : I love how you almost touch on real psychological and sociopolitical things in all your videos. Almost....

I Ko : love this "trashy" talk ❤️😘

I have something to say : Okay your forever 21 hat is iconic

chii hasagi : the public system has failed your anus xD

Abby : "....... Like anal fissures?" 😂😂😂

Sean Baker : My favorite "how" sound effect is back!! 🤣

Dominic Cobb : Why are they sitting in front of a dumpster? Lmao

ThatSpazChick : Las Vegas Pride is in October actually.