Mole Escape Experiment | Testing Strength
Mole escape experiment

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Mole escapes from underneath container. Song: It's Always Too Late to Start Over by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


Kenneth of Moles : Do you even lift, mole? "Yeah, as a matter of fact; I do."

Daniel Alvarado : love your videos!!!!!

Jaana Jaana : Matty wow what a strong little guy x is amazing to discover moles it would perhaps put people off setting up traps :-(

Red pilled patriot : Amazing mole :), love the music, thanks Matty!!

Stoned Pebble : can you test their flying abilities next video?

goldenboy 85 : OMG they are STRONG!!!

warmDrift : So much strength in such a small creature! Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing :-)

pupp3tStudios : "Didja expect your literary tome would suffice in my imprisonment? Fooool!"

Tim Lindström : Omg😱😱😱 the mole is so strong!💪💪👍 and super cute❤️❤️❤️ i love your channel and you 🙂😀

SSPeeBottom Gaming : First like

bomberston12 : its known that they can aply up to 40 times their bodyweight in force

Bill : Matt, I am totally blown away. You must share more displays of mole strength.

angie07kinp : was shocked on how strong they are O_O what have never thought, but loving the videos :D

The Roofpope : Make a series called Molenation.

Buck Wheat : that was pretty cool. i'd imagine that each one of those moles that escaped you gave a second chance in the prime digging grounds on account of their good nature of volunteering for the study.

Emily Hamm : What do you do with these moles? I'm confused with the obsession here

CranialAxe : Mr. Resetti would be so proud. <3

Jordan Lambert : The Mole Was Like FREEDOM IS OVER THERE DIGGG And Then You Just Put Him Or Her (No Discrimination) Back In😂😂😂

Caleb Rogers : Can you have them as pets

Jin : According to a study (don't remember from which university) moles have enormous strength. They can push away soil with a force equivalent to fourty times their bodyweight. That strength comes with a price though. They need a bodyweight weight equivalent amount of food every day.

Miguel Lemir : Mole is stronk

Fred Dietz : Furry hotdogs placed on this earth to teach us humans a lesson in determination.