How Lord of the Rings director brought colour to WW1 - BBC

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Qamar Pasha : is it worth the effort ? Yes it is .... coz the way we tell history is very boring and imagining every thing is not possible by today's fragile mind and these people are doing very great job even best of applause is not enough... and we can't do justice to their hard work just by the words coz the process is very pain enduring... that's all I have to say ... Peace ✌

EpicDonutDude : These colors really brought these videos to life

Scrambled Greg : INCREDIBLE I have waited my whole life for someone to restore old war footage like this. I personally believe it will profoundly change the way we regard history. Imagine if we could start restoring more footage like this. The possibilities are endless.

Trygve Heivang : "How Sir Peter Jackson brought colour to WW1". He has a name BBC. It's Peter Jackson. And you can add a Sir to that. His name alone weighs enough that you should remember it by now.

Old Films and Stuff : Usually, colorisations of older 35mm film don't even use HD transfers so to see this kind of dedication and understanding of the format is truly admirable.

ERFGT DSFSDF : Do we really have to call him "lord of the rings director"? I mean isnt he famous enough to be just called by his own name 'George Lucas'?

philip paine : Peter Jackson's team have put colour to a hundred more hours of film held by the Imperial War Museum for future directors to produce some more films ....a generous touch by Jackson.

Shibin Mathew : Peter Jackson would have sufficed.

sconchy : Today is the 100 Anniversary of the end of the conflict that changed the world.

Drakkonus Frostburn : God bless everyone of you who took the time & effort to restore & modernize all of this footage.

Deathshuck : This is really important work, because WW1 is shrouded with so much ignorance and misinformation.

Nunnha B : The color transitions really hit home.

stephen myler : I was truly blown away by this documentary ,

Dante Marotta : He brought them back to life, amazing film

James Hurst : A masterpiece of film restoration. The film was so engaging and enlightening. 90 minutes flew by in a moment. I hope to watch this again.

SMGJohn : Thanks BBC, I have to download it off PirateBay cause your stupid website thinks I am not in Britain when I am.

moinmoin : I love everything about this project. What an amazing piece of history. In 100 years from now people will still watch this film.

Haden Sorter : I wanna be as relaxed as peter Jackson is in the first few seconds

Jaybee Productions : I watched this film last night. It was an incredibly immersive and moving piece of work. The highly detailed post production effort really pays-off, giving you a uniquely deep insight into some aspects of this harrowing war. Nice to get a peak into the process (on Click too). Hats-off to all involved in the production, much appreciated.

Epic Teaching of the History : Ultra impressionnant !

reconrascal : How can anyone dislike this film? thank you so much for this film, story and restoration. My Grandad was in this war and survived. I feel that much closer to him have seen this film and shared the experiences shown and shared by those narrators. You must be very proud. Thankyou

Richard Burton : A brilliant and worthwhile achievement. The part where the film transitioned from black and white into colour and filled the whole screen was as heart stopping a moment as any modern thriller or action movie.

Richard Frost : I just saw this on Sunday in Australia in the cinema and it was incredible. I wish we had the 3D print - seems that Australia may have only got the 2D print but that alone is well worth it. The 3D experience would add another level of immersion. I cant wait for the BluRay release (I hope there is one) that explains like this video how they did the conversion as the process of restoration is just as fascinating as the film itself. This is a masterpiece and I am sure will be referenced as the ground breaking film it is!

Darvin Gramajo : Documentary directed by Peter Jackson is just enough. Just the name is good enough for me

Jón : How Braindead and Bad Taste director brought colour to WW1 - BBC

Ohlordy 456 : I mean, you could just say his name is Peter Jackson. Neat video though, looking forward to this

Ian Chesney : I have sooo much respect for this man! i love history always have sometimes i feel like im the only person who appreciates it. but now that its in color just maybe people will care about history. how people interacted how people dressed, what was expected, what was the cuisine like 100 years ago from a country i have never been too?....i actually got into cooking and i can cook well and its all because of history, i can tell you 16-17 century Spanish food is extremely tasty. learning history will teach you how to live.

OlafurArons : Amazed that we have such an incredible and creative-minded person like Peter Jackson who's all in to put in the effort to make this remaster, a remasterpiece. There's no other word for it, really.

Nick : Wow that's insane. Adding colour to the old photos is already a very difficult process, but adding it to video is something else entirely.

swimmad456 : I was lucky enough to see They Shall not Grow Old at the cinema with a live sync to the London Film Theatre. Leaving aside the undoubted technical and artistic wizardry, the hundred or so minutes were beautifully compiled and arranged with the interweaving of veteran's recording. The work of a master film maker.

Kpat : We know who peter Jackson is

MrJohnam123 : Truly a masterpiece, no other words for what Sir Peter Jackson and his team have managed to bring the WW1 to life. A whole generation who may have been forgotten about brought to life their lives and stories told to allow the current generation to learn about the horrors these young men will have gone through. A true film of remembrance. Simply amazing!

George Lianos : 4:14 How the hell they moved those connons 100 years ago???

Emanuela9 : He needs to do the Boer War next.

The Movie Wolf : History is beyond important and it needs to be told and shared in every respectable way possible

Joseph Tio : incredible! these film makers are also heroes

William Nettles : And to think this man directed Bad Taste!!

A Viking : Why war.. What about coloring ordinary live back then like in the great depression?

Chuffpup : This is what we want to see. The process is integral in understanding the end product. It's not "real" sound, color, or even 100% what was captured and preserved, but it has been "restored" so well, it puts you there.

zum : this doesn't actually say anything about how the colorization was done. i saw briefly someone in photoshop coloring a frame by hand but a 2hr movie has 180,000 frames. surely there was some type of program used?


DrTheKay : did the BBC just forget the directors name or were they afraid that audiences had forgot

I AM YOUR SISTERS PIMP : hahaha he just sits there like its a walk in the park.... what a chill job he has...

RC : Hobbits were the true heroes of WW1.

b00st3d E92 : It’s amazing seeing these videos in color, it changes your whole perspective

Are You Thicc? : PETER JACKSON, his name is Peter Jackson, not ‘Director of The Lord of the Rings’

Sam Miller : The documentary is amazing! Just finished it. You see WWI in a totally different way afterwards. It feels like it brings it to life, in a much more human way than anything I’ve ever watched on the subject. And Donald Trump is a bag of shit.

Matar Extreme PC. : 83 Harry Potter fans

Diyona Giri : Can't we get subtitle ???

memo boy : that's just incredible work