How the military fights climate change | David Titley

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Brigitte LM : Clim a tr change is weaponized weather manipulation. United Nations wants to form public thoughts and brainawash everyone to give up your freedoms allow NWO take over your life, mind and possession.

stefanos2691 : We'll need a French Revolution to make right wing politicians listen to enough people. Set up the guillotines and only then they might blink a little. Chop their heads off and then you can do what enough people want.

Anime Politics Science Theology : It's a well known fact that the military can influence the climate. Classified documents released have shown that we used weather weapons to make it rain during the Vietnam War in specific areas to cause landslides. Our government evil secret research and technologies far surpassed mainstream garbage theories (eg. global warming garbage nonsense) long long ago way before many of us were even born.

stefanos2691 : That's wishful thinking. The politicians will NOT do what enough people ask them to because they work for the oil industry , amongst other dangerous and insane harmful and oppressive industries and NOT FOR THE PEOPLE. As Jeremy Corbyn rightly said, the Labour party works for the many not the few. And that makes the tories a coldhearted bloodsucking NASTY PARTY that works only for the few.

Yousuf Y : USA make the wars in the world

Daniel Pace : Conservative science deniaers now has to choose between telling the US veteran he's wrong about climate change or showing the mandatory level of respect of veterans in the military. Lol

Plainglasswindows : Well, they’re pretty much the number one polluter on the planet, so...

atul sinha : Each and everyone together can make planet 🌎 better 🇮🇳

DirtyMilkMan : Videos like this give me hope but then I read the comments and my hope is annihilated.

Hayley Longster : ...... By killing as many humans at once as possible. Lol.

Yelena Yegorova : Shame on you, TED

Obsession of the Month : "How the military fights climate change" doesn't mention anything about How the military fights climate change.

James McDANIEL : What about the weather war being conducted!? see "1PacificRedwood" channel on YouTube

Dimmed Diamond : 1. The military is a massive polluter. The largest reason for the anti US protests in occupied countries from europe to japan is because these bases and planes are polluting the environment and towns around them. 2. Nice try trying to blame extremism on "climate change" and not literally air dropping cash and weapons to said radicals, and overthrowing secular governments for the last several decades.

calliph : This is some bullshit propaganda. Literally the opposite is true.

Geoff G : I’d just like to say that one comment devolved in to a gender debate somehow. It’s like we’re getting dumber every day, I know I am.

Chris : What's that quote from the Lorax "It takes a whole lot of people who care a whole lot for things to get better" or something?

xingx355 : How about you give more money to science research you would be amazed at how much more progress they can make than the military.

Ελ Λιν : climate scamge destroyed Syria? seriously? that is hillary-ous!!... the million dollar question is when the idiotic elite who pushes the climatechange scam will understand that the game is over and politely resign from their global domination ambitions? they are plain stupid hoaxers , warmongers and loansharks.

Nilesh Bhakre : climate change is irreversible. period.

Gamer Extraodernair : Climate change...lmao...smh

Deimos : We need to HEAL the climate, not fight it.

Steven Santiago : awesome video

Quetzalcoatll : 95% of this material has nothing to do with military... and quoting this terrorist Churchill? Ok. Let me quote that might-have-been mass murderer of innocent people "It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed."

i raul : TED = imbecility / unsubscribe

Kill All Cuckservatives : Statements of fact have become political now? And I'm supposed to pretend that these cuckservatives are my equals? Yeah fucking right.

P. Thomas Garcia : How the military fights climate change. How indeed when it's the most infamous polluter on Earth with an egregious carbon footprint? How when it fights perpetual wars of aggression to secure carbon resources and markets? This sort of propaganda must be ridiculed, not applauded ever.

Wake up. : Ted is absolute garbage working for the New World Order.

Ilia Hristov : Climate change! Syria!! Assad!!! Its the russians!!! Two more of those TED talks and I'll stop listening because it will be obvious that TED became just one of those dirty political instruments.


Wake up. : Assad? Syria? How political TED has become. Climate change is a scam for you sheeple to jump on board. Al Gore said the ice caps would be melted by now,, and all you sheep believed it.. smh

be not : Kill the non white breeders and save the planet

SuperAtheist : the greatest threat to the climate is government debt. borrowing from the future to create goods and services and greenhouse gases in the present.

Junius Argonon : Global warming is a myth.

M. Sommer : my BS meter went nuts just reading the title of this talk... this guy is full of blue pill juice.

JOEL A.K : Winter is coming!!

Elijah Miller : With napalm...

Ali Abrahim : Frosty Meagher you speak in story. did no spoke to my mind. so I respect others' opinions, about the viewpoint of the debate, but you are attacking in my opinion, but i respect you. Thanks more .

Fleece Johnson : How the military fights climate change Bombing the middle east than giving it to isreal

Marat B : as usual, muricans talking about "all the world" and mean "just" our planet. When will they notice that murica is not the center of the world?

Anthony Green : poor rich guy lost all his possessions :/

Sharon : Only in America do we accept weather predictions from a RODENT, but deny climate change evidence by scientists...DUH!

Simulator : This guy knows literally nothing about Syria.

Sher Khan : Dropping bombs and burning down entire forests, valleys and plains to promote heroine farming is not helping climate change... and neither are the bullshit taxes on the poor/middle class that you fuckers keep pushing. Want to help the climate? take a hint from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea... education, respect and morals.

Mike Harrington : The rather modest speaker is Retired Rear Admiral David Titley.

Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos : 00

Ivan Kaz : The title is wrong

Argomundo : Im just spitballing here but im assuming its not with guns

kedwardsTWO : While an interesting talk, I don't think this addressed the title of the video of "How the military fights climate change."

Riku Falck : Give us more of them Steven Pinker lectures, please. Pretty please...? Us poor folks can't afford going to Harward...