[HOONIGAN] Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

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iChinnyAce : 1:31 When your girlfriend texts you to come over and that she's home alone.

Bjorn : is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that he kicked his door to close shut xD 0:38

The2InchPOPHunter : The 10K dislikes are from people that are salty that they can't drift this good.

Supercharged Channel : This guy should be the president's driver 😂😂😂

Tech guy : Me after getting driving license

3DMachines : The train scene was down the road from MY HOUSE... Where was my invite?LOL

Jessica Rodriguez : This makes me want to play DiRT 3 again....

Punky Pletan-Cross : Put to shame every filming crew and director in hollywood.

TheYellowPineapple234 Death : Wow FORZA Horizon 3 graphics look do good

Mitch Person : The dislikes are all the Prius drivers who clicked on this accidentally

JoeGo101 : How much does it cost to close all those roads?....... Thats what Im wondering ...... LOL

Masato Asunan : I want ken_block challenge japan drifters like tokyo drift

DJBATMANGOLD : Man, Ken Block is a boss just by closing the door. Lol

ガイルこまち : 4:00 fantastic!!!!

Максим Карасев : Кто из 2к18

leandro viegas : 4:45 That moment when you lose a 12000 point drift in need for speed

AP THE BILLION DOLLAR CHANNEL : U need iron balls to do that

Vince De Leon : Watching this makes me feel that he synced his self with his car damn he drives as if he walks with his feet!

OlegJelly1 : Pffff my grandma can drive better then that. (Jk)

Sarvesh Tanwar : RIP tires😔

GeoBaz : Damn this guy KEN drift.. huehuehue.. Yea excuse the awful pun

Kolvi Sophie : No kidding.... I can drift better In a game

Declano The 2nd Backup : They put a Forza Horizon 3 sticker on the train

Erna Winarni : *Prius Drivers Disliked the Video*

Patience Phala : flirting with death

YourCarBro : Time to make my own gymkhana video.

Samuel Holden : I feel so sorry for those tires

trap & Bass songs : I won't learn Ken block 😍😘

チャンス : Imagine trying to play tag with him

Arif Gül : Hastayım sana Ken Block

DomesticMango : Forza Horizon 3 Reppin it!!!

С В Е Т Л А Н А ♥ Р О М А Н Ч У К (Pelshinda) : *Красава!*

Lukaco GAMEPLAY : deslike e pra invejoso !! cara e bom e pronto!!

Dawixoek Kl : I have this car in forza horizon 4

Standard halt : And now first try please 🙃

Jack Blakemore : I am shit at this event in DiRT 3 haha

FarawayDragon94 : That was the most insane video I've ever seen

Abir Sheikh : I like that crazy guys

DJBATMANGOLD : What I wanna know is... Where's the bloooers...😏

Tman CoolBros : Holy hoonigan 34 mil views!?

Simon Luna : the only thing that makes more smoke than those tires are a civic owners vape pen

Севастополь Город-Герой : Очень круто!

Orkun Özyıldız : sonra sahibinden temiz ford sa.Das.Ds:AD (!)

1980orangeman : When your girlfriend invites you over for a 3 sum because her gorgeous mate is up for it..! 😂 😂 😂

r/wooo ooosh : All I can say is... AMAZING(like if you agree)

BlackPanthaa : Wibby Flibby

Mats Blockx : You ar verj naijs kar

Tech ramnad : What a racer

DJay : Lets not forget how many tries this needed

vlad123234 vladina : 3:23