Every Detail of Grand Central Terminal Explained | Architectural Digest

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X X : ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ! PLEASE DO - The Chrysler Building , The Empire State Building , The Woolworth Building , The Metropolitan Museum of Art , The Brooklyn Bridge , The Manhattan Bridge , The Williamsburg Bridge , The 59th Street Bridge , Rockefeller Center , Cooper Union , Columbia University , The Cathedral Of Saint John The Divine , in fact do all of New York and Brooklyn , in fact do anything you guys like , this was so smart and pleasurable , thank you ! GREAT VIDEO !

Swanee-Shore : This is great, ou should make more of these, and less of the celebrity homes :)

Greg Gonzalez : This was very informative and educational. Please do more like it!

NickT : Fantastic content! More please.

Arthur : Yes! Great idea for this video. More NYC

ThatNoiseFettyWapMakes : This was awesome - incredibly interesting! Definitely do more of these style videos for sure ^_^


BRYbeyblade : Damn do we still make cool buildings like this?

Toni Tait : This was such a wonderful and detailed video. I travel through Grand Central everyday, to and from the city, but I’ve never stopped to notice all these wonderful details besides the obvious ones. Now traveling through Grand Central will be a different experience for me.

TheReturnofStephan1 : Gorgeous! And to think, NYC was actually going to tear it down...SMDH.

MoreEvilGoogle : this one of the bests videos ever shared on this channel. Keep the moment!

poldi p : You did such a great work with that video! I loved watching every minute of it and learning so many new things about this grand architectural milestone!

Julian : Awesome video! I like that style of explaining everything I'd love to see more of this!

Tom Young : Please Please Please make more videos like this It was so disappointing searching the channel for similar content and only finding celebrity house tours.

thetruememeing : Huge shoutout to Onassis for preserving Grand Central ❤️. What happened to pen station was a tragedy and I couldn’t imagine NYC without grand central

Paul Lewis : Awesome building from a time when architects were true artists and knew exactly what they were doing creating places that were both beautiful and practical. Too bad U.S. billionaires of today lack the vision to back the "Rebuild Penn Station" project which would put right the city's greatest act of civil vandalism in it's history. Great video!

Guillaume Parola : HUMANITY needs more of these videos! Amazing. Thank you for this incredible journey!

Matias Lopez : ...so I live in Argentina little town. ..and I haven't money to go there. ..so thanks for sharing ☝😌

IamMissRuby : Yes! This is so great! I love when you can break apart something we already love and make us fall in love with it all over again!

Kay Jay : WE NEED MOREE! Brilliant video, cheers!

John C : Incredibly well done!!! Camera work and narration are superb. (Horrible to think that this glorious structure was nearly demolished!)

Gery A : And then we have ugly Penn station where we are recived as rats instead of with gradure.

loopylupin1130 : I've been commuting to grand central for almost 6 years and there was so much I didnt know! I no idea the Campbell Apartment was more than what you can see from the main concourse!

Clem Jay : Omg i love the video style! Keep em coming

chuck Suter : i love this, please make it a series. would love to hear about other stations like penn station Baltimore and just other landed historic buildings.

Rachael Clothier : It was my favourite place to go the last time I went to New York. I’m a bit jealous of the fancy bar in the station though. Only thing we have that comes close to that is those disposable wine bottles from Marks and Spencer’s...grrr

Vincent Michael Quinn : Wonderful! Thanks so much for this great tour of this great temple of transport!

Pat Patt : FABULOUS!!! So great to see it again, I'm in sunny California and used to travel to NY but don't get there so often now. I love the shops as well. The food market is the best!!! Thank you for such a great video.

Justice J. Srisuk : This is such an amazing video! Please let this be an ongoing series.

say123s : Do continue this series of videos with similar format..with different structures..architecture offers so much..only if we listen

Jonathan Jayakusuma : Speechless! A really great and informative video!

Joan Perzynka : Great content,v. intresting. subtitles please :)

Chris Tine : I really enjoyed this video! 👍🏻

obviously not : I loved this video!

chapyboy98 : Xoxo Gossip Girl

Smart Tech : GC's lack of bathrooms and place to sit is infuriating

Moriarty Vivaldi : Very well put together, I was in NYC a few years ago , this place is hard to forget.

pooch : Wooooow! Thank you for taking me to grand central!😍

Kevin Fournier : This is really an amazing video Went to NY something like 6 years ago, and this kind of thing makes me feel like I really need to escape from my little southern France city to visit it once again !

William Cook : Publix sh more videos like this one. It was superb.

Stephen Good : Watched this on a lark, but what a sweet video - the two narrators work really well together and it is really well filmed and mapped out. Great work.

Nicole Rowe : Thank you. Enjoyed this video.

msjuicy ツ : Been there so many times and never bothered to look up lol wow

jlelliotton : I can remember in the early 1980s when Vanderbilt Hall still had all the benches, though by that time the terminal was in bad shape and it was a place primarily for homeless people.

Joseph Cairns : Awesome video!

drewonfire : This was extremely interesting​. Stumbled across it, and really enjoyed it!

Mike Freeman : SO WELL DONE! What kind of camera? It's so smooth and beautiful!

Faithy Wray : I love this so much.

Rayool : Very cool! More please, will watch all

A D : It’s so, so sad they took down the original Penn Station