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DaymanOurSavior : UPDATE & tracklist below: Download link: https://mega.nz/#!GY4BRA7J!vFvv07PgDCa0kmAsZkZj9994O7FPz_3r1H2hpRw6S7w thanks for 50,000 plays btw holy fukkk. it's mind-blowing to me that so many of you guys have heard this Tracklist: DAFT PUNK - ‘Harder, Better Faster, Stronger’ FIFTH HARMONY ft. TY DOLLA $IGN - ‘Work From Home’ 009 SOUND SYSTEM - ‘Dreamscape’ THE WHITE STRIPES - ‘Seven Nation Army’ STRANGER THINGS OST - Main Theme LINKIN PARK - ‘In The End’ ARCTIC MONKEYS - ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ THE CHAINSMOKERS - ‘Closer’ GREEN DAY - ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ KERO KERO BONITO - ‘Flamingo’ MADEON & PORTER ROBINSON - ‘Shelter’ PARAPPA THE RAPPER 2 OST - ‘Toasty Buns’ JUSTIN BIEBER - ‘Sorry’ BRUNO MARS - ‘24K Magic’ BAKEMONOGATARI OST - ‘Renai Circulation’ CARAVAN PALACE - ‘Lone Digger’ RAE SREMMURD ft. GUCCI MANE - ‘Black Beatles’ DISTURBED - ‘Down With The Sickness’ PARAMORE - ‘Misery Business’ CORY IN THE HOUSE OST - Main Theme SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS OST - ‘When Worlds Collide’ BREAKBOT - ‘Baby I’m Yours’ FAR EAST MOVEMENT ft. THE CATARACS & DEV - ‘Like a G6’ MINECRAFT AWESOME PARODYS - ‘Welcome to My Mine’ MAJOR LAZER ft. MØ - ‘Lean On” OMFG - ‘Hello’ SKRILLEX - ‘Bangarang’ PANIC! AT THE DISCO - ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ GORILLAZ - ‘Clint Eastwood’ SNOOP DOGG ft. LIL’ JON - ‘Step Yo Game Up’ LMFAO - ‘Sexy and I Know It’ ERIC PRYDZ - ‘Miami to Atlanta (Pryda Snare)’ DJ KHALED ft. LUDACRIS, RICK ROSS, T-PAIN & SNOOP DOGG — ‘All I Do Is Win’ MADEON - ‘Finale’ BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY OST - Main Theme ROB $TONE ft. J. DAVIS & SPOOKS - ‘Chill Bill’ DANIELLE COHN - ‘Marylin Monroe’ EVANESCENCE - ‘Bring Me to Life (Wake Me Up Inside)’ MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS ft. WANZ - ‘Thrift Shop’ TOBUSCUS - ‘Nugget in a Biscuit’ UNDERTALE OST - ‘Megalovania’ SKRILLEX ft. KILL THE NOISE, FATMAN SCOOP & MICHAEL ANGELAKOS - ‘Recess’ JACOB SARTORIUS - ‘Sweatshirt’ PORTER ROBINSON - ‘Sad Machine’ JOJI - ‘Will He’ HOME - ‘Resonance’ EMINEM - ‘Lose Yourself’ WIZ KHALIFA ft. CHARLIE PUTH - ‘See You Again’ JONTRON - ‘Firework (Katy Perry Cover)’ CHILDISH GAMBINO - ‘Redbone’ OASIS - ‘Wonderwall’ TRISTAM & BRAKEN - ‘Flight’ PENDULUM - ‘Witchcraft’ DEATH GRIPS - ‘Takyon (Death Yon)’ QUAD CITY DJS - ‘Space Jam’ LAZYTOWN OST - ‘We Are Number One’ COLDPLAY - ‘Viva La Vida’ BENNY BENASSI ft. GARY GO - ‘Cinema (Skrillex Remix)’ A-HA - ‘Take On Me’ HE-MAN - ‘HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA’ XXXTENTACION - ‘Look At Me’ OUTKAST - ‘Hey Ya’ BIG SHAQ - ‘Man’s Not Hot (The Ting Goes Skraa)’ μ’S - ‘Snow Halation’ INTIAL D OST - ‘Running in the 90’s’ BAG RAIDERS - ‘Shooting Stars’ KNIFE PARTY - ‘Internet Friends’ M83 - ‘Midnight City’ FOSTER THE PEOPLE - ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ CARLY RAE JEPSEN - ‘Call Me Maybe’ RICK ASTLEY - ‘Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Roll)’ PASSION PIT - ‘Sleepyhead’ OWL CITY - ‘Fireflies’ SIMPLE PLAN - ‘Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)’ STEVEN UNIVERSE OST - ‘Stronger Than You’ TOMPPABEATS - ‘Monday Loop’ SMASH MOUTH - ‘All Star’

TheDotGamer GD : Imagine trying to explain this to a historian in the year 2500

Exploding_Piggie303 : *watches youtube rewind 2018 *sees how bad it is *comes back to a superior mash-up

Raito San : “how many songs do you want to combine?” *_”yes”_*

somebodythatyouUsedtoknow : Mom: What are you listening to son? Me: *hands headphones to mom* Mom: *silenced in amazement* Dad: What are you listening to there hun? Mom: *hands headphones to dad* Dad: *silenced in amazement* Sister: What are you listening to daddy? Dad: *hands headphones to sister* Sister: *silenced in amazement* Dog: *bark* Sister: *hands headphones to dog* Dog: *turns into John Wick*

FoxxToy : W Wh Who Who i Who is Who is w Who is wa Who is wat Who is watc Who is watch Who is watchi Who is watchin Who is watching Who is watching i Who is watching in Who is watching in n Who is watching in no Who is watching in nov Who is watching in nove Who is watching in novem Who is watching in novemb Who is watching in november Who is watching in november 2 Who is watching in november 20 Who is watching in november 201 Who is watching in november 2018 Who is watching in november 2018? Who is watching in november 2018 Who is watching in november 201 Who is watching in november 20 Who is watching in november 2 Who is watching in november Who is watching in novemb Who is watching in novem Who is watching in nove Who is watching in nov Who is watching in no Who is watching in n Who is watching in Who is watching i Who is watching Who is watchin Who is watchi Who is watch Who is watc Who is wat Who is wa Who is w Who is Who i Who Wh W

Dabbi GZ TM : How Youtube rewind needed to be

Haacker Gaming : So, this is what they mean when they say your life flashes before your eyes.

mick S P O O K Y squirrel : This is why I hate article 13. This great mashup of musical genius will be taken down... at least in Europe.

The Red Robber : Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event ever Me: what about this

SovietSandvich : Me: watches Dad: Son why are you crying so damn hard!?

Justin Y. : This is the youtube rewind of music memes

T R E V O R : Don't worry everyone, You came to the right place! This is the better youtube rewind of 2018.

TPRCRG : why do we need youtube rewind, when we have this?

Daily Cheesy Facts : Wanna learn of our past? Yes. *Shows Video*

TheWishMakerツ : R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg... You will be missed...

OddSauce : even the terrible stuff is good what how did you do this

Zeninji -D : Google AI used math to make the best possible song ever.

Jaketendo TM : This song gave my ear a boner

Jm_YT : Just came from the 2018 rewind. This is so much better

Kybro Is still here : We should start a petition for next year to add a meme rewind that’s what keeps me coming back to YouTube each day

Cosmodore : lmao just played this at my funeral

awkward melon : Future generations are gonna need a whole new Rosetta Stone for this video

Akiimeii Hoseki : Petition to make this the new US anthem

SwagSheepNEO : I like how it's actually good

tall.nervous.boii. 420 : If i showed this to my dad it would take literal weeks to explain because each one of these clips requires a 10 year+ chart explaining pop culture at the time and why its funny. I just imagine historians finding this and not understanding at all

Cami Currao : This Is super great for a YouTube rewind song!

BroncoNation : Why tf does this feel like YouTube rewind

AP soft : This needs to be on spotify


Matthew Sirju : So much better than Youtube Rewind 2018

Marlos Catos : *The ultimate Youtube experience*

Blockbuster Antarctica : Better than YouTube rewind 2018

Xthebite lol : 5:25 is when it starts pumping up ❤💛💚💙💜

none21 : If the theory of everything was a song.

AKrustyBoi : As long as this video is remembered for generations, I am happy

Ya Boi crying seal : Person: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: Uh, yes

TrollenKostetExtraLP : Better than the rewind... But everything is better than rewind...

James : Listen to this every day and get chills. My only question is what is the significance of the Columbine clips? Have something to do with the Pumped Up Kicks song?

Retek : 0:34 these soldiers died in the meme war

Lord : Mom: hey son what are you watching Me: yes

Christian Stout : *_I'd say there's potential._*

Tonny : 1:45 TikTok music... before tiktok

Xthebite lol : 4:00 is when it all starts again ❤💛💚💙💜

zomber killerz : How are we gonna explain ourselves in the future?

Nexolite : bro this should have been youtube rewind 2017

Hanakin Sidewalker : This was actually fantastic to watch. I didn’t get bored once!

K Tube : My battery has been at 69 percent for nine minutes

Christopher Miller Starheim : "What song are you listening to?" "Yes"

Nicolas Fragoso : Give this man a medal