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DaymanOurSavior : UPDATE & tracklist below: Download link: https://mega.nz/#!GY4BRA7J!vFvv07PgDCa0kmAsZkZj9994O7FPz_3r1H2hpRw6S7w thanks for 50,000 plays btw holy fukkk. it's mind-blowing to me that so many of you guys have heard this Tracklist: DAFT PUNK - ‘Harder, Better Faster, Stronger’ FIFTH HARMONY ft. TY DOLLA $IGN - ‘Work From Home’ 009 SOUND SYSTEM - ‘Dreamscape’ THE WHITE STRIPES - ‘Seven Nation Army’ STRANGER THINGS OST - Main Theme LINKIN PARK - ‘In The End’ ARCTIC MONKEYS - ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ THE CHAINSMOKERS - ‘Closer’ GREEN DAY - ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ KERO KERO BONITO - ‘Flamingo’ MADEON & PORTER ROBINSON - ‘Shelter’ PARAPPA THE RAPPER 2 OST - ‘Toasty Buns’ JUSTIN BIEBER - ‘Sorry’ BRUNO MARS - ‘24K Magic’ BAKEMONOGATARI OST - ‘Renai Circulation’ CARAVAN PALACE - ‘Lone Digger’ RAE SREMMURD ft. GUCCI MANE - ‘Black Beatles’ DISTURBED - ‘Down With The Sickness’ PARAMORE - ‘Misery Business’ CORY IN THE HOUSE OST - Main Theme SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS OST - ‘When Worlds Collide’ BREAKBOT - ‘Baby I’m Yours’ FAR EAST MOVEMENT ft. THE CATARACS & DEV - ‘Like a G6’ MINECRAFT AWESOME PARODYS - ‘Welcome to My Mine’ MAJOR LAZER ft. MØ - ‘Lean On” OMFG - ‘Hello’ SKRILLEX - ‘Bangarang’ PANIC! AT THE DISCO - ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ GORILLAZ - ‘Clint Eastwood’ SNOOP DOGG ft. LIL’ JON - ‘Step Yo Game Up’ LMFAO - ‘Sexy and I Know It’ ERIC PRYDZ - ‘Miami to Atlanta (Pryda Snare)’ DJ KHALED ft. LUDACRIS, RICK ROSS, T-PAIN & SNOOP DOGG — ‘All I Do Is Win’ MADEON - ‘Finale’ BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY OST - Main Theme ROB $TONE ft. J. DAVIS & SPOOKS - ‘Chill Bill’ DANIELLE COHN - ‘Marylin Monroe’ EVANESCENCE - ‘Bring Me to Life (Wake Me Up Inside)’ MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS ft. WANZ - ‘Thrift Shop’ TOBUSCUS - ‘Nugget in a Biscuit’ UNDERTALE OST - ‘Megalovania’ SKRILLEX ft. KILL THE NOISE, FATMAN SCOOP & MICHAEL ANGELAKOS - ‘Recess’ JACOB SARTORIUS - ‘Sweatshirt’ PORTER ROBINSON - ‘Sad Machine’ JOJI - ‘Will He’ HOME - ‘Resonance’ EMINEM - ‘Lose Yourself’ WIZ KHALIFA ft. CHARLIE PUTH - ‘See You Again’ JONTRON - ‘Firework (Katy Perry Cover)’ CHILDISH GAMBINO - ‘Redbone’ OASIS - ‘Wonderwall’ TRISTAM & BRAKEN - ‘Flight’ PENDULUM - ‘Witchcraft’ DEATH GRIPS - ‘Takyon (Death Yon)’ QUAD CITY DJS - ‘Space Jam’ LAZYTOWN OST - ‘We Are Number One’ COLDPLAY - ‘Viva La Vida’ BENNY BENASSI ft. GARY GO - ‘Cinema (Skrillex Remix)’ A-HA - ‘Take On Me’ HE-MAN - ‘HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA’ XXXTENTACION - ‘Look At Me’ OUTKAST - ‘Hey Ya’ BIG SHAQ - ‘Man’s Not Hot (The Ting Goes Skraa)’ μ’S - ‘Snow Halation’ INTIAL D OST - ‘Running in the 90’s’ BAG RAIDERS - ‘Shooting Stars’ KNIFE PARTY - ‘Internet Friends’ M83 - ‘Midnight City’ FOSTER THE PEOPLE - ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ CARLY RAE JEPSEN - ‘Call Me Maybe’ RICK ASTLEY - ‘Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Roll)’ PASSION PIT - ‘Sleepyhead’ OWL CITY - ‘Fireflies’ SIMPLE PLAN - ‘Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)’ STEVEN UNIVERSE OST - ‘Stronger Than You’ TOMPPABEATS - ‘Monday Loop’ SMASH MOUTH - ‘All Star’

Marlos Catos : *The ultimate Youtube experience*

Ya Boi crying seal : Person: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: Uh, yes

brushburk : Did the best I could to make this Work from home 0:00 -0:09 0:53 -1:17 7:45-8:02 Harder, better faster stronger 0:01 - 0:53 7 nation army 0:09 - 0:18 0:35 - 1:07 In the end 0:17 - 0:18 9:07-9:09 Boulevard of broken dreams 0:18 - 0:35 0:51-0:52 4:50-4:58 8:38-8:50 Do I wanna know 0:32 - 0:53 Flamingo 0:35 - 0:52 1:27-1:35 8:11-8:19 8:38-8:53 Shelter 0:53-1:18 8:02-8:11 Toasty buns 1:08-1:18 Renai circulation 1:19-1:27 24K Magic 1:17-1:18 1:52 Black Beatles 1:19-1:34 Down with the sickness 1:26 1:44 Line digger 1:20-1:34 Cory in the house 1:35 When worlds collide 1:36-1:51 Baby I'm yours 1:45-1:52 Like a G6 1:52 2:01-2:02 2:10-2:11 Welcome to my mine 1:52-2:10 Lean on 1:54-2:27 Bangarang 2:02-3:03 Clint Eastwood 2:28-2:36 5:20-5:22 I write sins not tragedies 2:27 Sexy and I know it 2:36 Step yo game up 2:37-2:45 Miami to Atlanta 2:42-2:45 All I do is win 2:45-2:48 Bill nye 2:48-2:51 Chill bill 2:51-2:55 Marylin monroe 2:53 Finale 2:47-3:03 3:13-3:20 Bring me to life 2:54-3:04 Thrift shop 3:03-3:12 Nugget in a biscuit 3:03-3:21 Megalovania 3:03-3:21 PlayStation allstars intro 3:12-3:21 Recess 3:21-3:39 Sweatshirt 3:29-3:38 8:19-8:38 Sad machine 3:38-3:56 8:55-9:11 Will he 3:47-3:55 Resonance 3:56-5:00 Lose it 3:56-4:15 See you again 4:16-4:37 Firework 3:47-4:59 5:22-5:43 7:37-7:44 Wonderwall 5:00-5:21 Redbone 4:48-5:00 Flight 5:06-5:21 Witchcraft 5:22-5:44 Closer 5:01-5:21 Space jam 5:33-5:41 Takyon 5:35-5:54 6:18-6:23 We are number one 5:49 5:55 5:59-6:04 6:25 Viva la vida 5:54-6:06 Cinema 5:55-6:06 Take on me 6:07-7:17 HEYYEYAAAYEY 6:11-6:27 Look at me 6:28 Hey ya 6:28-6:34 6:40-6:45 7:01-7:07 7:10-7:15 Mans not hot 6:35-6:40 Snow halation 6:45-7:22 Running a in the 90s 7:18-7:36 Shooting stars 7:24-7:26 Internet friends 7:36-7:37 Midnight city 7:41-8:11 Pumped up kicks 7:53-8:11 Call me maybe 8:07-8:09 Never gonna give you up 8:09-8:11 Sorry 8:11-8:19 Fireflies 8:46-8:50 How could this happen to me 8:53-9:04 All star 8:54-9:11 Stronger than you 8:58 If anyone want to clean it up then claim it as their own go for it

Creative_Cortez : This isn’t just a meme anymore, it’s ART. But I guess all memes are art tbh

Krzysztof K. : What do you listen to? *E V E R Y T H I N G*

OddSauce : even the terrible stuff is good what how did you do this

M4li365 : How it feels to chew five gum

CannedMemes : why can't youtube rewind be like this

Krzysztof K. : You know you spend too much time on YouTube when you know almost every song in this mashup

Alastair Hadlow : The only things I think you missed were Caramel Dancing and Spooky Scary Skeletons. But aside from that, this is Godly.

Lee Henry : We saw this before it got millions of views

Płyn do mycia naczyń Ludwik : *My whole life in one video*

Obey Dem Neps : Everyone is getting likes so i will say something like worthy. Yeet

Dimas Dimas : feel like im a time adventurer

Gabe Rosenblatt : This is the man who should've edited Youtube Rewind.

Cami Currao : This Is super great for a YouTube rewind song!

Frank : No tunak, no like

Giovanni Arcieri : This is proof that God is dead and it's awesome.

Creative_Cortez : This is just.... Something you can’t explain

Michael Trashington : Even those old ass memes omg

Lee Henry : Goosbumps at 5:43

Puddler : God damn, can you imagine editing all this? I'd kms after 4 minutes

Gregork! : I like how it brings together all the meme community’s together..

smuggrandpa : the cancer is on point The mash up no one knew they needed but once came out we all knew it was god

Shrek Cena : "I only listen to real music"

FlyingYak ________________ : Always ends too soon 😭

击ieromancee : I saw panic and gorillaz and realized so much—

Astral_Ink : ik its memes, but it sounds really good

Ugandan's inWheelchairs : Your move Silva.


Qwez : Hey atleast this is better than YouTube Rewind 2017

JazerGaming : This is Too Good to Be True Right? Anyone!

All things otaku : YouTube in a nutshell, except it's not 10 minutes long.

Mr THERUSSIANPANDA7 : 11PM: Maybe one more video 4AM:

Doge546 : Is this pure LSD?

Electro-Anims : Better than Youtube Rewind 2017

norpY : Youtube Rewind 2018

Fabian Films : BEAUTIFUL!

Mwerpso Lot : “What song do you think describes your generation?” Me:

RedRiley89 : This song should be in YouTube Rewind 2019😂

FlyingYak ________________ : I don’t like all the music, but goddamn, is this well made

Cryptic Future : WEN NEED MORE

Maurin 8 : OMG i love this !!! there is everything in this mashup, it's just like the national atheme of youtube, this is dope keep it up !!!!!

WaitWhoAreYouAgain? : I spot Nico

The real Burnard : U forgot to be continued the Wii song and coconut mall but the rest was perfect

Jeremiasz Szymanski : This should've been on YouTube rewind!

SteaMonkey : That transition form Wonderwall to Firework to Takyon is orgasmic

Adrian Alberto Ceja : Am I the only one who unironicaly listens to this on a daily basis?

Blu_Boo : 0:34 0:54 anyone know what that flute song is pleeease tell me!