Ueli Steck RECORD EIGER 2008

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mrbump28 : Still the most inspirational video I've ever seen. "You gotta keep moving, having progress in your life - that's all about" RIP Ueli

Oliver C : The small amount of frozen snow on the mountain is so slippery that any moment it could be death. People who do this kind of climbing are no ordinary men and women. Like a spider he kept moving on and on, mind blowing.

Dustin Lawrence : A true hero. Rest In Peace.

Shari Meads : The music to this gives me goose bumps!

Willie Njuguna : Everyday courageously staring at the stern face of death.RIP.Truly inspired...from Kenya

Flash Bang : my favorite Ueli video. Rest in Peace my friend. May you climb ever higher till you reach the Heavens.

artemvas : What an amazing individual. RIP you will be sorely missed

Julian Herbert : Truly an awe inspiring person. He will live on through the inspiration he gives all the people that are motivated by his accomplishments.

Deivison Silva : R.I.P

pagamenews : Welcome home Ueli.

John : man i am speechless, the way he climbed the mountain as if it was just a walk in the park

Chao You : R.I.P welcome home

andrew feenan : Sleep easy

Santi Pérez : Admiración máxima. Hasta siempre

John Medinger : R.I.P. Ueli. You were one of a kind.

Debayan Chatterjee : Kukuzckas and Uelis never die. Never ever.

李瀚明 : 4:16 The Best Smile I've ever seen.

Larrypint : Ueli, Ruhe in Frieden.

Zach Andersson : Legends get remembered but kings never die they just grow wings and they fly . R.I.P

Hélder Costa : Does anybody knows what is music is playing on the background?

Sarah Cottingham : Will miss following your adventures, inspirational man RIP Ueli xxx

Bev's Fitness : Incredible human being! Such an achiever! RIP Ueli. X

Mirco Cinelli : <3 =( RIP i hope you can climb the sky <3

Antonio Giuseppe Pititto : we will not forget you

Dan Maltby : Thank you Ueli for showing us what can be done, RIP brother !

David DAB : sad day, amazing person, amazing athlete. rip

China Usen : R.I.P Ueli Steck- the best rock climber in the world

Fei Wang : RIP

SharpBalisong : Ever rest in peace. :(

Sara : RIP :(

Keith Davidson : R.I.P..

Zihe Gao : Thank you, Ueli, for inspiring us.

Norbert Honzak : R.I.P.

Abel14455 : Rest in peace

Joseph Fletcher : True legends get remembered!

exploreryen : RIP

Владимир 34 : фантастика...

David DAB : this bought me here. old video but still amazes me! :-) https://youtu.be/_a0X9rdJ7hc

Matthew Allen : RIP

DOSEDcoUK : still so sad to know i wont watch steck do more of this.... but so glad this guy went and did more amazing shit in his short life than most could dream of. never stops inspiring me, what a beautiful person

Eric Huang : Who is still watching this video?

Rokko : 2008 M8 don’t be l8 cause you are gr8! R.I.P.

Kristian Kansy : Best speed climber ever ! R.I.P

Michael Occulto : So much respect for this man! RIP always! Wish I could have met you.

CarlPeligroTheThird : Does anybody know how much elevation he gained from 2:14 - 3:20? Regardless, it would have killed me at that speed

Scott Demoss : You were amazing. The reason I got back into climbing. Thank you for all the memories and inspiration. Rest easy my friend.

Isma El : What's the name of the second song?

Tom Thistlethwaite : Rest in peace Ueli. You really inspired me. It broke my heart when you died. Rest easy friend.

Z Rjr : A truly Hero and inspirational Man , his passion never be forgotten . Only the brave can demonstrate this. Hope more millennials will follows his legacy. Thank you Ueli!

Vincent Krause : The Video that inspired me To Start ice Climbing and mountaineerig! R.I.P Ueli :( you were such an Inspiration!