Forging a Great Sword, the complete movie.
Talented blacksmith forges a Great Sword the complete movie

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Forging a Great Sword, the complete movie. for custom orders:


vincent vini : Bravo 👏 ! Magnifique épée 🤺 avec lame 🔪 Damas !!! 😉 !...

John Pugh : I can't be the only one who finds something almost hypnotically relaxing about watching a work of art come to life like this. No music, no commentary, just the smith and his work.

mrscary3105 : I love your videos and your straighting vice is a brilliant idea.

Arthurxxxx : Hail Brazil! Just amazing! great job!

Gray Blackhelm : Love your technique and skill, but this ain’t a Greatsword. This is just a longsword, my friend. A greatsword measures “at least as long as the body of the wielder”. Total length is generally over five feet. Hilt is a little more than a foot long. Guard is as long as the hilt. Greatsword guards usually feature rings on each flat- normally half as large as guard, and centered with blade. The blade itself is- in my experience- six millimeters thick, and maybe two inches broad, with minimal taper to the point. Just above the guard (perhaps four to eight inches) there are secondary guards (often called “horns” or “lugs”), covering an entirely unground section referred to as the ricasso. The Ricasso is often wrapped in leather to make it more comfortable for the man swinging it round. Greatswords do have pommels- those bits of metal at the end of the handle- and these are shaped depending on preference. So, yeah. I guess... either change the name of the video to “Longsword”, or just make a Greatsword, I guess. Or if you do end up making a “true” Greatsword, I’ll subscribe. Get several friends to. So... yeah. There it is, I guess.

Mike OBryan : Absolutely beautiful. I love the design, so simple but elegant, color is amazing. Bravo!

Doug Dickerson : Wow. Your awesome at that. Great workmanship, beautiful quality work.

Dimitri Keller : That is awesome workmanship +artistry!!! I love your Videos! They bring me a bit of serenity and peace! Keep doing what you doing! I just wish I could afford 1or 2 of your creations!!

Stealth BOSS101 : That's such a good looking sword, nice job.

Ken Rutherford : Fantastic, a true artist. Very skilled and precise. The finished Sword is Unique.

sidney laimbeer : Just wonderfull,you are a genius! Thank you.

MARCOS VAS : Aço valeriano kkkkk lembrei de GOT!!!

Stephen Wagar : Amazing , Just Amazing

Peter Fischer : I have watched Alec Steele lately also, and I just had to get back to you to see some solid skills again. Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing that.

Paulus Von Bochen : Your skills are simply unbelievable! Great, excellent, awesome work! Level: Master! :) I want all these swords ;)

cosmicdust : My friend, I just found you, and you do incredible work. Subbed! Peace

Gustavo Ferreira : Alguém me explica o que é esse pó que ele joga toda na lâmina? E esse traje com máscara?? Abs Tirando isso... Top o vídeo e a espada.

Kryo Genik : One of my absolute favorite blacksmiths to follow and watch. Thank you for the videos

John Rideout : Freerk Wieringa, I must ask.....What would this set sell for? I enjoyed the video and fell in love with the work done. GREAT JOB !

crazywackyyo : I love the work! You're an amazing craftsman. Have to ask, what's going on with the robots?

Manu acav : Manuacav Super travail. Amazing best man, super work. Please more more videos. Salute you from south Portugal.

Bill's videos and shares : Wow! Amazing, beautiful craftsmanship! I'd love to have something like this...

Apollo Creed : What a guy .... what an extra ordinary work,, i cant believe,, it is really a great sword, i want to know about this guy,

Essex Mirage Knives : Stunning build and an honest uncomplicated video many thanks Great inspiration

Talip Ucar : You can get beautiful patterns.Not every patterned steel is "Damascus". Cast iron may have become. No carbon measurements in steel. "Damascus" carbon ratio should not exceed 2.1%. Otherwise it becomes very fragile.

Tank Owen McCallum : Yeah I agree with the dude below I love how this dude is just straight to the point No Nonsense. Amazing craftsmanship brother

Andrew Hulten : Totally enjoyed watching this video, subscribed. It was odd to see my hands when you took your gloves off! I too work with my hands as a craftsman, I could be mistaken for you if my hair was as long and same beard. Scandinavian no doubt.

iESN-Lou O : You deserve WAY more subs. I love your "complete movie" videos. I've binge watched so much of your stuff now lol. Between you and Alec Steel I get all the forging videos I could ever need!

His Royal Pimpness, Isaac Alcala : For those of you who say this isn't a greatsword: HOW? That is a GREAT FUCKING SWORD! great aesthetic, great craftsmanship etc.

BitteNichtSoLaut : Big greetings from Germany, this Sword ist realy wonderfull, and the Witcher 3 Sword too. I like the old Art of Forging. thx 👍👍👍

gocopss : You have some great talent and I appreciate you putting the long videos. Not being sarcastic either, sometimes I like to see everything. I will skip around sometimes. Thank you. Also what steels do you use? if you don't mind answering.

bollesan : Wonderful project!!!!! You are Great, thank you for the video.

Jose Acyr Cristo : Trabalho de mestre... Perfeitamente esmerado, espada digna de um grande Rei... Incrível...

giulia c. : this video was truly amazing, thank you very much for sharing it! Would you consider also making a video of the forging of a 17th century swept hilt rapier?

JOHN T FITZWATER : I think the work was outstanding and the video was wondering, the question I have is, how much would a project like that cost on completion?

KrustyBarnacle : magnificent but at that length that is a longsword

Slim Hammami : u do great job, i propose to make katana...japense katana! :)

Ashlie Sanders : Sword of Dawn is my absolute favorite, this one is in the top five...absolutely beautiful work from a true master blacksmith.

Artezão Tec : Ótimo Trabalho. PARABÉNS.

Tim Barter Sr. : Your videos just keep getting better and better. Thank you for adding quality to the internet and not fluff.

Carl Weathers : When did he get that crazy respirator?

wols wildcamping : A stunning piece of work, thank you for sharing.

Will G : The complete package! What a beautiful work from start to finish.

Krypt Onite : This is beautiful. Fantastic work

el faqiir : Freak wiringa you are so cold

fiX erRors. : I think the best part is 0:01 to 1:07:43

patrick savoie : Hello! what is the powder he puts on the steel before shaping it? And you work really well! your blades are amazing!

Josh Landis : Absolutely amazing!

SANDRO BRANDIÃO : Amazing work, congratulations!