Forging a Great Sword, the complete movie.

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see fish : I love the minimalist but focused production of these videos. No over the top personality, music, or cheesy graphics. Just let's the craftsmanship speak for itself.

vincent vini : Bravo 👏 ! Magnifique épée 🤺 avec lame 🔪 Damas !!! 😉 !...

José Manuel : bravo bravo bravisimo

Ares : needs some commentary or at least some youtube comments

KrustyBarnacle : magnificent but at that length that is a longsword

mr. Marcos Gamer : Aço valeriano kkkkk lembrei de GOT!!!

ياسر ابو عاذرة : Fantastic video but what is the powder that added after heating iron?

Robert S-si : Красавчик 👌

Komarith Soth : It look like a templar' s sword, it' s only my opinion. Not bad. A cruisader's blade.

mrscary3105 : I love your videos and your straighting vice is a brilliant idea.

Fernando Jimenez : Que eres suizo lo creo por apellido

Stephen Wagar : Amazing , Just Amazing

Fernando Jimenez : I. Trabajo mas k sobresaliente además tienes un taller impresionante tus máquinas y utensilios valen una fortuna te felicito

Carl Weathers : When did he get that crazy respirator?

Apollo Creed : What a guy .... what an extra ordinary work,, i cant believe,, it is really a great sword, i want to know about this guy,

Vizual Racing : You deserve WAY more subs. I love your "complete movie" videos. I've binge watched so much of your stuff now lol. Between you and Alec Steel I get all the forging videos I could ever need!

Bruce Kirk : SKÓL..what's great aboot this is you could take a guy from 1000 years ago into this shop and he feel right at home and turn out a sword

domsau2 : What is it at 2:12, please?

gocopss : You have some great talent and I appreciate you putting the long videos. Not being sarcastic either, sometimes I like to see everything. I will skip around sometimes. Thank you. Also what steels do you use? if you don't mind answering.

MengLeang12345 MengLeang12345 : MengLeang

Tonio Mendoza : damn nice work!

Kryo Genik : One of my absolute favorite blacksmiths to follow and watch. Thank you for the videos

ramazan bayram : The best blacksmith!

cjcar63 : Truly a work of art. But at the same time you get a real sense of the utilitarian aspect of the piece. This is a sword you could imagine being carried into battle many times.

Ritchie Maestro : Excellent..!

LDS SG : Fantastic work!

Nathan Kapfo : Now go wash your face ,rub your nose and cut you beard..😂😂😂

Белогоръ Ѩ : Благодарю!

Mahmoud M Sds : جيد جدا استاذ وفنان مبدع

Dimitri Keller : That is awesome workmanship +artistry!!! I love your Videos! They bring me a bit of serenity and peace! Keep doing what you doing! I just wish I could afford 1or 2 of your creations!!

Potter Seven : How is that a greatsword?! That is pretty obviously a longsword. The length only comes up to his ribs, and too wide for an authentic greatsword. But it's a pretty good longsword.

fiX erRors. : I think the best part is 0:01 to 1:07:43

Дима Кубик : Сделайте меч Крестоносцев

FRANCISCO CARVALHO : Linda espada oi Brasil

David's workshop : How much for a 1095 sword like this

George Morgan : Nice, I love the double fullers and the scabbard is beautiful, tell the truth this is not your first sword is it?

Peter de Vries : Beautiful job 😍

SliceyMcBreadmaker : That thing's a work of goddamn art, lad, but I wouldn't quite call it a Greatsword.. a Great Sword, yes, but not a Greatsword, it seems too short!

Harshhaze . : What I see from the editing: Blade: 10% Everything else: 40% Fit and Finish: 50% TLC: 100% Beautiful blade. I'd defiantly make this a decorative piece since I wouldn't want to ruin any part of the sword

جمال 07832882556 الحساني : روعة

Robert Ferguson : Very beautiful work! However, if your hands were covered in the blood and gore of combat wouldn't that handle be kind of slippery?

Иван Евсигнеев : How much is? I would buy!

MrNategeo : subscribed! Alec Steele only puts up 10 min videos these days, i love the long videos! thanks!

placid renegade : Off the scale craftsmanship! YouTubes finest channel.

Old Mill-OM : Привет! Прекрасная работа и мощное изделие! Почём такой мечик?

GeninTengu : These videos are awesome.

김정환 : wow. y are the best.

PlaysWithBlades : I love wide blade swords with a mild point like that!

warthug : Wow!!!

Komarith Soth : Thanks for uploading, it was very interesting.