Forging a Great Sword, the complete movie.

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see fish : I love the minimalist but focused production of these videos. No over the top personality, music, or cheesy graphics. Just let's the craftsmanship speak for itself.

mrscary3105 : I love your videos and your straighting vice is a brilliant idea.

gocopss : You have some great talent and I appreciate you putting the long videos. Not being sarcastic either, sometimes I like to see everything. I will skip around sometimes. Thank you. Also what steels do you use? if you don't mind answering.

Stephen Wagar : Amazing , Just Amazing

iESN-Lou O : You deserve WAY more subs. I love your "complete movie" videos. I've binge watched so much of your stuff now lol. Between you and Alec Steel I get all the forging videos I could ever need!

David's workshop : How much for a 1095 sword like this

Mahmoud M Sds : جيد جدا استاذ وفنان مبدع

Bruce Kirk : SKÓL..what's great aboot this is you could take a guy from 1000 years ago into this shop and he feel right at home and turn out a sword

Old Mill-OM : Привет! Прекрасная работа и мощное изделие! Почём такой мечик?

Kryo Genik : One of my absolute favorite blacksmiths to follow and watch. Thank you for the videos

Белогоръ Ѩ : Благодарю!

MrNategeo : subscribed! Alec Steele only puts up 10 min videos these days, i love the long videos! thanks!

placid renegade : Off the scale craftsmanship! YouTubes finest channel.

George Morgan : Nice, I love the double fullers and the scabbard is beautiful, tell the truth this is not your first sword is it?

ramazan bayram : The best blacksmith!

Potter Seven : How is that a greatsword?! That is pretty obviously a longsword. The length only comes up to his ribs, and too wide for an authentic greatsword. But it's a pretty good longsword.

LDS SG : Fantastic work!

Dimitri Keller : That is awesome workmanship +artistry!!! I love your Videos! They bring me a bit of serenity and peace! Keep doing what you doing! I just wish I could afford 1or 2 of your creations!!

Robert Ferguson : Very beautiful work! However, if your hands were covered in the blood and gore of combat wouldn't that handle be kind of slippery?

Harsh haze : What I see from the editing: Blade: 10% Everything else: 40% Fit and Finish: 50% TLC: 100% Beautiful blade. I'd defiantly make this a decorative piece since I wouldn't want to ruin any part of the sword

Дима Кубик : Сделайте меч Крестоносцев

PlaysWithBlades : I love wide blade swords with a mild point like that!

GeninTengu : These videos are awesome.

Peter de Vries : Beautiful job 😍

김정환 : wow. y are the best.

warthug : Wow!!!

Sajith Sajith : Hi friend very good job

Nguyễn Trường Sơn : Wow

Олег Добрыднев : БРАВО! Мастеру!

Ami G : Thanks for the videos FW. Can I ask two beginner questions -- what is the white powder you are shaking onto the piece at the start, and why did you choose to layer it 4 times?

Haidar Saadi : جيد جدا وخبير لكن نسى شيئا هو فوق اليد او القبضة لم يثبتها وفي حال ضربة قوية تكسر المقبض الخشبي وينزل على اليد ..

gatewaymofreight : Great true craft of the trade! Beautiful work. Modern machining, think of fielding a army having to do everything by hand! There must have been a bunch of iron workers forging long ago for a kingdom.

Dave Verster : Craftmanship of the highest artificial casting or pressing in a machine! Fantastic!

مليش غيرك يارب الصبرمفتاح الفرج : 💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Vlad Hunter : Работа хорошая, набор оборудования солидный. Мастер на высоте. Но есть непонятки: 1) - у второй половинки ножен не было видно кожаной подкладки (может она "чулком"? но первую отчетливо видно, как проклеивали кожу лицом вверх); 2) А где крепёж ножен? Как их подвешивать? Как носить такой меч? Только в сувенирном/музейном хранении...

Antonio De Luca : Sei Un Genio, caro mio. Bravissimoooooooooooo

Ares : needs some commentary or at least some youtube comments

Marco Giovanni Marchi : The best!

Will Smith : Greatness

Superpino Apolinario : O cara e bom queria eu pode comprar uma desta feita pela mão deste mestre

Rido Putra : Yuqr

SliceyMcBreadmaker : That thing's a work of goddamn art, lad, but I wouldn't quite call it a Greatsword.. a Great Sword, yes, but not a Greatsword, it seems too short!

Jailson silva : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Debz Syarifudin : Keren banget Om freerk... Bisa jadi inspirasi nih buat orang seperti sy yg tgl di Indonesia

Trevor Morris : Terrific video not spoilt by useless music or commentary

Chris Clark : Beautiful work!

Jeremy Cohn : Awesome video! How did you make/get the spring swage that you used to forge the fullers and cross section? I've been struggling to hand bevel for the longest time and you have an awesome solution!

جميل Jamil : 👱💀

Gabe S : Magnificent

Doug Dickerson : Wow. Your awesome at that. Great workmanship, beautiful quality work.