Damn look at that...
Damn look at that

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octo the alien : I love this because of a certain amount of innocence in his voice This man's just living his life wanting those tacos

Randomed : I think the guy with the Lamborghini came for getting some tacos.

Stanley Marak : Glad to see that we got our priorities straight

Richie Garcia : Man i wish i posted this at a good time to get upvoted RIP front page

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE : I was really hoping a car crashed into it, that would be amazing.

Noé Vo : You know this boy got his free taco

Grenadith : me_irl

atropa : Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, free tacos... ...wait, is that a Lambo? Eh, who cares.

Mr. Sunny G : Why can't we have both? 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

will nut : P L O T T W I S T

Tracy B : Thank you EpicDonutDude for Putting this saying and a Lamborghini Aventador onto this playlist!

Jon Landauer : #justuiucthings

Buns Crapters : *YOU KNOW YOU BOY...*

AReallyAwesomeGuy117 : Why does it look like there's bread loafs stuck in the wheels

Keegan Lahley : Did somebody say? “*f r e e t a c o ‘ s ?*”

PHAT : Man what a time to be alive free tacos

Peyton Lutz : Fre Shavacado

Alex Floquet : Ayy you know dis boi got his free taco

Vlad Dascaliuc : You can get tacos but you can't get Ghini. So Tacos > Ghini.

Jesus Christ : This belongs on the important videos playlist.

Mino Assal : RIP car guys ... me included

RavenShorts : Ayyyo you know your boys got his free taco

Raw and Uncensored : Yet he doesn't see the sweet ass Volkswagon right in front of him? Tisk tisk. #Volkswagonownslamborghini.

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we please post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

RedShield Entertainment : I got a free taco from Taco Time on national taco day.

Fo Ren G : Kinda sounds like Demetri Martin

Axl the reploid which he's not a prototype : I thought he was talking about that grey car.

StormedTech : who does not like free tacos?

Huzaifah Ahmad Ibrahim : *FreE TaCo!!*

Helium The memening : that is an aventador sv you WILL give it attention or your taco WILL BE RAW

The Notorious Y.C.R. : Non car guys_irl

Cagents : Yes

berrygolt : omg so relatable

p. f. : "FR E SH AVOCA DO"

Luka .M : I have no words

ProBannedMiner25 : Is this DaZeD?

crusty : never judge a book by its cover

bill steinwachs : I dont like tacos

Zachary Corey : ecks dee

unknown : thats a $2.5M lamborghini centenario ooooooooooooooo!!!!

bopbop video edits : haha

memz. ironic : 2019

SoloBeans : free diarrhea

Bodad : nice

LevelsOfCringe : nice

robber barron : GOT HIS FREE TACO