The Ridiculous "The Crown" Salary Controversy

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The Crown has a salary controversy going on after it was revealed that Clarie Foy, the star of the series, was paid less than her male counterpart in the show, Matt Smith. John explains why this controversy is ridiculous and shouldn't even be an issue.

Comments from Youtube

Semsex • : The Michelle Williams story is another out of context headline, Marky mark wanted maximum money for reshoots, Williams refused

Thomas Edwards : Thank you John this controversy is so ridiculous.

colaboy29 : What the hell! Your name's Giovanni?

Anne HBurn : Hollywood is out of control

IreneShardaForever : The problem is also with the representation. ScreenJunkies went all into the issue with Williams and Wahlberg in that Ridley Scott needed to do reshoots because of the whole Spacey fiasco. Michelle was so happy about them replacing Spacey that she agreed to do the reshoot for per diem, thus she only got $1000. Scott thought everyone was going to do this, but Wahlberg is a much better businessman and had his agent negotiate for him $1 million to do all the reshoots. In that case, it was more so about Williams agents not negotiating better on her behalf.

Ichsuka : But the Queen doesnt need money, shes royalty...

Ben V : THANK YOU!!!! Common Sense for the win!!!!

zero : these females need to fire their agent and stop blaming men. and all the people forcing these online petitions should donate their computers and cellphones to starving kids since they make more money than them by that logic. if you get alot of money keep it simple as that

Ashanti Shetty : Exactly. Marky Mark draws more than Williams. it is what it is and it sucks they have the same agent but that's life. If Williams is happy with her deal than what's the problem?

Night Rider : Pay disparity....when the last time Emma stone and Michelle Williams had a blockbuster hit the lead?

neil Varma : U and grace r on the same page; along with me

dyl flah : his argument for matt smith and claire foy can be applied to any of the other situations he's saying are wrong. Its all about who is a bigger draw. The rock is not the most talented actor, but why does he command more money, because he gets asses in the seats. that simple

Laurens : John, didn't Mark Wahlberg just negotiate for more money? Don't men on average just negotiate for more money anyway? They're more disagreeable from the psychometric perspective.

Garenthal : We all know merit doesn’t matter anymore

mitrooper : Welcome to 2018 and it's wackiness.

Joe McKim : Claire Foy is going to be able to use this show to spring board her into bigger paydays down the line, she'll be just fine financially speaking.

movie trivia : Well said, John. I'm for ME TOO but calm down, a big name is a big name.

Earnest Brown : Yea, something John and Grace agree on.

Triple -A : One of the dumbest petitions I have ever heard of course he got paid way more not because of gender but he had way more leverage then her l, the lead role is the payday for Claire Foy and not so much the money.

Yes Man : I like how John lists the exact reasons for the "pay disparity" in hollywood and then goes on to say it only applies to this particular situation. You can't have your cake and eat it too!

Forkolian : I Rarely fully agree with people about things, that includes Mr. Giovanni here in a lot of things, But in this matter i agree with him 100%. i mean before the Crown, i have never heard of claire Foy but i definitely knew Matt Smith.

sillyskater2 : 1. your real name is Giovanni? 2. Hollywood almost ALWAYS pays the well known talent more. This goes for male and female, yes there is a pay difference with males and females. Matt Smith is known for Doctor Who and a few (few) other roles but mostly DW, as for the actress; well I don't know her and haven't seen any of her roles. Now I don't watch the Crown but if I saw that one of my favorite doctors was in it, I might have given it a try. But seeing that the producers are making a fuss about paying the lesser known, lead actress less than the more known supporting actor, I have no want to now.

David Aaron : As someone who feels strongly about issues of inequality that women and minorities are subjected to in so many areas of life it is always frustrating to me when people who I agree with on principal choose to make poor examples as the poster children for these causes. All it does is give ammunition to the people who try and argue that these issues do not really exist.

Haris : Don’t waste your time on this subject John.. It’s so stupid

Lycon Xero : This is much the same as the situation where that woman was upset that Netflix didn’t offer her more money for a comedy special claiming it was because of race/gender and pointed to what two of the biggest known comedians on the planet were paid (one a black man and the other a white woman) for similar specials as some sort of proof she was being discriminated against. These things of course do happen but it’s all about context.

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me : The crown greatness

Dean Montavious : Rey smart video Giovani. KEEP GOING!

Beth Mileta : Also your name is Giovanni like the big bad from pokemon. 😂 I will always think of you as the head of team rocket now 😂

Phill Tolkien : If you havn't seen it, watch wolf hall. It's the best performance by Clare Foy to date.

Mo Sho : I appreciate John treating these controversies on a case by cases basis. Looks can be deceiving, we must always look deeper than the surface and and analyze all facts.

Joe McKim : Wow, I just literally started watching The Crown on Netflix today. What a coincidence.

Mister Puma : Thank you John, very well explained. Hopefully some people who don't understand how the world works, will now (at least a little bit) better. Name (brand) recognition is everything in Hollywood. It's an unfortunate truth, but it makes sense.

tastywaffle : Well said, John. While I don't entirely agree, you bring up some very good points that I hadn't considered.

Aragorn522 : common John, stop being PC. "There is pay disparity!!! but this is the reason of why there is no pay disparity!!!! but, yea, there is pay disparity" Be honest and apply your logic to all the cases. At this point only ignorant people believe in the wage gap. And yes, my english sucks

JP G : What I took away from this was one thing and one thing for sure..... GIOVANNI

ryan smith : I didn't know who Clarie Foy was until yesterday.

To Release is To Resolve : More women have to head line big films and if those films make money they will be paid more. It is all about draw.

angel chang : so what I got from this video is that your real name is Giovanni :)

DarrenJSeeley : One other thing. Regardless of who had the better deal at the table, it is insanity to "demand" what ANY actor or actress do with their earnings.And then if those actors give in to "those demands" folks then say "Aha! An admission of guilt!"

neil Varma : Why should he donate to times up of all things; is times up now more than just sexual crimes??

Eddee Nicolas : Tired of this non sensual argument ...Matt Smith is a very popular and very talented actor. He got paid more because of his higher profile with the public along with other attributes. Clair Boy did not have the profile Matt Smith has and her negotiations took that into account. Not every situation is unfair .....stop it.

LupeJustinian : Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeves; Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton are other examples of the fame pay disparity

Keyser Soze : Movie Producers and Studios are in the business to make money. Male actors draw more people to the theatres. Until that changes the pay gap will continue.

darth wint : What a joke!!.. Well said JC.. At the time Matt Smith was Dr Who & a bigger name, than Claire Foy.. Hence he got paid more. The Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams pay gap for reshoots however stinks to high heaven & is bang out of order..

Max Winterburn : Jordan Peterson "women are more agreeable than men" 😅

Osman Cardona : John the voice of reason against sjws and alt right trolls

Raj K : I am agreeing with John on this one.

wayde philpot : Couldnt agree with you more on this one John. Its just like sports. A guy like Tom Brady can command more money playing the same position as a guy like Blake Bortles. Brady has the resumé.

Elizabeth Bellatrix - Lestrange : John you are awesome