Verbalase- Tetris Beatbox (remix)

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Verbalase- Tetris Beatbox (remix), Wtf am I doing... Go check out Verbalase you bag of untrimmed toe hair


The BIG weeb : Came here from Rick and Morty and I must say that this expands my intellect more than Rick and Morty.

LilPiglet :D : 8D audio?

Winter : I love the background, good job mate

Mr.Memes ;v : The best video don't exis............

WEEman Seam : Ya’ll mind if I low Tetris beatbox?

Victor da gamer Esteban : Listen to it on 0.75 speed.

Luis Angel : This is beautiful :)

Razien Godking : "Teamix Remix !"- Verbalase

Corrupt ‘ : 0:35 he says bruh moment

RandomGamer 3 : a remix of a remix of a real remix....MIND BLOWN

Professor WaffleCones : Love it, DnB is best

Britten Driggers : Just sounds like two of them doing with eco and claping

Redneck restorations : deserves more views

Ruzzell Onggod : Nice

uthgar giant : This wins a war that was never started

GeorgeDoesStuff : A good remix at last

Llama god : This is great

Twisted SquidWard YEET : If you just speed it up to 2x it really starts to hurt.....

Slushy Star : i can know beat box and play tetris like a master thank you verblase and mental mickey

Chri : Logo

Seriously_Gio21 : Fine art

Funny Valentine : nanananandanananaiainaniainanana

Josif Zupanoski : This gives me cancer ♋

ass eater and beer smoker : Good for blocking out the screaming

DAT BOI : at least you tried

Exotic : Bruh moments

wuanunfloo 2912 : Está de huevos

Classic Zane : NO!

ĸaѕperły : Ruined

Rebel Cerberus : OK, so this is epic.