King of The Hill - Japanese Dub
Sometimes I watch King of the Hill in Japanese to pretend its a very very obscure anime

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How we prevented smoking back in the day 🤣


SgtBaker16 : Bobby you dishonor me I tell you what.

WIIFIGHT! : What nationality are you? *American* It feels so proper, yet so improper to me.

Gabriel Russell : How do they handle the episode where the Hills go to Japan in the dub? Do the characters speaking Japanese speak English instead?

Plant Gang Dead Meme Inc. : King Of The Hill is the best anime. Prove me wrong

Nathan Kelm : Bobby's "sugoi" at 1:25

xKarma _ : *sighs* I don’t want to be THAT GUY, But the manga did it better.

AFunnyMan : Mfw I hold my cigarette like some kind of European Nazi from a movie.

Higor Guedes : Sometimes occurs a "glitch/bug" in the YouTube app that if you want to scroll down but it scrolls up. Anyone else noticed that?

Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo : I gotta hear Japanese Dale and Boomhauer.

Sky Avenger : Broke: Dropping nuclear bombs on Japan Woke: Selling propane and propane accessories in Japan Bespoke: Starting an American Animation Club in Japan

Dubs Buddy : *_W A K A T A_*

原野祐輔 : 今の日本じゃ放送無理だな

SQUIZZLER24 : King of the Hill was my favourite manga growing up. Glad to see it get an adaptation.

Raul: Trashlord : this is surreal

Link For Hire : New Jojo Bizzare Adventure Part 10 looks awesome!

【動画投稿中】エルザのおっぱい大好きTVちゃんねる : 誰が何の目的で作ったんだこのアニメ

Devious J : This was a Gaiden in case anyone wanted to know. It happened in the side story. Pafu shōnen: Bobī Oka たま の こし に のる or translated to Puff Boy: Bobby Hill Ride the Paper Waste. Which referred to the cigarettes as waste. Or の こし に なる made of waste Paper. It was a 30 minute OVA. Part 1 of 6. Or The Bobby Chronicles. The creators wanted to get the side stories out the way as the main story made references to these stories yet the original Mangakā Miku Judge didnt have time to write and pen them in the Manga Version. These are infact canon if anyone asks.

ヨロレイヒー次郎 : コレを見てる日本人はどれくらい居るのだろうか…

Danny T : My Japanese penpal I had like 15 years ago. Said that king of the hill was her favorite American Anime.

Kiyosuki : Oh my god is that Hochu Otsuka dubbing freaking Hank Hill? AKA the voice of Captain Tsubasa, Jiraiya, Chibodee from G-Gundam (the Neo-American fighter lol). I've tried to look up anything I can about this Japanese dub and it's hard to find information on it.

6年前 : 何吸わせてんだよ笑笑

Niljdm kp61 : Now I can tell everyone I already watched an entire Anime!

Sanchez Dude!! : ハンクの声の龍田直樹さんは申し訳ないけど、ハンクにはあってないんだよね… 吹き替え版はすぐに打ち切りになっちゃったし

HERPY DERPEDY : So he did become the next hokage

Tens of DU : Top 10 anime training montages

Brandon1629ESUHSD : Hank Hill sounds better than his original voice. He might need a new design.

Ren Hood : Now i’m not saying i’m a weeb but... This version is better lmao

西木リン : なんじゃそりゃ…

Place Placington : START PUFFIN' _B O Y_

Lord Pindar : Holy shit that's hilarious..DAMN IT BOBBY-SAN!

MasAD : smh I wish that's more anime like this nowadays we get that Boruto's Dad Dragon Art Piece 😤😤😤

Nathaniel Preston : I still hear Mike Judge and Pamela Adlon's voices in my head.

Starzen GMD : One of the best anime I have ever watched 10/10 Would recommend

REexpert44 : Watching a Japanese dub of a show natively in English, with English subs.

Erik Martinez : If Hank Hill was Japanese, he'd still be chain smoking lol.

Art Alcoolique : Thanks. I don't like this.

Demendred : Hank: Bobby, you have dishonored me *Bobby kills self to regain honor* Hank: You have done well son, I tell you what-san

Glyph Suritos : ooo.. the japanese dub actually doesnt sound that bad. for some reason, i was expecting some english dub on jap anime level bad.....

bitwize : "Bobby, if you're American, how come you're talkin' like a sushi-eatin' Japanese fella? Them Pokeymans have screwed up your head."

sean thiem : This shit is lit

oh hi : My favourite anime

UgotoSan KanjiFreak : King of the Hill, in Japan?! "I teru you what."

Harvey Weiss Jr. : This anime is right up there with Cory in the House for the greatest animes of all time!

Ian Linn : Hank's Bizarre Adventure.

glowing eyes meme : I guess anything can be a anime now.

GreyLotus Lamar : Dawm... This is basically perfect. I don't know what to do..

井波龍一郎 : アメリカ人も肺に入れるのか。知らなかった。

Salty Lolita : I like how they kept Hank’s sigh from the original English version

Hyperstar96 : 0:57 It sounds like they didn’t re-dub the exhale.