King of The Hill - Japanese Dub

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yunero : Just want to remind everyone that in Japan theres actual debate wether they prefer the Japanese Sub or Dub versions of King of the Hill.

Ian : *so, are yuh Chinese or Japanese?*

Ian Linn : Hank's Bizarre Adventure.

bitwize : "Bobby, if you're American, how come you're talkin' like a sushi-eatin' Japanese fella? Them Pokeymans have screwed up your head."

Sirus Blenke : Someone in Japan is watching this and is thinking that we probably make our children smoke 100 cigarettes every day.

Noah Birthisel : Its almost like watching an independent anime about American culture. Its great. Links?

Nothaut : That otokonoko ain’t tadashii, I’ll tell you hnani.

Piccolo54 : Japanese people argue over weather the Japanese dub or sub version of King of the Hill is better

David Consuegra : King of the hill is an American slice of life anime

ヨロレイヒー次郎 : コレを見てる日本人はどれくらい居るのだろうか…

haynes966 : i don't recall this being in the manga, is it filler?

【動画投稿中】エルザのおっぱい大好きTVちゃんねる : 誰が何の目的で作ったんだこのアニメ

Flaming Flammenwerfer : I honestly prefer the KOTH manga, but the anime is great too.

Your Neighbour : White man teaching his white son how to be American in Japanese. 😂😂😂😂

原野祐輔 : 今の日本じゃ放送無理だな

Raul: Trashlord : this is surreal

我孫子武丸 : 文化の違いというかなんと言うか、やはり海外と日本とじゃ規制のポイントがずれてるんだな。

note4note : Man everything went down hill after the Luanne timeskip arc. After Hank achieved Manger Baby God Mode they just gave up on the power scaling.

Mr pleb : Funny how there an interview on the streets of Japan that they would rather listen to the original American voice instead of there own dub. Lmao

SQUIZZLER24 : King of the Hill was my favourite manga growing up. Glad to see it get an adaptation.

Danny T : My Japanese penpal I had like 15 years ago. Said that king of the hill was her favorite American Anime.

xKarma _ : *sighs* I don’t want to be THAT GUY, But the manga did it better.

: Feel like I'm watching anime because of Japanese dub.

The Jasonater : Anyone else genuinely smell the smoke of the cigarettes for some reason?

Justin Y. : Considering it's japan I'm surprised they didn't put a massive censorship box around the cigarette.

REexpert44 : Watching a Japanese dub of a show natively in English, with English subs.

6年前 : 何吸わせてんだよ笑笑

井波龍一郎 : アメリカ人も肺に入れるのか。知らなかった。

Jimmy : YEaaaa-no, Hank's Japanese voice needs to sound more deeper than that. Doesn't have that middle-age tone at all in him.

Joshua Fernandez : Top ten most brutal anime deaths.

Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo : I gotta hear Japanese Dale and Boomhauer.

Depression Session : I wonder if there are Japanese who are really big fans of western cartoons and western culture in general. What would we call them? Reverse Weebs?

Dubs Buddy : *_W A K A T A_*

Deplorabology : Is this the 4kidz dub?

Rusty Shackelford : The original American dub is better.

Place Placington : START PUFFIN' _B O Y_

Ryan Time! : Japanese dub of an American cartoon.. this is some reverse weeaboo stuff

BroImpeccable : I enjoyed this a little too much... Idk why I'd be watching king of the hill in Japanese, but I think I could finish a season like this, no problem.

MasAD : smh I wish that's more anime like this nowadays we get that Boruto's Dad Dragon Art Piece 😤😤😤

Dat : my favorite anime

guitarwi3rdo : Now I wanna watch the whole series in Japanese

Lonely Potato : Oh, my child smokes.... *_BETTER FORCE THEM TO HAVE CANCER IF THEY DIDN’T ALREADY_*

Sanchez Dude!! : ハンクの声の龍田直樹さんは申し訳ないけど、ハンクにはあってないんだよね… 吹き替え版はすぐに打ち切りになっちゃったし

Watson Peanut : The manga was better.

Hyperstar96 : 0:57 It sounds like they didn’t re-dub the exhale.

i couldn't think of a username : I guess anything can be a anime now.

Keith Smith : The only way to watch king of the hill is in English. The only way to watch anime is in Japanese. That is all.

Takimeko and his Random Channal : Are we not gonna comment on how good Bobby's VA is?

Nathaniel Preston : I still hear Mike Judge and Pamela Adlon's voices in my head.

HERPY DERPEDY : So he did become the next hokage