History Buffs: Amadeus

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Hopeofmen : The boys in that choir of kids would definitely be cracking up (no pun intended) if they understood what they were singing. Also, WHY ARE SCHOOLCHILDREN SINGING THIS?

tubez4321 : How could anyone sing "Lick My Arse Nice and Clean" with a straight face?

Eric J : Ironically this movie actually sparked something of a revival of Salieri's music; he'd been largely forgotten but performances and recordings of his music increased dramatically after its release.

Cristian Guzman : I feel like Squidward is loosely based off of Salieri

Serai3 : One of the greatest details of this movie has to do with Mozart's giggle. It's fantastic, and fits what was written about him at the time, that he had an incredibly irritating laugh. But the amazing thing is that it wasn't _Hulce's_ giggle, but _Mozart's._ When Forman was editing the finished footage and got to the end, he realized he needed another laugh from Mozart. So he got Hulce to come in and record one, but they found he could no longer do the laugh. He'd lost it when he'd left the character, so Forman had to mine one of the laughs from earlier in the film. It was a mannerism that belonged only to the character. I find that fascinating.

SexualYeti : Mozart got children to sing about licking his buttered ass centuries after his death with straight faces. Troll level: God-Tier.

Tom Cavender : One thing to remember about "Amadeus": the story is told by an old man who has psychological problems, he is a textbook example of an unreliable narrator. Those looking for total historical accuracy from Amadeus will be disappointed, but I think the inaccuracies are excusable.

Hunter Makoy : The comparison to Michael Jackson is actually pretty good

The Sean Ward Show : The alternative to an early life spent performing wasn’t a childhood as we know it. That wasn’t a thing until the 20th century. Instead of playing piano he’d have been doing farm work or manual labor.

Captain Jin : Also, Mozart was only like 6 years younger than Salieri, so while the age gap works great for the film (experience vs natural skill, etc) it puts a lot more of a difference between the two than there actually was.

David Loewen : Steven Spielberg decides that he wants to make a movie about famous composers. He puts out a casting call. Tom Hulce walks in first and says, "I played Mozart in _Amadeus_, and would love to play him again." Next, Gary Oldman calls. "I was Beethoven in _Immortal Beloved_, so I already have experience playing the part." Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with him, and states, "I'll be Bach."

Tina : It's pretty grim that so many people think Salieri was a murderer. Makes me angry.

Scott Ehm : They're decomposing composers. There's nothing much anyone can do. You can still hear Beethoven, But Beethoven cannot hear you. -Eric Idle

WANTED : Fun fact, it's actually been debated whether humor like Mozart's was just the standard for that time in history, as other letters from his family and completely understand related persons contain similar foul humor

BLACKIESBOY : Despite the movie's black-guarding of Salieri, I actually saw him as a very tragic anti-hero, especially compared to Mozart, who was a nominal hero at best. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how great his music was, no matter how much more wealthy he was than Mozart, he felt a pang of dread in his soul: Mozart would be remembered, and not him, and Mozart wasn't even trying. In his mind, it was as if God were holding some sort of grudge against him. Mozart's success was seen as an affront not just to a good work ethic, but also to his very own faith. Salieri saw everything wrong in the world in Mozart: an immature fool who nevertheless held amazing talent, and this allowed him to coast by on life with zero effort. So much for "if you work hard, life will reward you."

OrchestrationOnline : Hi History Buffs! You left a lot out of your review, but thanks for somewhat setting the record straight about Salieri. You might have mentioned that Salieri and the other Italians at the Viennese court were actually followers of Glück, a German opera composer; whereas Mozart the Austrian had a more Italian style of composing. Not only were the two composers good friends by the start of the 1790's, Salieri actually educated W.A. Mozart the Second free of charge after his father's death. I sense some misconceptions about Mozart, though, in accepting the film version of him. Just because he had a raunchy sense of humour as a teenager doesn't mean that he wasn't a serious composer and businessperson as an adult. He was an intellectually curious person who was read up on the latest plays (some of which he set as opera) and literature. A complete reprobate wouldn't have been good friends with Goethe. He actually earned a fairly good income for most of his time in Vienna, except for the late 1780's during a meaningless war that temporarily wrecked the economy. And that whole thing about nearly everything he ever wrote being a work of genius? Not really. His compositional immortality doesn't quite start until age 17, and even after that he wrote pieces that were a bit easygoing from time to time. Also - no rewrites or drafts? Also incorrect. He did work on bits and pieces of things, and revise them just like any other composer, especially his operas. Finally, child prodigies are actually more likely to be a bit immature than not, because of their very quick intellectual development coinciding with their early emotional development. But the whole issue of Mozart's maturity really is moot. Would anyone really say that Robin Williams was an immature, irresponsible person, just because of his comedic persona? Artists often act out in carefree, silly ways, but that doesn't define their lives or their basic personalities. Can we focus on one naughty letter to a cousin and say "That's Mozart's entire personality type" and ignore many of his other letters where he stands up bravely to his father about his marriage, or writes to his sick wife and reminds her of his love for her? If so, then we can't say we know the man, only his jokes.

Abraham Lincoln : Things Antonio Salieri deserved: NOT THAT


werewolf65 Potchotski : Amadeus drinking game: Take a drink everytime he laughs... Die.

Malav Shah : If you guys did not know Salieri had 8 children

luispachon007 : A 56 seconds long intro sequence... Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it is too long.

The Applesauce Project : I know it's two years later since you wrote your text for this video, but I'm compelled to point out that chastity is not celibacy, it's faithfulness or monogamy.

Медвед : Didn't Michael Jackson also say he was being poisoned before he died? #salierididnothingwrong

Liping Rahman : Consider that until Amadeus both the play and the movie Salieri was mostly forgotten so in a strange way due to this slander he and his music lives again.

Ernest Gross : As a music historian, I say to you, well done! You got your facts right!

john decapio : so basically mozart is rebel of classical music

Judson Joist : Salieri had a more fitting temperament for teaching compared to Mozart.

Paul Thompson : From a psychological point of view, would be remiss to not mention how Mozart had to deal and live with severe ADHD. Explains a lot.

Aleksandr Onufrak : I've listened to Salieri's music and found it quite drab and boring... perhaps there are too many notes?

Daniel Erbes : Would Mozart have been an Adam Sandler fan if he was alive today?

asd asd : It, like Braveheart and The Lord of the Rings, is a historical fiction, and a really good movie.

Goreface69 : Salieri, we hardly knew ye.

Crossark1 : That's definitely a minute-long intro you got there. I mean, your work is genius but it feels as though...there's simply too many seconds.

RunItsTheCat : I'm glad old Sali got some justice in this video. Cheers!

Zajin13 : If you don't understand German you will never grasp the amazing feeling when you are visiting family abroad, they take you to a school perfomance and it's proudly proclaimed that the choir will now sing "Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schön sauber" by Mozart. I couldn't bear the whole session as i broke out in laughter and draw the attention of all the proud and angered parents. My uncle joined in though, once i had enough breath to explain the situation to him. :,D

Stefan Sharak : Please do Immortal beloved.

Crazy Cooper 25 : Someone needs to make a Hamilton style musical based off this story

Richard Hawkins : Now I understand the scene in the movie: The Last Action Hero. Danny said that he killed Mozart LOL

Archiworks 992 : love the boob part

Irving's Zoo : I'm convinced that Mozart had ADD. He shows all the symptoms, and it's likely the reason he kept running into trouble and couldn't manage money. As an ADD'er myself, he's one of my heroes. Thanks for the well balanced review!

Ugly Troll : I don't know bout you guys.... but i wanna nail a fine ass Victorian girl in a powdered wig :D

ajdoman317 : Salieri's music is beautiful.

Serai3 : Unfortunately, the idea that art can be worthy apart from the sins of the maker is disappearing. It's sad, and I hope it's a trend that will die out. Art has its own value that should always be recognized regardless of who produces it. (I wonder if we'll see a trend towards artists producing their works anonymously?)

R Nickerson : Cool intro, but long.

Martin Duplessis : While Mozart was not particularly successful in Vienna, he enjoyed substantial - and contemporaneous - acclaim from the public in Prague. Prague was essentially the cultural co-capital of the Austrian empire, and in many ways more open to new forms of music. I n light of this, I think it is quite fitting that a Czech director- Milos Forman- created the quintessential Mozart film.

Gabe Fynsk : You forgot to buff another thing, Mozart regularly revised his works (take the Great Mass in C)

Yoehon John : Man this brings back memories. Watched this movie freshman in high school. Band class when it’s January and nothing to do except pep-band for basketball. My band teacher was awesome.

Crazy Canuck : Mozart would have LOVED Dumb & Dumber!!

Kyle Sander : Holy Shit. Is that Edward Rooney?

Alexander Ward : I very much can understand between Mozart and Michael Jackson dealing with childhood trauma