Star Wars Palpatine Shooting Stars

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Sheev Palpatine : I tried spinning, that’s a good trick

spectrecutlass : You made the part in The Force Awakens where the planet gets destroyed *FUNNY!* at least to me

Conor O : The Power of the Force

Wilma E : Imagine seeing the Senate flying towards you at lightspeed.

Da Bowl Of Rice : That build up.

Joseph Berrones : The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Tom Fowler : did you ever hear the tragedy of darth spinnus the dizzy

Kane Peterson : Palpatine's backup plan in case his decades of plotting failed was to do a corkscrew jump throughout the galaxy and kill all his enemies and anyone who defied him

die dunkle Verheerung Zekonas : UNLIMITED POOOOWER!!!!

Obi-Wan Kenobi : It was at that moment I realized... He was a Sith Lord.

Emperor Palpatine : *GOOOOOOOOOOOD...*

DangerZone : So spinning was a pretty good trick after all

The Homie : When you say "I am the Senate"

Levi Fontaine : This is a work of art. Only a Sith deals in such absolute talent. But if it had the autistic screeching it would have been even better.

Cometmoon448 : Those opening beats go so well with Sam Jackson and his cronies strutting into the room! It's like a smooth gangster music video or something.

cxa011500 : The part at the end where the death star destroys that planet always gets to me. 😔

Amarjeet Singh : "If only Ian McDiarmid(the actor of Palpatine) saw this video!"

Prepare Your Brainus : I'm slightly disappointed the planet wasn't destroyed at the end of the video.

Diego Paredes : is this canon?

a single white female : I watch this every day.

GICking : My reaction to this video: Beginning- omg why would you make such a thing? Ending- omg why did you end it so soon?

Brian Rodriguez : my favorite song lowered to a internet meme... what a time to be alive :´)

Aaron Atkinson-Meiklejohn : Mace walks in like he wants revenge from the last dance battle they had .

HexMem : Incredible. You are my inspiration.

chloe xd : I showed this to Palpatine and he threw a tantrum so big it was worthy of Kylo Ren

Nicholas Chen : 0:47 Oh dear emperor, why would you destroy your own super weapon...

Vector3 : Mace Windu's walk in the beginning with that music in the background is absolutely hilarious. Looks like he's on a catwalk lmao :D

Super_D991 : This may be my new favorite YT video.

Vedji : *After watching video* Can I learn this power? Not from a Jedi...

Tube Industries Broadcasting Company : When you become the senate

Brickcraft productions : When the Senate Destroys the Republic he spawned from

Gorgonite Emissary : That feeling when you finally found the meaning of life.

Lostme Marbles : Let’s hope a spinning Palpatine doesn’t come toward Earth. We’d be screwed. RIP Hosnian Prime.

Neomob : Too bad people have been using it all over facebook and youtube without giving you credit for it ..

Rebel Scum : i'm dead

Bob Tickleman : battlefront with no cooldowns

maxime cyr : When you want order 66 executed right, youve got to do it yourself

MertKilla : The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural.

Prophet 111 : Best one i have ever seen! Thank you for making this!

Pulsar The Silly AI : If you want something done, then do it yourself, right?

JMJ021 : If Sidious could fly, he would be OP. Like a Zapdos, he would be electric and flying type

Ghosty : *sees a twirling palpatine about to touch down on my planet* not even mad

George Washington : Kid Anakin was truly Damn Genius. Spinning was actually good trick

ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ : I was surprised to learn that this is canon.

terry aqualad : I cried when I saw the planet from the force awakens 😖😖😖😖😞😞😞😟😟😟😦😦😦😧😧😧😧😧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Mew Worthy : Better than the entirety of the Last Jedi

Bladaze : This is hilarious. Excellent editing

CrimsonNerd : The true power of the Sith.

Marco's Movies : I will Finnish what you started

My Life is a Complex Pastiche : A.K.A. Sideous' Galactic Psycho Crusher