Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

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Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

Comments from Youtube

Robert Retincu : There are more people than pixels on my screen

Erwin Derfox : Legend has it that Putin was there that day in front row headbanging.

Marissa Norcross : You know it was a good time when even the police were headbanging with you.

UMI : 4:09 Im the guy in green shirt at the back

Free Bird : A Soviet crowd cheering on an American band. Wars may hold us apart, but music brings us all together.

Majdi Dani : This should be earth's theme song when we go to war against the aliens

lemme change it damn : If u don't get a rush of adrenaline from this, you're not red blooded.

Simone Razzauti : - "Dad Why named my sis Flora"? - "Oh well cause your mother loves flowers" - "ok thanks dad" - "No problem Metallica Live Moscow 1991!"

Hazim Kamal : anyone 2019?

MetalliFan : Legend says people are still leaving the concert

Ozgur Senturk : AC/DC, PANTERA, THE BLACK CROWES,METALLICA, 1991 1.6 million The event, Monsters of Rock, is one of the highest-attendance music concerts in history which was held in Moscow, where 1.6 million people attended.

Drew Drewski : To do list for that day; 1. See historic epic Metallica concert 2. Line up for 4 hours for a bag of potatoes

TubbyCraft : Exit Communism, Enter Capitalism

Norm Macdonald : No drugs needed, this was the real deal they were high off the taste of freedom

Márk Mikolay : That crowd is larger than the millitary of most countries.

Larry Potter : Welcome to Capitalism

johnpaul parker : The most powerful American weapon against Soviet Union's communism

BubblyIcedTea : These days concerts cost a tonne of money but this was for free!

Covington Creek Fishing : I guess Metallica is popular in Russia

Cloud Strifen : 1.8 million people showed up to this, and bieber is proud of his 300k crowd bahahahah

loki griffin : Who's watching 2k19

Danny Gromov : 2:25 Michael Jackson

Trenton Schmitt : This is the most legendary concert of all time

Артур Асатрян : Нынешние кумиры русское молоди никогда не соберут столько народу !это я про разных скриптониов ,елджеев и тд тп !рок вечен !


MrGriff305 : Moscow?? look at that crowd?? damn.. music = world peace

Marsellus Wallace : This needs to happen again... more now than ever before. awesome.

Sami Vainonpää : How many watts in the speakers?

DEUS VULT : Мой старший брат был на этом концерте, пиздец как я ему завидую 😢😢😢

Vladmir VK : Such a beautiful thing to see how many years of "Cold War" had happened previous to this concert and rivalry. Then seeing all of this people put that behind at a seconds notice for the unification of rock. Truly beautiful...

Black Knight : Читаю комментарии некоторых русскоязычных товарищей и возникает закономерный вопрос: вы кроме слово "вата" знаете хоть что-нибудь? Metallica - одна из величайших МИРОВЫХ групп, и то что они хоть и в такое смутное время, но побывали у нас - чудо! Музыка вне политики!

Donelson Sheean : This was just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, which would later become the Russian Republic. The young people of Russia were so hungry for everything ‘Western’ like, rock music, blue jeans, Coca Cola to name a few. Crazy yet scary times for those people.

Ulrich Nielsen : 5:03 Steve Stiffler is that you?!

D. Jinerson : son of Richard Ramirez @ 2:27. Of course he goes by Radoslava Ramirlov

Nigel Incubator-Jones : Exit communism, enter Metallica

John Schauder : Here are 1M witnesses that would all tell you...FREEDOM > communism

Jacob : People are still leaving this concert to this day

Elkeid Gorana : Anyone in 2057?? i'm sure yes

Junior The 3rd : If you dont like Metallica go get your testosterone levels checked

Romano Vinkler : Times when the music was making real mans, not pussies getting offended by everything.

IgniteXBL : NOBODY CARES WHAT YEAR YOUR WATCHING IN (but still great video classic Metallica)

noah robinson : They're actually just playing in front of a bunch of tall grass.

Mathew Kiritsis : Best metal concert of ALL times!!!!

Mega phone : i just realized metalica rocked russia so hard they broke communism

Nodak81 : I've heard that there was half a million people there. Considering the population of Russia, that means 1 out of every 60 people was at that one single concert!

Azrael : My phone can't handle this level of rock it cut off before the vocals

Daniel Reichling : The crowd looks like Sauron's army

Luke Green : I would've killed to be there

A. Nilla-or : nothing like this will ever happen again, nothing, especially with bands like today.