Nava First Pitch Grand Slam
Daniel He probably sucks Nava hits a grand slam on the first pitch of his Major League career

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Recorded on June 12, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.


Walter O'Neill : One of the coaches told him... You only get one first pitch in the major league, make the most of it.

Beja Jehehe : If you look up the TV version of this video, we can see you @thedolphindude

Timothy Stratton : Then after being told by a reporter "today is when you will face the only first pitch in the majors you'll ever see", he hits a grand slam off of it. Now he's 9th in the American league in batting at a cool .300. The only bad part of the story? He left free tickets to every single one of his minor league games for Erin Andrews, but she never came :( Oh well, you can't have everything.

Timothy Stratton : There isn't a story of perseverance more inspiring than Daniel Nava's. 5'5", 150 lbs in his senior year, he got offered no scholarships, tried to walk on at Santa Clara, got cut, became team equipment manager, tried out for a junior college, dominated, Santa Clara begged him to come back where he hit for the best average in the West Coast Conference. cntd...

Victor M. Lee : I think you missed, "Woooooh." :-D

James Twining : Nava will go down as one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball, before it's over.

MalevolentxMaiden : He probrably sucks.. oh shit GO GO!! Wow attitude did a complete 180 XD

fryarmike : I noticed a few cool things from this video that were not available from other vids (kudos dolphindude). 1. Nava tipped his cap to the pitcher to start the at bat...then touched the Sox logo on his jersey. 2. When he went around the bases normal (not jumping for joy, etc.) the pitcher tipped his cap to him rounding 2nd, and again when he touched the plate. 3. Varitek took his cap off to him (team captain..) and tried to encourage the others runners to do the same. Total Class from all involved.

MJ Augusto : @thedolphindude Look up the video top 5 plays of Boston Redsox 2010 season and you can see yourself holding the flip video. With seats you have your probably used to being on T.V. anyway haha.

246alive : he probably sucks......................or not

Mike Malone : one of the best videos on youtube, and I dont even like the sox

George Luft : "He probably sucks"

Joe Piershalski : I remember watching that live it was awesome

Noggahide Gaming : I'm a life-long Yankees fan, and this is AMAZING !! Mad props to Nava !!

Aaron Guerrieri : Probablt sucks. Great attitude

Raumance : Have the delaying issues been addressed in baseball or is it still the slowest game on earth?