My son is Spider Man (father and son)

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GeniusGT : Man the Spider-Man actors just keep getting younger and younger.

Razi Nasrullah : Who the heck would down vote this? This is wonderful.

gdunn03 : Sound effects are top notch

joe kasti : Things like this are what make happy lifelong memories, good on you mate.

Cleapatra82 : That is just adorable!!! Absolutely love it!

Robert Robles : Who downvotes this?? Lol

Raven Star : This is so wholesome, good dad-ing

Jonny C : His "Hanging on the wall" Pose is so good, someone cut the Dad out and i swear he looks like the real Spider Man

Ummar Abdullah : Haha this is too awesome. I love how committed he is to the role. And dad must have insane core strength to hold him like that for that long

Rothenium : Haha awesome!

Varun Pathak : thats genuinely funny

André Siqueira : Really cool!

SP van Zyl : South African dads FTW!

heydude056 : man, that kids sells it too

A Rogers : Like your rocks

William Thomas : Brilliant!

Thomas Anderson : Tried to watch on phone. Thanks for vertical video converted to horizontal. I'm sure spiderman would approve.


Agent Jack Stone : Lot of kids are missin this in their homes. So good to see this.

Kytoflame : Who else here is from reddit

VideInfra : I used to do this with my cousin. He loved it. I would do the swinging motion though.

Hahduked : Man I can't believe spiderman visited you guys

Jeff MusicMan : This is awesome! And the kid does an excellent Spiderman lol 👍

darkwalls247 : Hahaha... This is the real stuff. The other one on TV is.. MURKY

areyousure youwantodelete : The dad is a genius.....and the son has his webslinging down to a tee

Therese&Tor : Still a better actor than Toby McQuire! Love it!

Kto-to Yan : Я так и знала , что он существует

Nope Not today : Best dad ever

SpiderBaby tv world : Awsome check out our spider baby adventure 🤗

Shut Up & Take My Money : The way the kid poses and looks back at the camera when he sticks to the wall is amazing.

Azzur : This is so cute 😂

Scott Johnson : This is so Awesome.A Father and his son. made my day

Clowny Leo : This is The cutest thing i’ve ever seen 🙈💙

Renata : HahahahahHaHahahaha soooo cuteee

Varun Gopal : I am in love with this video! Just can't stop watching it again and again :) the kid is just awesome in the gear :):)

Rob B : better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2

blueberry ice : this guy's my neighbor !

Car loz : Dads are cool.

Burnt Zone : great to see Diplo having so much fun with his kids

Aaron Davis : You should wear camo gear, take it to the next level!

Sparrow Flyz : man that the coolest spiderman!!!

Mike E : Wholesome!

Rahul Verma : Adorable

rannierunsfast : "Kssst!!!"

Aaron Nievar : Dude you're an all-star.

Mrs. C : This is awesome!

GscGsc : Legit

Alec Wyss : gie

Angel Alvarez : Not my proudest fap

raphaela ratzlaff : Dawwwww