My son is Spider Man (father and son)

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GeniusGT : Man the Spider-Man actors just keep getting younger and younger.

gdunn03 : Sound effects are top notch

Razi Nasrullah : Who the heck would down vote this? This is wonderful.

joe kasti : Things like this are what make happy lifelong memories, good on you mate.

Cleapatra82 : That is just adorable!!! Absolutely love it!

Robert Robles : Who downvotes this?? Lol

Raven Star : This is so wholesome, good dad-ing

Rothenium : Haha awesome!

Jonny C : His "Hanging on the wall" Pose is so good, someone cut the Dad out and i swear he looks like the real Spider Man

Varun Pathak : thats genuinely funny

André Siqueira : Really cool!

Ummar Abdullah : Haha this is too awesome. I love how committed he is to the role. And dad must have insane core strength to hold him like that for that long

Mario : Good on the father for encouraging his son to use his imagination. He could be the next Elon Musk.

SP van Zyl : South African dads FTW!

heydude056 : man, that kids sells it too

AJ Gamers : Cute

A Rogers : Like your rocks

William Thomas : Brilliant!

Agent Jack Stone : Lot of kids are missin this in their homes. So good to see this.


Kytoflame : Who else here is from reddit

Thomas Anderson : Tried to watch on phone. Thanks for vertical video converted to horizontal. I'm sure spiderman would approve.

VideInfra : I used to do this with my cousin. He loved it. I would do the swinging motion though.

Hahduked : Man I can't believe spiderman visited you guys

karen straughan : All right, that was pretty cool. Just wait until he realizes that with bare feet slightly moistened, he can use friction and tension to scale the walls in your hallway. Your paint job will never be the same again. :)

Jeff MusicMan ASMR : This is awesome! And the kid does an excellent Spiderman lol 👍

BTOSHAW309 : I thought this was so cute! And just imagine the memories this lil guy will have😃 and the sound made it even cuter

Kto-to Yan : Я так и знала , что он существует

Jacob Medina : When he looks at the camera at 0:17 tho it looks spot on

gideon mureithi : its very hillarious...its been long since i laughed this hard...awesome father right there.

Vaidik Joshi : The way he looks at everyone after he clings to the wall 😆😆

Rahul Verma : Adorable

Renata : HahahahahHaHahahaha soooo cuteee

Sukrut Bhushan : God bless you kid.. you won’t ever fall

Therese&Tor : Still a better actor than Toby McQuire! Love it!

darkwalls247 : Hahaha... This is the real stuff. The other one on TV is.. MURKY

areyousure youwantodelete : The dad is a genius.....and the son has his webslinging down to a tee

Cool Products : The way the kid poses and looks back at the camera when he sticks to the wall is amazing.

Varun Gopal : I am in love with this video! Just can't stop watching it again and again :) the kid is just awesome in the gear :):)

Alec Wyss : gie

Mike E : Wholesome!

Scott Johnson : This is so Awesome.A Father and his son. made my day

Sparrow Flyz : man that the coolest spiderman!!!

Burnt Zone : great to see Diplo having so much fun with his kids


Paula Lara : I'm after Spiderverse

Nope Not today : Best dad ever

GscGsc : Legit

Aaron Davis : You should wear camo gear, take it to the next level!

Rob B : better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2