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Door Monster : This was so good!! The concept is fantastic, and the execution was just perfect every step of the way. Great performance, great writing, great editing - you guys are great. That "twelve cents" at the end is hilarious every time!

FriendInTheFray : I cant understand how this channel hasn't blown up to over a million subscribers.

LeighonardoDiCaprio : Was that really a fidget spinner by god there is no escape

Ray R : it's sad to see such a channel so rich and prolific in content has such few subscribers. C'mon now YouTube.. they deserve a million subscribers, at least!

huh968 : These guys are so good that their idea of an April Fools' joke would be to post a bad video.

Nissan Karki : "Well I want a second opinion" LMAO!

Dan Bull : funny buggers

Julie Webb : A spin off series with these two? Where the alien decides to keep the human and takes him to andromeda .

CorvetteAustin24 : Chris & Jack alien make-up game on point hahaha

Ronan : So consistently good!

Alec Ritter : Lol was that a shotgun mic for a scanner? 00:43

Dick Trickle : "I'd like a second opinion." Alright, you got me.

Abbreviated Reviews : You guys keep outdoing yourselves. Hilarious stuff!

Triumvirate888 : What? Why was there no anal probe? There's always an anal probe of some kind!

Picky : You guys are the best!

Please Don't Visit my Channel : This channel deserves some recognition... Agree?

The Hoax Hotel : I want at least 2 of those fancy gadgets.

Lukey Firsty : I love your vids and am so happy you're finally going viral?

Earl Eldridge : These guys will be the next big thing, They are awesome!!!!! These guys got good comedy chemistry and it is clean af! Keep doing good work!

tjines : This was the stupidest thing i ever saw. And i love it.

Elijah Allen : On the top of Reddit <3

Ansel Ferreira : Damn, congrats on making it to the front page of Reddit r/popular

Alexi Thunderbird : lol this needs to be an entire series. the"I want a second opinion" line was gold.


Maar Duol : If he wouldnt be able to teleport on andromeda how did he teleport onto the ship?

coyote starhead : The alien has no ears .👂

Jay K : Ha, shotgun mic and empty barbell.

7Comic7mischief7 : I just do not understand why some Chris & Jack videos make trending and others don't. The amount of views that Movies in Space has is a travesty.

Zarif Hasan : It's always a treat when there's a new Chris and Jack video.

LuckyNumber 19 : 20k views, number 4 on trending. nuff said

Paleo Diet Plan : Waaaaahahah, "I'd like a second opinion" XD.

Mawnstor Films : This is great! I love the shotgun mic scanner. :D

Coconut Leaf Spine : I barely recognize Jack. Quality stuff as usual.

lanethelame : how have i now found out about you guys

AmazingMonkey,peak : "Okay now cough for me" his nervousness is me on the daily when someone comes up to me😂

Zoe : "Nope pretty sure you're the alien Dave" lmao

Over Powered : why don't they have more subscribers these guys are brilliant.

Darcie Thompson : That ending killed me!

Ashley Ruiz : #4trending congrats

Wingu 2.0 : Wow +20k subs overnight! Cool!


The HollyHobs : Guys, These are fantastic!

StippleTherapy : This was perfect

Ray Good : LMAO

Meckara : Great.

MildManNerd : Could this be a legit series please.

McCray Bright : Chris and jack remember me when you guys blow up

Miguel Brierley : A+ all the way

Poke Champ : I only found this amazing channel because of trending. Is YouTube finally getting fixed?

Julie Webb : I want a part 2 of this sketch