Why Do We Enjoy Being Scared? | Fun Science

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ngm-sabe-quem : oh the feels with the red haired Charlie clip

Maria Rios : you can't just spring a clip of red haired Charlie on me without warning!!!

6 ! : NanaLew! love her 💓😊

Cerys Owen : So this is why I stay up at 3am watching buzzfeed unsolved🤔

itsanothercourtney : I haven't seen your videos in so long and I dont know why they just never popped up on my subscription feed! But Hi Charlie I'm loving these videos :)

IsaPunker : Charlie you're so cool like! 😊

Lynne Kim : Your editing skills are phenomenal Charlie!!

Tyler Woodland : Charlie shuld be a science teacher

Cherokee Roses : Love this series, Charlie! Im glad you found your niche :) The thing I would have loved to know though is: Why do some people absolutely hate horror (films, games, haunted mansions etc) and getting scared of things while other people don't?

Erin Fain : I love Shawna! This is the collab of 2008’s me dreams

Marie Fazio : But then why do some people (me) hate scary movies?

Lasiru Maheerathna : Welcome back Charlie! <3 We missed you. :)

All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks : I love how caveman Charlie just looks like 16 year old Charlie wearing a duvet.

Chloe Rocks : Oh wow Charlie I forgot you used to have red hair!

Dominic Adamson : Palms are sweaty? You mean like knees weak, arms are heavy?

CosasdeAndrea : The Fun Science/Shawna collaboration I've been waiting for

showmoke : Miss the Stephen Fry outro though!

chicken skink : Maybe that's why I don't like horror movies. I have a very active imagination and feel 100% not safe during/after them.

Katie Z : Shawna!!! And Charlie yaayyy

millie nettleton : I do English at Uni and we studied horror for a week- some reading suggested that psychologically, watching horror allows us to 'expel the abject' from ourselves. The idea that we watch a monster probably inevitably get vanquished reassures us that we can get rid of that which we see as monstrous from within ourselves. Or some shit like that.

TMPNDR : What a segue at the end, by the way

Najm Touma : Chubby Charlie is just the cutest 😁 used to watch your videos about 4 years ago, now i come back to this and it's just delightful 😄

Em : I watching scary movies! I get far too invested in the characters. I would rather just watch a happy movie. I really want to skydive though!

latronqui : dopa... miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, doooooooooopamine....

Leo Graham Fitzpatrick : 7777th view and 55th comment

Ritosha : I feel like this series would be much much much more enjoyable and informative without those silly cringy skits and jokes... I've seen all episodes of this series thus far released and gosh I haven't laughed at those even once. It's just really cringy and it makes me feel like this series is designed for small children tbh.

Ceelyn : oh chaaarlie <3

Sarah Backshall : I love this, and it was really illuminating for me. I was wondering though, and this wasn't really addressed, that while some people love horror (ie me), some people really hate it and can't stand it. What's the reason behind that?

mickeleh : Excellent. Couldn't avoid thinking back to Charlie's "I'm scared" video as it played.

HolyGrayle : So people who absolutely hate being scared (particularly wrt scary movies/tv shows)... is it that their brain has a harder time recognizing the lack of real danger?

One of Those Weird Kids : *cries cuz I don't like being scared AT ALL*

Hannah Abbott : So crazy happy that fun science is back 🤓 love you Charlie!

McLovin McLovin : Charlie please write more songs

tomstanely : i bet Dan is like "teach me daddy"

Lynne Kim : I love youuu Charlie ♥️♥️♥️

Melanie Bester : His palms are sweating, knees weak

RaccoonInACocoon : I enjoy liquorice

weepywoopy : Is that nanalew?

Tiny : please die

doodifiedJonny : you've got fat explain that

Sanic the hedgehog : Wow Charlies gotten a little fat.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : My absolute favorite thing is meditation. I’ve had my best life experiences while meditating.

Brunna comdoisNs : He is so cute!!!! I met him at Vidcon in Amsterdam and OMG! He is just adorable;) Great video as always! 👌🏽👌🏽


Black Screen Education : That's some awesome content. Great stuff man keep it up!

Elizabeth Travels : Hey it was nice briefly seeing you at Buffer Fest this year! I hope you're enjoying Canada :)

Pastxlpop : Hi:3 I’m from a school in Norway and we’re talking about you and how you are a youtuber and stuff🙈 Your actually in our textbook:3 Anyway if you see this, we were wondering if we could ask you a couple of questions if that’s ok with you:) My @ on instagram is sofia.chill

Szynszula Sz : Hi, I watched your video when I was in secondary school (around 2009), I've come back to see your old videos, listen to your songs. Probably you won't even see this comment, but I just wanted to say thank you for them, it was really good content for 13 years old me :)

Lola Müller : I love horror movies but it seems that I got too used to them so they don't scare me anymore at all. I have some hard times finding one that actually scares me even a little. 😣 I know these movies so well I can even tell you when there will be a jumpscare. 😂