Skin and Bones... and Parasites

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Foxy and Lucy : Dr Kerri is so beautiful inside and out. She really shows those animals love with her soft touches and sweet talk. What a wonderful person she truly is!!

SimonaLyne Enderz : There's something you don't hear. "We're neutering Harrison Ford,today."

The Bass Guy : *love and really respect what you all do for these animals and I happily donate every month to the abandoned pet project*

Nena Elliott : Thanks Kerri for doing all you do for those poor defenseless animals. I just can't understand.... I'd go hungry before my dog would look like that.. Anyway, much love to you and those of you that are still fighting to keep Vet Ranch alive.

Ashley Nicole : his tail wags in circles how sweet can you get

Chilly : Love everyone at Vet Ranch! I wear your merch in my vids sometimes! And I always watch all of your Ads 😊

allentown Gal : Gosh these videos are DANGEROUS! I would adopt every one if I could! You guys do such a great job!

NA suzy Q : What a change in him! Poor Puppy to Beautiful Boy ... thank you SO much for saving these underdogs! I enjoyed seeing his tail evolve ... tucked under, scared on visit 1 then wagging, happy on visit 2 to wiggling wagging, ecstatic on the later visits! Good boy, Harrison Ford! ( I actually watched the uncensored version.)

Shelly Rae : When Harrison had pjs on I lost it, I’m so happy he’s getting better, but his history is so sad 😭 I pray the rest of his life is full of nothing but love.

LemmeGunVitalis : *_Big doggo deserves to grow big and strong_* 9:00 *_Good Doggy_*

BergletteMom : He’s a good dog, inside and out.

Josh Criste : Thank you for taking care of the animals!!!

Heather Blake : Thank you so much for the work you put into these videos. 6 months ago, I had to put my dog Stanley down. He was the best, and now I’m trying to convince my parents to adopt a dog or cat to keep my current cat, George, who was amazing friends with Stanley, company. Again thank you so much. I donated $50 of my birthday money my parents said I could use in any way I wanted too. Thank you again❤️

Traci Adi : I loved his jammies!!! I loved this video!!!! I loved the “happy tail”!!!’ I have never heard of that... I was so excited to see that!!!! I also loved seeing the weight he put on!!! It looked like he had been starved!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this video!!!! It just brought happy tears to my eyes...

Justin Y. : What a good boi.

The Matadore : I love this dog SO much.

Jacqueline Nehama : I loved the diagnosis of "happy tail".!! 😂

TheFurriestOne : And still a wagging tail! (when it wasn't tucked) That's a dog in need of plenty of love, and he went to the right place to receive it! He transformed into one handsome boy!

Sara G : Amazing transformation ❤️😊

Case Knives : His nature is so beautiful. It was a pleasure to watch him grow into an awesome boy.

Alison Law : It still amazes me what a little food and care can change everything.

unknown person : Who misses the song in the background rosa dear by Ruth?Good old times..😩

Sky k : “Okay we are neutering Harrison Ford”

Stephanie Ka Lei Ali’i : Oh this poor baby 😭 no animal should have to suffer like this way . So disheartening but thank god we have people like you guys to help them 💖

Couch Potato : Does anyone else legs get weak when they see the poor dog ;~; I’m glad he’s getting better :D


who is justin y : So cute! It’s nice to see how his body language changes from beginning to end When he first arrived, he was shy, trembling with every step, physically shaking And now, all because of you guys, he’s happy, confident, and can warm up to others easily without having to fear being neglected again

Gale Christensen : Oh my gosh, I have NEVER wanted a dog from one of your videos so much!! I love them all yes, but usually I just can't wait for them to get a loving home. Harrison was different. As soon as you pointed the camera into those sad, beautiful eyes my heart just turned a somersault and I wanted to make him my own! I love that his foster got him pajamas, and he seemed to really like them too. Thank you guys for all the wonderful work you do, and thank you to all the amazing people who donate!

cici smith : Plz do a vid about how this is not ok... with a list of resources in texas and places to call if people see animals being treated like this??? I've been begging you guys to do this vid. I know it seems like it's common sense that this is not ok. But I am not from here.. I'm from Colorado and this would NEVERRRRR be ok there would be a group of people surrounding the animal trying to help. Out here.. literally in my neighborhood has animals that look like this. They think it's normal. I don't know how this can be ok and just overlooked by so many many thousands of people. You have 2 million subs you could reach so many people. The majority of the people in Tx do NOT know that it's not ok to let your animals run loose, not feed them, not vet them.. if they start to die they just drive them down the highway and throw them out the door. I'm BEGGING YOU to do this educational vid with resources to your 2 mil viewers and on your fb page. I'm very confused as to why this wouldn't be a valuable vid to put out there.

Tim Tereshchuk : “Ok we are neutering Harrison Ford right now”

R. McBride : Sweet boy! It's so joyful to see them go from that sad-eyed, hopeless cringe into an engaged, bright, happy little soul. Thanks, Dr. Kari!

OBIOsim : Wow...what a gorgeous pupper! Love his coloring and his personality. He'll find a forever home very quickly.

Sarah Van Donsel : The best thing in the world is Dr Kerri's baby talk <3

Kristen Rodriguez : Just found out vet ranch is in San Antonio and I live here😭😭!!! I can save some puppies !!

Jenny Drumm : A new Vet Ranch video!! You made my day! It's been so long since the last one that I was having withdrawal! What a gorgeous dog Harrison turned out to be! Thank you for saving his life.

Ken Ohki : Amazing to see the difference in that time period! Such wonderful work!

Foxy and Lucy : Such a cute doggy. So sad.

its meli : Such a cute boi and doggo it hurts my heart to See animals like this 😔 thats why i want to be a vet or an animal rescuer when i grow up !

Mark Burns : So nice to see him with "happy tail" after looking so ill at the start of the video.

Y Pop : Dr. Kerry another dog saved!

fasfan : I love these. Poor sweet thing comes in all scared and then you get to see their personality come out. They always seem to be so thankful to the staff that helped them.

L V : Vet ranch are like angels for animals, they help the animals through all the things they go through. Vet Ranch, I just want to say god bless you, and thank you for all you do!!!

Janel Buckley : Harrison is pure awesome. Thank you, thank you for everyone who gave him hope and love.

GeoLCL 927 : I love how you guys have a cat just wandering around the office. The vet we take our pets to has two cats that just hang out there named April and Mustache.

Eja Moon : Sweet Harrison. 💙. You guys are angels!

AJ Burgess : He was so happy that he hurt his tail... And he still kept wagging it. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Julie Hoffman : Sweet puppy

Beatriz QM : He looks so sweet!!! 😍

Tercs Time : Amazing 😉

Tailor Miles : Can I have some advice? My dog has really bad anxiety and doesn’t really like to socialize with other dogs or animals what might help him because I want him to be happy and healthy