That chicken was dry, Real Dry!
That chicken was dry Real Dry

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Fillmore telling the broad how it is. The ending line is classic.


Julian Monette : Nobody: YouTube: “hey kids wanna see an interracial couple break up over dry poultry”

PAS : “that chicken was dry. real dry...” badass blues music in the background

Galaxy Boy : Your poultry had insufficient moisture to grant suitable taste for my oral interior

Jose Collazo : YouTube recommendations: That chicken was dry, real dry Me: ah, I see your a man of culture

Pickle- Low : Out of all my recommendation this is the coldest thing ive seen. You did good YouTube.

Philip Okala : Ladies it don't matter how beautiful or cute you are. If your dating a black man and you ain't put seasoning or cook good chicken, you out the window

Angelina LaVerdi : I wonder what will be recommended to me today... YouTube: *that chicken was dry, real dry*

Communist Mario : This guy went from Morpheus to Gordon Ramsay in literally seconds

Kaesi'sJourney • : Penny= Popeyes biscuits on sale Filmore: "that biscuit was dry, real dry"

Lol : Bruh we all know chicken was just an analogy for coochie

1000 subscribers whit out videos pls : Youtube: 2010: No 2011: No 2012: No 2013: No 2014: No 2015: No 2016: No 2017: No 2018: No 2019: Your time has come to go in recommend list

Ryatt : A real Ni🅱️🅱️a. Why his glasses look like quarters?

Zachary Akerman : 2010: One 2011: Last 2012: Thing 2013: Babe.. 2014: That 2015: Chicken 2016: Was 2017: Dry 2018: Real 2019: Dry

Jill Sandwich : As he exits the garage. "Aw shit, here we go again."

Kinsey Young : "That chicken was dry. Real dry." Me: oh *s n a p*

Garrett Schanck : the chicken was dry, real dry *jazzy guitar solo*

The Rekoj : The chicken was dry... real dry 😔✊

Chris .V : As a Wise man once said “ You’ve gotta give your meat a good ole rub”

Mr. Awesome's Animations : This video was uploaded close to 9 years ago... YouTube Recommendations: "Don't make me come get you"

Keegan Key : I think he meant something else when he said chicken

BoomBang : Am I the only one who really digs the BG music

Beecher D. : "I still have feelings for you..." *" D R Y "*

celeb updates : this is something chef Gordon Ramsay would say

Gato do Trigun : nobody gonna talk about that awesome soundtrack? anyone got the name of it???

《Liliana》 《Roseanne》 : The best way to break up after having dinner with someone who used you

Bobby Chen : "that chicken, was dry... " that's a page taken out from The Jefferson's sitcom

Wolff : Yes boys the GTA San Andreas garage door close sound effect.

BlueGodest _ : He ain't have to do her chicken like that 😂😂

Angelina Nocentelli : I love how he acted he was finna touch her face but then he touched the garage door button 🤣🤣

Terry Fontenette : This brings a tear to my eye, no man should ever have to endure dry chicken

Impy : Filmore was underrated af, it was a really good parody of the "crime and investigation" type genre for kids, characters were especially spot on

l o o k a t m y p r o f i l e p i c t u r e : Begone thot but in very family friendly version

Xeix : *I replaced the music in the background with 21 Savage “Ball w/o you”*

Chris Sims : We keep talking about the chicken being dry....but can we talk about how smoothly he said “don’t make me come get you” 😂

Tristan Dueck : I have no idea what show this is but I remember this too vividly

maya ferrara : my parents divorced because the chicken was dry 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Now that's a real man.

yeah right get real : I love that camera zoom when he says "real dry"

MiloFi 09 : *title screen* Produced by Quentin Tarantino

Q Tip : My mandible exerted increased effort during the mastication of the poultry due to its lack of moisture.

XxJohnnyXx 239 : Dam my dawg really killed it when he said that chicken was dry, real dry 😂😂

Saintly Halo : You could tell she didn't put seasoning either.

-Madame Dragon- : This video:exists since 2010 *2019:"That chicken was dry."*

harshdeep singh : Bro I just saw this on instagram, and now here damn. My FBI agent really knows me

muustachi : 00:05 thought 'Jocelyn Flores' by XXXTENTACION was about to play

përky's animations : Fillmore is a thot slayer, god DAMN.

Luis Chavez : Morpheus was a mf pimp back in the day

Wraith_FragZ : 2010 nope 2011 nope 2012 a little longer 2013 too soon 2014 nope 2015 eh maybe 2016 close 2017 closer 2018 almost 2019 Perfect...

IDK YT : This is just now recommended after 8 years wtf this is Lit tho no lie