That chicken was dry, Real Dry!

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Jaime Caravantes : Realest nigga ever

The Almighty Croaksplosion : Dry chicken is the worst thing ever imaginable

JaxBlade : This show was too damn good 🤣

Frenzy : The most intense roast the world has ever seen

Bleachy : *_Who got this in their recommendations?_*

PowahSlap Entertainmint : 0:23 The close up when he says "Real dry" makes the scene 1000x funnier.

big/ uzi horizontal : That fact that Orlando brown voiced this is the 🍒 on top.😂

NegroKetchum : The hero in the black community we need but don't deserve.

A.M. : The way he hit that garage door switch.

Godot : That chicken was probably seasoned with air and salt

Sammy Williams : That hurt my feelings and I'm not even a *chicken*

Joshua Worthon : Top 10 most powerful anime characters

BEryl DragOn : Legends says *Even his homies still give him respect even to this day*

Sunkist Jen : Lmaoo no one talking about how he striaght 180° her ass ☠☠ his curve game strong af

GXD : the music makes this so much better

thepenvaper Janet : Bless up This boy said you know what I will no longer take this emotional abuse from this Thot no more I wish i was like that

Michaelzing11 : What is the context? Why is there chicken, and why was it dry?!?

FireNinja606 : Metal Gear Version: Meryl: Snake, I still have feelings for you! Can't you look past my stealth camo? Just this once? Snake *(moves hand near Meryl's tearful face, then proceeds to unlock the cargo door with security card):* You played me for a damn fiddle, Meryl. I'm not going out like that. Not for you. Not anymore. *(grabs cardboard box)* Meet me at Otacon's lab first thing in the morning. Don't make me come choke you. And one last thing, Meryl: that ration was disgusting. Really disgusting. *(puts on cardboard box and proceeds to walk out)*

In the Mind of DeAngelo : Don't make me come get you..... And one last thing baby, that chicken was dry... real dry 🤣🤣🤣

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Begone thot

Josuke Ruins Everything. : Imagine a cat and mouse ideological showdown between Detective Cornelius Fillmore and revolutionary Huey Freeman. That'd be the most baller anime battle ever.

jak : he attacc he protecc but most importantly he *BLACC*

Judas McSwell : That show was the shit!

Inner City Dispute : *IF SHE BREATHES, SHES A THOT*

Muhammed Garba : He had them Gucci flip flops on too.

Butlcl001 : 0:08 When you're about to finish jerkin it and you hear the door knob turn


Ewwwitsher : Best anime ending of all time

Jib U : 8 years ago and now it's in my recommended

cat : *..dry.. real dry..*

chris harden : "Don't Make Me Come Get You" 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

jordan baker : Roasted her ass with grace😂😂😂😂

BigFatPanda Laktana : Song name?

Zenssei : Russel from Gorillaz really lost weight

Xxx Tenacles : Who is here from trippie redd? 😂😂😂

女の子xGoldengirl : I don't know why, but for some reason he reminds me of Robin from the 2003 Teen titans.

David Wyatt : Dry Chicken is just Turkey.

Lavar Ball : *After the scene *plays lucid dream

jice12 : i'da nut one last time tho

Mason Goodwyn : Thanksgiving 2018 recommendations? 😂🦃👌🏾

Loudog200 0 : Yeah, yeah, yeah, chicken dry or whatever. Who closed the garage?

Pauly Rat : Is the voice actor for penny the same voice actor for Helga in hey Arnold?

George Davydian : Quite possibly the greatest moment of my childhood

That’s Trippy, Bro : Why is a 8 year old video in my recommendations?

its ya boi Sanic : 0:23 *Starts clapping slowly*

Junayd A.A : I think by chicken he means 😉😉

Jaleesa Greene : Fillmore. Ahh the good old days

Once * Army : I've never seen so much swagness🙄

zero : this need to be up there with "frankly my dear i don't give a damn"

It'll WORK this time : Thots being sent to the gulag colorised circa 1931