That chicken was dry, Real Dry!

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Shrimp Man : Realest nigga ever

JIB : 8 years ago and now it's in my recommended

Linkmon99 : slick, real *s l i c k*

TheAssassin0099 : Dat pussy was dry, real dry

Buddy Guy : u know she didn't use any seasoning either

Brett Mcgar : Dang little bill grew up to be a g Edit: jesus thanks for the likes my dudes i posted that stoned😂 had no idea it would get this many likes !

McSwayne : Bet that chicken was cold as well!

Dee the art teen : He made the right choice. You can’t date a woman who makes dry chicken.

JustMike : why this dude look like a character from Gorillaz

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Begone thot

PriceyFern : Dry Chicken is something not even ketchup can save

penclaw : Top 10 KFC adverts "don't wanna loose your date? next time choose us!"

Some Dude Named will : The show is called Fillmore for anyone wondering.

missingname110 : He looks like Russel from Gorillaz

The Almighty Croaksplosion : Dry chicken is the worst thing ever imaginable

Santi Cheeks : As Penny was begging for another chance, the strange man acted an unbelievable act, he moved his hand toward Pennys face, and just as she thought he was going to touch her he didnt, he pushed the button to open the garage door, as it opened he taught her a lesson, and it was a good one too, whilst walking out into the sunset the strange man made one last remark *"That chicken was dry, real dry"* 🔥

Sans Zockt : He is not only school police but also Thot Patrol

nameless Manuel : *Thats Ho*_-w Mafia Works-_

Khalid Faisal : She played him like a damn fiddle

Muhammed Garba : He had them Gucci flip flops on too.

Mr Poe : I might have only known him for seconds but I relate to him on a spiritual level

Screwnicorn : Serving dry chicken to a black man. She should've known better

Josuke Ruins Everything. : Imagine a cat and mouse ideological showdown between Detective Cornelius Fillmore and revolutionary Huey Freeman. That'd be the most baller anime battle ever.

V Vito : This the Orlando Brown we need back

Sammy Williams : That hurt my feelings and I'm not even a *chicken*

LinkCanBackflip : Has anyone here actually watched this good show?

[KML] Dunker Lord : I bet that guy was Gordon Ramsay


Jazzy ___ : Orlando brown was always the black cartoon characters on Disney. This was my favourite character besides Eddy on that’s so raven.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : 0:23 The close up when he says "Real dry" makes the scene 1000x funnier.

SYT94828 Gaming : When I see a black person and "chicken" in the title, I click. Not racist.

Paul Radatovich : Is the voice actor for penny the same voice actor for Helga in hey Arnold?

Disaster Review : 0:06 sounds like Jocelyn Flores...

PotOfDuality : It's like I heard that Supa Hot Fire reaction instinctively after this

Junayd A.A : I think by chicken he means 😉😉

Oaklr Douglr : That chicken was dry, *REAL* dry!

George Davydian : Quite possibly the greatest moment of my childhood

dan marr : 0:06 genuinely thought that was Jocelyn Flores playing at first lol

Bryan Pedersen : Don't date someone who lies, and don't date someone who can't cook chicken. This girl did both.

Alex Willis : This has to be the highest IQ comment section on YouTube, the analysis of this line using the presented evidence, metaphors, and devices have developed into some truly gripping theories, and highly intellectual debate on it

LARGE BAGUETTE LAFAYETTE :3 : Tell it how it is my brotha 👌🏾

Hurtts , : _top 10 saddest anime endings_

BigFatPanda Laktana : Song name?

JaxBlade : This show was too damn good 🤣

Khalid Faisal : She played him like a chicken that was dry, real dry. -santi cheeks

Regat Kahsai Staats : 2019 in your recommend? Yeah, you are not alone.

The Gaming Virgin : I think he might have been referring to her vaginal area

Mr.E : 0:04 "Just this once" ...Bobs or Vegana, whichever will it be?...

Zenssei : Russel from Gorillaz really lost weight

James Del Rey : Is that Orlando Brown?