That chicken was dry, Real Dry!

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Shrimp-man : Realest nigga ever

PowahSlap Entertainmint : 0:23 The close up when he says "Real dry" makes the scene 1000x funnier.

Sammy Williams : That hurt my feelings and I'm not even a *chicken*

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Begone thot

Once * Army : I've never seen so much swagness🙄

LeBeautiful : Gucci flip fk a thot

JaxBlade : This show was too damn good 🤣

Jonas H. : He’s straight savage, but we all know he’ll be heartbroken and sad too...

Ramarous : Y his head like dat.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Now that's a real man.

FakeUser NameTwo : "That p*ssy was dry, real dry."

Mocker Nick : The Thot shall begone But the song shall remain For to have dry chicken Is truly inhumane

4th Dimension : I thought the "Don't make me come get you" was more savage than the "real dry" part

Muhammed Garba : He had them Gucci flip flops on too.

Jasmine Sweeney : Is that Orlando brown voicing him?

Jitteriax_YT_ : he black. he broke up because of the dry chicken. how can u have a gf that cant cook chicken

PushBacon : So... who closed the garage door for dramatical effect? The girl?

MrGhettoFranz : Why is this suddenly in my recommendation?

Zenssei : Russel from Gorillaz really lost weight

MightyMischa : thank you Algorythm for showing me a legendary 8 years old upload

Ashton court : He ain't playing with no hoes 😂😂😂

Godot : That chicken was probably seasoned with air and salt

C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s : Is 'real dry' supposed to have a double-meaning for the sake of adult humour? I would have never picked up on that one when I was younger

Jesusz Jimenezs : *B E G O N E T H O T*

Jessica : sh00k

derMulti26 : in germany he sounds like 30

FireNinja606 : Metal Gear Version: Meryl: Snake, I still have feelings for you! Can't you look past my stealth camo? Just this once? Snake *(moves hand near Meryl's tearful face, then proceeds to unlock the cargo door with security card):* You played me for a damn fiddle, Meryl. I'm not going out like that. Not for you. Not anymore. *(grabs cardboard box)* Meet me at Otacon's lab first thing in the morning. Don't make me come choke you. And one last thing, Meryl: that ration was disgusting. Really disgusting. *(puts on cardboard box and proceeds to walk out)*

jice12 : i'da nut one last time tho

subseven : That was cold. Real cold.

big/ uzi horizontal : That fact that Orlando brown voiced this is the 🍒 on top.😂

Joshua Worthon : Top 10 most powerful anime characters

Milton : MGTOW before it was cool.

DomnoSaur : That some David Gilmour shit playing in the back

A.M. : The way he hit that garage door switch.

Jennifer Shope : Fillmore looks like a teen version of Russel from Gorillaz.

Krynictrace : B E G O N E T H O T

Natalie Monroe : I mad they really did a close up on his face when he said "real dry" 😂😂😂 so dramatic

cat : *..dry.. real dry..*

Blaine Johnson : That Chicken was dry real dry

Ewwwitsher : Best anime ending of all time

TheAllSeeingEye : This show was amazing

NegroKetchum : The hero in the black community we need but don't deserve.

Michaelzing11 : What is the context? Why is there chicken, and why was it dry?!?

Lil Bleachy : *_Who got this in their recommendations?_*

Keao Kosu : The zoom in and the guitar made this shit 🔥

K3vy Kev : That instrumental is chill Af

Bofa Boy : Number 1 top ten anime betrayals

Jefferson Juno : “Real dry” like that fake cry of her’s

Jefferson Juno : Coolest dude I have ever seen

GXD : the music makes this so much better