Aztec death whistle , scariest bone-rattling whistle played by a female horn-bearer

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Visit our site. more chilling sounds at this site or Festival Goer enthusiast demonstrating Aztec death whistle: These unique whistles are hand sculpted by artists at First Nations Music using rare black clay. These skull are depiction of ancient archeological pieces. It was used during the Epi-classic period by the Mesoamerican tribes to intimidate the enemy on the battlefield, in funerary procession and also in honor the ancestors like modern day Dia de los Muertos( Day of the dead). In order to produce these terrifying sound, two hands should be used. One to hold the whistle while the other is used to close the hold at the bottom.

Comments from Youtube

Eden Adams : It sounds like a girl screaming. I would be terrified if I was alone in a forest and heard that

Michael Brown : “Cuz size isn’t everything” *hear that little buddy!*

Grimmy is depressed : Now imagine this being played by ten thousand Aztecs running at you

Taya : When you touch a piece of wet food while doing dishes

Heartbroken DC : Lmfao imagine waking up every morning and being like lemme go get my goat horns😂😂

Melcome Jordan : Please marry me half goat lady

KenzieM : Someone needs to make a death whistle out of a bottle of Dan Aykroyd’s vodka

Smug Spud02 : “Why are you crying so loud” Me: *I hAvE HeArD ThInGs*

José Dueñas : "Cause size isn't everything" *sheds a tear* thanks

Adolf Hitler : The sound is oddly familiar like I've heard it in a movie before

Miguk Moonpark : When you poop and water comes splashing back.

3946 : Reminds me of that one roblox video where the kid falls off of the obby

PriMaLSunrise : You ever smell someone through a screen?

Eugenia OL : When you kill a 12 year old in Fortnite

mattislife : 0:28 when you bump into the shower nosil and it goes all the way cold

Slothical : When your uncle comes in your room

Heartbroken DC : When you realize she has horns😂 instant softness again


FunForSameer : *When the cockroach starts to fly*

kazmir : This reminds me of the first time I heard my neighborhood red fox screaming at night. I truly thought someone was dying outside my window lmao. If you've never heard that before. Look it up, you're already on YouTube.

Kepi Play : Sounds like my dad's drill

Dat Boi : *White girl's ancestors kill Aztec and plays their horn as a sign of defeat 2019 colorized*

I D S : Imagine 500 of them just blowing that whistle. I would be scared to even come near them.

Q'adzullah the Winnower of Men : 1490s kids remember this

zomber killerz : 8yr olds when they dont get v-bucks

MrInfinity : tbh it sounds like it's working not how it's supposed to... or like it's just dying

Tristan Garwood : I'll bet the Spanish scared the Aztecs with their powder burners

Ash Ketchum : When you accidentally choose bulbasaur...

sgtpepper6379 : Man those ancient Mexicans sure love death. I guess that heritage still runs strong today with their govt/cartel collaboration 👍

CSWSgaming : I love how I have my window openwhile this is on full volume and there are kids coming jone from school. FBI OPEN UP

Reign Drops : When you blow air into an Aztec death whistle

WildMoonChild : just add some guitar in the back and youve got a metal band

Rome Blanchard : When you accidentally bang your pinky toe in every furniture on sight

GreenLanternSalem : History teacher. I get to teach Aztecs this year. Getting one. Gonna scare the shit out of my students.

poilboiler : Would make an effective alarm clock.

FaXMachine 14 : This dont sound scary at all. Just sounds like something screaming

Key Fire : Cleric Beast is that you?

koechiaki777 : Why the heck was this in my recommendations

MA OU : I expected PILLAR MEN theme... **Disappointed**

Jadden : *Bone* chilling, kinda sounds like a big bird screeching 🦅

Hello. : So glad I didn't get caught up in the whole rave EDC burning man stuff. All these nasty strung out kids on acid humping eachother dressed as minitards 😂😂😂

CAR208 MAN929 : thats what my wife sounds like evry day untill im drunk enough not to care and she got them horns coming out too on the head

EpicPinkCreeper : At first I was like "it just sounds like it isn't working or something" But then I realized that it was supposed to sound like screaming.

Likeaday_Studios A.R.H : My teacher brought one in... Scared a lot of the other teachers who heard the whistle through the walls XD

Nathan Stansbury : I suffered a major heartatack and died while watching this #blessed

Nacho The Cat : *Girl* : it's very creepy. *me* : (expects something what the band Slipknot would use) *whistle* : I'm from the *IRS*

Vincent Lopez : That was the most metal whistle blowing I have ever heard in my whole life. Hi 5

DansTube.TV : *Knock-knock* - “Trick or treat” *Blows death whistle from inside of the house* 💀 🏠

StonerDloner : Holy heck, this girl is so beautiful!!