Aztec death whistle , scariest bone-rattling whistle played by a female horn-bearer

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EpicPinkCreeper : At first I was like "it just sounds like it isn't working or something" But then I realized that it was supposed to sound like screaming.

Rome Blanchard : When you accidentally bang your pinky toe in every furniture on sight

Toasted Fan Art : I thought the thumbnail was some chick smoking a bowl

can i get 100,000 subscribers for free please : I swear, nothing funnier than the YouTube comment section 😂😂

Plori : This was in my recommended so I'm new but what's with the horns??

Sumukh : like my girlfriend ain't ENOUGH !

Ana Castaneda : Sounds like me when I played the recorder back in elementary school.

SpiritWolf : 99% didn't notice that the girl had demon horns

Jaylyn Hewitt : When someone takes the food you saved in the fridge

DansTube.TV : *Knock-knock* - “Trick or treat” *Blows death whistle from inside of the house* 💀 🏠

jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns : *person* : hey how are u *me* : im alright. u? *me on the inside* :

Insomnia Poltergeist : I don't find the sound scary, but the point is. You can hear the voices of the victims in the whistle.

Pandesal : Me : *sits down* Mom : *can u-* Me :

i ' m f u c k e d u p : You look like some weird cult person from Far Cry or GTA

Imaru Lewis : I would love one of these for school. Teacher: "we got a suprise test today." Me:

Alondrix06 : Welcome to the new version of death metal

svntrw : Sounds like those stupid sound effects at a school haunted house, I wouldnt be surprised there were people blowing into these for the effects.

Sono : Imagine hearing thousands of those while you're surrounded by forest and can't see where it's coming from. Aztecs put fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Wheelie Kings : Little known fact- The Aztecs sucked at music

Evan Jenkins : me looking in the mirror like:

saurabh jainth : These could have been used as stress the ambulance signals today

Kayden 21 : Wow the comments made me think these would be terrifying but it sounds like a monkey running out of breath

Random Boi : Sounds like its just going REEEEEEEE

A. Cheri : I didn't notice her horns until after she blew the whistle💀💀 nearly had a heart attack

Melody Bloom : This actually sounds like a woman screaming, what the hell?!

unfadeable : When I found out Trump got elected...

Walnutter : If i was walking around at night and I heard that i think my heart would stop just so i'd die before what ever made that noise got to me.

ascended dude : Were can I date a female horn bearer

Itzlaide Xx : When a John wick kills you in fortnite

koechiaki777 : Why the heck was this in my recommendations

Danny Mata : I hope you do realize these were actually meant for rituals and do bring a spiritual presence. In other words not meant to be used for fun or raves....and is also disrespectful (Cultural appropriation)

Tru Story : Lmao sorry but I bet you can braid your pubes

Jefro Dacia : Freaking degenerate witch.

Cyn : When you find out you have to go to summer school

Ron Jet : When I see a cockroach.

Fap Man : When you get sting by a bee

Real Deal : Ppl only scream like that in the movies....its fake

Emily Duh Jedi : I NEED ONE OF THOSE! So i can scare the crap out of fellow teens on Halloween!

Ashutosh Sehgal : Imagine Blowing This On a mountain and then hearing its echoes!!

Kenazzle : Imagine being in a hot, unfamiliar jungle and suddenly hearing this sound multiplied by 40 coming from all angles around you moment before being attacked by jaguar warriors. No wonder the Aztecs kicked so much arse.

ed s : She has handle bars on her head thats odd...hmm I think i know what those are

JL Cena : After days of not studying for an exam . You be like.

Poisonclaw The one eyed cat : Dragons..

Born 2 Pizza : Not the greatest idea to watch this at night

Eric Kruckenberg : Imagine blowing this to scare someone... Then you hear more in the distance o.o;;

Christian Hinton : Immediately made me think of the ghosts from Dark Souls

cuickoo : I gotta say that is pretty Black Metal

Rocket Man : Sounds like my chickens when I knock on the coop at night...

o k : i wonder if they use these in movies

Ray Mak : Sounds like a really loud scream