Aztec death whistle , scariest bone-rattling whistle played by a female horn-bearer

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Rome Blanchard : When you accidentally bang your pinky toe in every furniture on sight

Toad Tip Mane : 1490s kids remember this

FunForSameer : *When the cockroach starts to fly*

Henry : The Aztecs had aqueducts, a 365-day calendar, a solid law system, obsidian blades, predicted eclipses hundreds of years before they happened, brushed their teeth and had public restrooms and public showers before the concept of hygiene was even a thing in Europe, also the population of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan was 8 times bigger than that of Paris which was the most populated city in ''the old world'' by the time the spaniards arrived, and most importantly they even drank chocolate, such a fascinating culture.

Star Boi : Sounds like its just going REEEEEEEE

EpicPinkCreeper : At first I was like "it just sounds like it isn't working or something" But then I realized that it was supposed to sound like screaming.

And rew : 0:44 Well you heard it here first. I guess my 1 inch punisher isn’t so bad after all!

i ' m f u c k e d u p : You look like some weird cult person from Far Cry or GTA

Wheelie Kings : Little known fact- The Aztecs sucked at music

Moneyy 1 : It really aint that scary. Now, hearing the sound of a hundred bagpipes playing as they march over the highlands into battle, that would scare me

koechiaki777 : Why the heck was this in my recommendations

Bob Smiff : Are we gonna talk about the fact this girl is just casually in the wilderness with some horns on her head and blowing creepy whistles. Probably a pagan worshiper

RIDDL35. : Only 12th century kid will remember

svntrw : Sounds like those stupid sound effects at a school haunted house, I wouldnt be surprised there were people blowing into these for the effects.

Colton Chavez : Why do you feel the need to put female into the title?

DansTube.TV : *Knock-knock* - “Trick or treat” *Blows death whistle from inside of the house* 💀 🏠

Kayden 21 : Wow the comments made me think these would be terrifying but it sounds like a monkey running out of breath

HITMAN JJs : Were can I date a female horn bearer

Corey Berg : My girlfriend kinda sounds like that if she talks back to me

• Biscuit • : 1:01 And that, ladies and gentleman, is what my mom's tea kettle sounds like twice a day. (we actually dubbed it the Aztec Death Whistle, because it was so high pitched (and LOUD) and scared both my pets-

Evan Jenkins : me looking in the mirror like:

unfadeable : When I found out Trump got elected...

saurabh jainth : These could have been used as stress the ambulance signals today

Thankyoumood : Send nudes

Gamer Guitarist : These comments gave me the impression that this was going to scare the living daylights out of me when instead I thought it sounded like a wild trigglypuff.

Melody Bloom : This actually sounds like a woman screaming, what the hell?!

FarzOnMarz : When your mom comes to whoop DAT ASS

Tru Story : Lmao sorry but I bet you can braid your pubes

Garden Turtle : In Soviet Aztec, whistle imitates *you*

Andres Sibaja : You know some smartasses used these for a horror movie

Imaru Lewis : I would love one of these for school. Teacher: "we got a suprise test today." Me:

sliced banana : Damn Aztec was so badass

Rhett Bubba : When u step on a Lego *SCREAM*

Jen Weaver : When you sit down on the toilet seat and its wet

Heith Watkins : It's Hillary Clinton on election night! !!!!!!

Kenazzle : Imagine being in a hot, unfamiliar jungle and suddenly hearing this sound multiplied by 40 coming from all angles around you moment before being attacked by jaguar warriors. No wonder the Aztecs kicked so much arse.

Arturo Perez : When you put it in the wrong hole😂

Lord Zeus : When it isn't a fart

Jango Fett : Still not as scary as hearing an ewok horn.

Cole Trickle : I bet she smells like frog farts

Toasted Fan Art : I thought the thumbnail was some chick smoking a bowl

Camila Navarro : If my ancestors knew that one day our sacred culture would be getting used at some hip cool festival would burst into laughter while peeing all over their huaraches hahahaha

Mr.Misery : *When your mom finds your search history..*

Meneltir : Sounds like somebody trying to clear their dried out throat more than a scream.

Beat my face! : When you bust a mean one

cz productions : I swear, nothing funnier than the YouTube comment section 😂😂

Mike-Daddy : Sounds like when you are delivering something to the special-ed class’ teacher

Cruise Addiction TV : Your neighbors probably called the cops after you finished recording.

Maniac Magge : Jaysus Joseph and Mary that is god damn haunting, I'll take 2

Funnel Cake : “Female horn bearer”