Aztec death whistle , scariest bone-rattling whistle played by a female horn-bearer

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Ray Mak : Sounds like a really loud scream

The Dark Mist : Just sounds like women screaming in old horror movies.

FranticYak : I have the second one she tried out and I love it. The police who responded to my apartment when my roommates and I were playing it did not.

Unwritten Zephyr : I don’t know if its true or not, but the Aztecs designed them so it would sound similar to the screams people would make during their famous sacrifices. So thats what a person sounds like while their heart is being ripped out.

First Cooommment : Nonchalantly blows whistle: *AHHHHHHH-HAAAA-AHHHHHHHH!!!!* "It comes in different sizes". Lol

User 5.56 : Sounds like my espresso machine.

Esmeralda Hutcherson : When you step on a lego.

Sid Thevar : the best rape whistle ever........guys will probably run away shitting.....

Le Corbeau : It sound like Justin bieber voice

TotalRookie_LV : Choose a park or cemetery, place this in a hidden spot on a tree (well, a tower of a church will do too) with a cone tube, that would catch wind, preferably add a valve - a metal spring that would deform and block airflow when it's warm. Why? Because it's chillier at night. P.S. No, a park or a cemetery, that would be too evil, but... How about a rooftop of a slaughterhouse?

Zid z : Man she's my girl she just don't know it yet

Ivan Maslov : U can blow my whistle any time

DanPlaysBlitz : The horns scare me more then the whistle

CapitalJ2 : She looks like she's wild in bed

Kenazzle : Imagine being in a hot, unfamiliar jungle and suddenly hearing this sound multiplied by 40 coming from all angles around you moment before being attacked by jaguar warriors. No wonder the Aztecs kicked so much arse.

Berserker Alpha : Ancient anti rape whistle

izzythedude : Why would you bring that to something like EDC lol it’s like the opposite vibe you should be givin

DelbertStinkfester : Are you an actual elf???

TheAztecScorpion : what better way to respect a culture than to copy one of their artifacts and mass sell it to people in festivals where everyone gets drunk and drugged and uses it for shits and giggles. NOT. please try to respect my culture. we do have vengeful ancestors. 😠

Wilbert Cook : Amazing that they can make a whistle that sounds as someone screaming in agonizing pain so long ago. I need to get few for when Halloween comes.

RG 13 : No no no, what am I doing here. It's dark outside, I'm alone and I have a test tomorrow. I don't need these. And yet here I am

poisoncurls : sexy

Asian Assassin : She can bear my horn.

LIBERTY PRIME : She can blow my whistle anytime

thisdoesnotslip : Oh sure, just play one of those at a festival and give some person the worst trip of their life

TheAztecScorpion : *Aztec* whistles not Hipster whistles. RESPECT the culture please

aaronc158 : I wish she would blow my whistle.

Dirk Pitt : Imagine her smell......

Lonely Person : I think a similar concept is used today in fox and rabbit callers

agochoa : More like an ancient anti rape whistle. Holy shit my ear drums....... 😖😖😖

Idyli F : Those horns are so badass, love em

Finn P : Fucking hippies

Jyothi jo : Sounds like a woman screaming

666toysoldier : Not much different from my little metal squirrel call. It shrieks pretty good.

chloe1476 : When you step on a lego in the dark

Vrixiz : Just imagine hearing some bullshit like that while walking in a forest at night. OMG!!!

Airmanmx1 : Damn, the cheapest death whistle on even is $50

Violet Crystal : I want one of these so I can scare my cousins especially my spoiled brat cousin

Bandino Finesse : We finna ignore the fact that this bitch has horns 🤔

Kanin : You look like a Dragon Age character thats about to give me a sidequest. Edit: Thank you for 1K+ likes :)

Rick M : I don't get why people think it sounds so creepy. Maybe it's just my ears, but it just sounds like a high pitch whistle to me. Not some "haunting " sound. Like i said, maybe it's just me

Mlgbeastskillz !!! : This is the sound you make when you step on a lego

Yo Mama : Sounds like a screeching teapot

Live From The Gutter : If you don't think size is everything then you'll love me girl 😉

Eefreth 87 : Ok new notifications sound for my cellphone

Dr. Wendy Martin MD : You should queef through it

CLAYTON STOKES : Those sound like someone sucks at making whistles.

Sanaziya Bff : Thats me when the next day is going to be monday

*BbyYoshi* : Just imagine someone walking in the woods while she was testing them out, getting all scared and start it running for their lifes screaming for help. Lol

AJ R : Sounds like my nose when I'm trying to go to sleep