Aztec death whistle , scariest bone-rattling whistle played by a female horn-bearer

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DansTube.TV : *Knock-knock* - “Trick or treat” *Blows death whistle from inside of the house* 💀 🏠

Evan Jenkins : me looking in the mirror like:

Imaru Lewis : I would love one of these for school. Teacher: "we got a suprise test today." Me:

Eric Kruckenberg : Imagine blowing this to scare someone... Then you hear more in the distance o.o;;

Rome Blanchard : When you accidentally bang your pinky toe in every furniture on sight

Ron Jet : When I see a cockroach.

Morgan Lemons : That is scary 0_0

Pink Floyd3 : *Inhales* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Christian Sams : Nothing sounds like “let’s get this party started” like the sound of bloody murder

Jack Donovan : Why does this woman have horns

koechiaki777 : Why the heck was this in my recommendations

Plori : This was in my recommended so I'm new but what's with the horns??

cz productions : I swear, nothing funnier than the YouTube comment section 😂😂

TheBeaTle : Aztecs used to use them when they were invading other tribes. So, you need to picture a tone of them being played at the same time while your enemy rushes to kill you. I don't condone war, but damn that would be amazing to witness.

Sumukh : like my girlfriend ain't ENOUGH !

Introverted Aries : Why in the bloody hell was this recommended to me? 👀

Toasted Fan Art : I thought the thumbnail was some chick smoking a bowl

Captain Average : Imagine your ass alone in a forest and then you hear ten of these go off in all directions

Artur : Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Teragram38 Crows : That definitely is different. I wonder how it would sound if they were played all together.

dime love : Looking at the scale the day after thanksgiving like

Dreamy Owl : *when you fail at killing a spider*

Jaylyn Hewitt : When someone takes the food you saved in the fridge

EpicPinkCreeper : At first I was like "it just sounds like it isn't working or something" But then I realized that it was supposed to sound like screaming.

Ameer Sbeih : I know the point is to sound like a screaming woman, but it just sounds like a messed up toy whistle, until I force myself to hear a screaming women. I don't think I'd be scared by hearing this, unless, ofc, I was alone in the woods, or something

Ana Castaneda : Sounds like me when I played the recorder back in elementary school.

xsarax : They should use these in horror movies to imitate the screams

Danny Mata : I hope you do realize these were actually meant for rituals and do bring a spiritual presence. In other words not meant to be used for fun or raves....and is also disrespectful (Cultural appropriation)

jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns : *person* : hey how are u *me* : im alright. u? *me on the inside* :

m i n a : Mom: time to wake up for school, honey Me:

Wtfbicky ! : When I first opened the video I was like “oh this can’t be bad” when I heard it I was like “WTFFF”

Alondrix06 : Welcome to the new version of death metal

Born 2 Pizza : Not the greatest idea to watch this at night

Big Head624 : the whistle sounds like the blair witch screaming

Sophia Baligad : Forget the whistle look at her horns

Pan Kake : If someone started blowing this thing in my face while I was at a festival, they would be the ones screaming. And then dead. Hipster shit.

Blurryink : Sounds like a freaking wendigo

Walnutter : If i was walking around at night and I heard that i think my heart would stop just so i'd die before what ever made that noise got to me.

Alyssa Carey : Sounded like different pitched screams👍😬

Haydn Dailey : Sounds like my chickens when I knock on the coop at night...

_ STOP _ : I have one of those is shaped like puma also sounds like one really cool

Ray Mak : Sounds like a really loud scream

Jefro Dacia : Freaking degenerate witch.

FlakeyJakey : I wanna buy some of these, layer and distort them, and make em sound like a wendigo or something.

Christian Hinton : Immediately made me think of the ghosts from Dark Souls

JaQuedia Pye : Sounds like a “Woman Screaming for her LIFE”!!!! I don’t Like IT!!!! 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Cheezy Flakes : Me when a dentist removes my wisdom tooth...

Tiffy : does anyone else find it not scary? it sounds like a really fake sounding scream sound effect

DEATHMASTER : Nice Youtube Recommendation is giving me Quality content

內馬爾 : 0:44 that's what she said but it still hurts deep inside