Fur Elise Played by 19 Tiny Tuxedo Men

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Wa Luigi : This. This is exactly what this site needs. Funny, original, cute, cleaver, and high quality content like this. Excellent work. The editing, the sight gags, the joke timing, this deserves to be on trending.

Akmigone : Here before it goes viral

Perplexum : Wow, all the work you must have put into this (even the reflexion on the piano). Very impressive and funny as hell.

Craig z : That was so well edited. I really appreciate the work put into this!

ElvenGodFromHell : How do we know they are not normal sized men and you're just a giant? 🤔

Cheezy Peas : Where do I get my own

Mohamed Ahmed Siddig : I have never been this amazed in my entire life. You. Are. A. Legend.

TheSonicTurtles : I can't even wrap my head around how much effort was put into this video. You really did a spectacular job

Christian : Good wholesome content from a YouTuber who deserves more recognition.

Johnny Rawlings : I am real glad i subbed. This is just incredible. Keep up the AMAZING work, dude.

Yusef Chaib : This is what YouTube was meant for.

Alpha Potato : Man don'tya just love the smell of green?

Zyad Haddad : Just how much time and effort did you put into this? It’s really good!

KOFU : This is something like "meow meow im a cat" but better.

blu : I have no words. Even typing this comment was almost unachievable. I am mesmerized. Good. Lord.

Seff : Why do you not have a ton of subs? This is high quality

Glynis Anderson : I love this! Such a fun concept and so nicely executed, clearly took time and dedication with a truly great outcome. Awesome job dude.

EĊHÖ : These are the best 19 Tiny Tuxedo Men I've seen in a long time.

Shmevan : Omg this is so amazing, extremely nice job!

Kamila Dotta : Amazing!!!!!!!

oksitoneza : Nice! Where can we see the making of?

Ivanquote : This is like a Tom and Jerry episode, except with Beethoven instead of Liszt. I love it.

00Clank : Most underrated, underviewed video of the year.

enigmatico007 : Encontré este canal de pura casualidad y fue amor a primera vista. Muy buen vídeo

Marimba Maurice : Hahaha this is so good. It may doesn't make sense when you think about the concept but it is really entertaining :)

Lukis Makis : WOW AMAZIIIING Woooooooow Impressive. Realllyyyyyyy impressive. Thank you for this beautiful video. (guess what, I can't find the words to express haha)

Vithor Moraes : RIDICULOUSLY well made

VTRcomics : Easily, you are now my favorite youtuber The editing is just amazing, I'm still drooling over the reflections

TimothyWilson42 : I shudder at the thought of the amount of time that went into this... Worth it in the end though!

TrickyGriffonGaming : GIVE ME TWENTY

TheXBladeist : Lovely!

FGZ art : Amazing

Gabriel Fortuny : That was really well done

MagicianFairy : This is so well edited

Jazz Bouchard-D : Wow nicely done! Never seen anything like it

Alex's Stupid Imagination : Gosh I love how easily they fly

Petrinator : You are amazing Beanzo.

Ifrit : Well played!

iamaram2 : Charlie Chaplin vibe from this guy