Nuclear inspectors
Nuclear inspectors

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Season: 5 Episode: 3 -------- Follow us! ------ This episode will be posted in our Community! ----- Credit: All Rights come to Fox!, I do not own the rights to this video! Requested by: Omega (I think)


MaverickScythe : "For the love of god sir, there are two seats in there!" "I like to put my feet up."

Touchii : The box the box!!

Brian Anderson : This three minutes and thirty seconds was funnier that the entire last season of the Simpsons.....

Stoneman180190 : You can't call Mr. Burns evil and heartless, especially when he allows nap time at the Nuclear power plant (and follows suit too).

outsideredge : "Meltdown averted. Good boy." That dog will save us all.

DarkMoonGeneral : "The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottom big."

Rj Sanchez : i have a feeling you'll be.... DROPPING the charges.

Marcelo Xavier : Good old Simpsons, so great. This scene alone is much funnier than any new season

Tinned Tuna : "The watchdog of public safety. Is there any lower form of life?"

DWSimmy : Will we ever find out what was in the box?

Sidious : never understood why there was a plant destruct button and why its in homers section lol

Matt Lee : 'We make cookies here, Mr Burn's old fashioned, good time, extra chewy.. Get the axe' classic Simpson's episode

KrisFrosz133 : Interesting to note that Conan O'Brien wrote this episode.

markwest1987 : When Smithers says he couldn't "beee" here, I couldn't stop laughing. XD

Big Dog : The writing in this episode was solid gold

Rijkaard : --I have the feeling you'll be 'dropping' the charges! ... oh! --The painters moved your desk, sir

TheRealNoel2 : "How dare you disturb me during naptime?" "There must be some mistake, we uh, we make cookies here. Mr. Burns' Old Fashioned, Good Time Extra Chewy" A comment below said it best: this clip alone has as much humor as current day Simpsons!

Edwin : "The box the box" lol

MatthewDaelin : 3:10 Mayor Quimby: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go away. LOL

Tian G : 0:21 "Meltdown averted; good boy!"

John Burnside : 1:56 When your teacher asks you a question and you haven't been paying attention all year.

Peace&Love : LOL only homer can cause a nuclear meltdown in a simulator XD

Sane Man : So is this channel to remind people that the Simpsons was in fact funny 20 years ago.

CCSMediaDesign : For the love of god sir there are two seats!!!!!

PyroDan : "BLARRGH! Must destroy mankind. (Watch beeps) ooo, lunch time." I'm dead! xD


darkblood626 : Get the axe.

SameoldDecgar07 : Some say that escape pod's still bouncing around Springfield to this day.

CoolDL : I wonder if Lenny got his hammock from The Hammock District in Cypress Creek

Ben Lash : the box! *THE BOX!*

merrimac290 : Smithers giving Homer a bee-guarding job is such a crazy/brilliant/hilarious idea. This is back in the day when The Simpsons was bold and less formulaic. It's just one example of the show at its creative high-water mark. Cudos to the writers.

markwest1987 : "Mr Burn's old fashion, good time, extra chewy...." πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Sebastian Lecourt : Three and a half minutes of '90s The Simpsons was as funny as an entire episode is today.

William Wilson : Forgot that The Simpsons were funny at one time.

Rusty Debier : The mystery box was amazing because it shows how obsessed with knowing the unknown humans are.

Vincent Smith : I miss how good the animation used to be for episodes like this. Current Simpson's is so lifeless and ridgid

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin : I love how the entire nuclear power plant just has a nap time.

The Zocker : Star wars episode 4 reference: 2:25

Goblin GirlZappa : This show used to be SO GOOD. This clip is still hysterical.

tommyt1971 : For the love of God Sir, there are TWO SEATS!! I like to put my feet up!


ChachaChapati : I love the idea of Homer being in Geneva "chairing a conference on nuclear fission." Great stuff, Conan.

maximusdarkultima : β€œstill not sure how he caused the meltdown. There wasn't even any nuclear material in the truck!” you're questioning someone who made a bowl of cereal catch fire on its own.. just sayin'.

gokinsmen : 00:10 I guess that's why Homer wanted hammocks at Scorpio's power plant.

Michael Gould : I've always loved Mr. Burns' reaction at 0:48. Especially how he says "extra chewy".

Michael S : Simpsons Logic: Has no nuclear energy whatsoever. Absolute meltdown after Homer.

The Simpsons : Hopefully It's not long until we can Live stream once again! still waiting until the 11th next month

Drixenol86 : "How dare you wake me up during nap time!"

Blackmambauk : The bee bit my bottom, now my bottoms big.