Nuclear inspectors

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Joseph Ballin : "He's in Geneva" LOL

Joseph Simone : They played us like a damn fiddle!

FezFindie : Indeed, gotta love how Homer totally bought into the bee-guarding 'duty' while the other two dunces actually bothered to question it.

Federico Brunner : The box the box !! I want it too

thesexybadger : "The box! The box!"

Aspern Park : I love the fact that the dog is just for security purposes here lol

August Clifford : Just imagine if Homer was the button man on a nuclear bomb...

meocats : Oh jeez, I told you bernie - to guard the BEE BUT WHYYY duuu its getting away. OH WE DID BAAAAD

VaciliNikoMavich : 3 mile island incident in a nutshell.

kinsel : So simple, yet so funny. So much better than these complex witty edgy new eps

American Pichu : 0:00 MY EARS

badgerman : My favorite part @ 2:49

I : The painters moved the desk, sir.

DrTheKay : People praise this but this was unfortunately the start of “lets make homer stupid”

Drawingtheway 's : haha so agresive 0:52


TimelineProvision TP : cant beat the 90s simpsons

Ridisword : Personally i prefer watching this on latam spanish not only cause its my native language but theres not much emotion on this voices just look at Smithers at 2:21 its just not good

Eros Hermes : I used to work for US nuclear regulatory commission and this is exactly how the plant workers and regulators behaved.

NUFCMVFC : One of the best sequences....Ever!

Mr Snrub : Why didnt mr Burns release the Hounds 😁

Fat Pie : There has literally been no point in buying a new cellphone in 4 or 5 years

breakline : I like to put my feet up

TheStapleGunKid : So epic how Homer failed at guarding the Bee.

CaseNumber00 : "We're still not sure what caused the meltdown, there wasn't any nuclear material in the truck!" I always love characters who are so stupid they break physics.

Leonard Frank : We did baaaad! 😂

The Gaming Railfan : come to think of it, What actually happened to Bernie and that other guy?

yukineswan : 00:50 Written by conan o brien

Josh Rocko : One of the greatest moments of TV history.

Michael Brown : i love Mr Burns

Ryan J : It's almost unbelievable how amazing this show used to be. The jokes come at you fast, and each and every one of them is genius. And the jokes often have layers on top of layers of humor than you only catch upon rewatch. The show was truly firing on all cylinders in a way another comedy show never will again.

TitanFind : Back in the days when The Simpsons was the best TV show in the world bar none.

russischbrot : this are the simpsons i grow up with.

Balajee Azb : Must destroy mankind 😈😈😈 . Uhh lunchtime 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

itamar megidish : who is the dog?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand : "Mr Burns Old fashion Good time Extra Chewy!- Get the Axe" LMAO!

Liam EFC : which dog was that

rotflmfao3 : The way Mr Burns presses the button really fast sounds like a woodpecker 2:18

MrGameAndPlay : Now there a crimnal bee on the loose

Marelfan 8677 : Doh! The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottoms big!!

Bob Jones : Conan O'Brien was one of the greatest Simpsons writers

Justin Fontaine : Axe guys animation is so good

johnn lee : "HD"

MidnightBastard : I never knew how funny the earlier Simpsons episodes were

729 : Mr. Burns is my favorite Jew.

teagbroh643 GDC : Mission: GUARD THE BEE!!

X X : Classic Simpsons. Before every episode was political, and before Flanders became a thin skinned holier than thou.

DarknessTheKnightmare : He was a good boi

Arlo Cordell : 2:12 when i use Arjang Salehi's personal computer...

Arlo Cordell : Dr. Debi Kim, Beloved...please help the Peralta family for they so helped the U.S.A.!!! Yours, Arlo Arthur Cordell