Nuclear inspectors

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DepravedMorgath : How many people think Homer should get a nobel prize for creating a nuclear meltdown with a total absence of nuclear material.

Touchii : The box the box!!

MaverickScythe : "For the love of god sir, there are two seats in there!" "I like to put my feet up."

Stoneman180190 : You can't call Mr. Burns evil and heartless, especially when he allows nap time at the Nuclear power plant (and follows suit too).

The Magnificent Majunior : "We're still not sure what caused the meltdown, there wasn't any nuclear material in the truck!"

outsideredge : "Meltdown averted. Good boy." That dog will save us all.

Marcelo Xavier : Good old Simpsons, so great. This scene alone is much funnier than any new season

Brian Anderson : This three minutes and thirty seconds was funnier that the entire last season of the Simpsons.....

Tinned Tuna : "The watchdog of public safety. Is there any lower form of life?"

Sidious : never understood why there was a plant destruct button and why its in homers section lol

Rj Sanchez : i have a feeling you'll be.... DROPPING the charges.

DarkMoonGeneral : "The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottom big."

KrisFrosz133 : Interesting to note that Conan O'Brien wrote this episode.

DWSimmy : Will we ever find out what was in the box?

Matt Lee : 'We make cookies here, Mr Burn's old fashioned, good time, extra chewy.. Get the axe' classic Simpson's episode

Sane Man : So is this channel to remind people that the Simpsons was in fact funny 20 years ago.

markwest1987 : When Smithers says he couldn't "beee" here, I couldn't stop laughing. XD

Rijkaard : --I have the feeling you'll be 'dropping' the charges! ... oh! --The painters moved your desk, sir

MatthewDaelin : 3:10 Mayor Quimby: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go away. LOL

TheRealNoel2 : "How dare you disturb me during naptime?" "There must be some mistake, we uh, we make cookies here. Mr. Burns' Old Fashioned, Good Time Extra Chewy" A comment below said it best: this clip alone has as much humor as current day Simpsons!

Sebastian Lecourt : Three and a half minutes of '90s The Simpsons was as funny as an entire episode is today.

Edwin : "The box the box" lol

Big Dog : The writing in this episode was solid gold

Tian G : 0:21 "Meltdown averted; good boy!"

The Simpsons : Hopefully It's not long until we can Live stream once again! still waiting until the 11th next month

John Burnside : 1:56 When your teacher asks you a question and you haven't been paying attention all year.

Peace&Love : LOL only homer can cause a nuclear meltdown in a simulator XD

CCSMediaDesign : For the love of god sir there are two seats!!!!!

Ryan J : It's almost unbelievable how amazing this show used to be. The jokes come at you fast, and each and every one of them is genius. And the jokes often have layers on top of layers of humor than you only catch upon rewatch. The show was truly firing on all cylinders in a way another comedy show never will again.

SameoldDecgar07 : Some say that escape pod's still bouncing around Springfield to this day.

Ben Lash : the box! *THE BOX!*

darkblood626 : Get the axe.


CoolDL : I wonder if Lenny got his hammock from The Hammock District in Cypress Creek

Vincent Smith : I miss how good the animation used to be for episodes like this. Current Simpson's is so lifeless and ridgid

maximusdarkultima : “still not sure how he caused the meltdown. There wasn't even any nuclear material in the truck!” you're questioning someone who made a bowl of cereal catch fire on its own.. just sayin'.

PyroDan : "BLARRGH! Must destroy mankind. (Watch beeps) ooo, lunch time." I'm dead! xD

Mike Brown's Mother : This one clip has more laughs than an whole season of New Simpsons or Family guy

markwest1987 : "Mr Burn's old fashion, good time, extra chewy...." 😂 😂 😂

Rusty Debier : The mystery box was amazing because it shows how obsessed with knowing the unknown humans are.

William Wilson : Forgot that The Simpsons were funny at one time.

merrimac290 : Smithers giving Homer a bee-guarding job is such a crazy/brilliant/hilarious idea. This is back in the day when The Simpsons was bold and less formulaic. It's just one example of the show at its creative high-water mark. Cudos to the writers.

Goblin GirlZappa : This show used to be SO GOOD. This clip is still hysterical.

The Zocker : Star wars episode 4 reference: 2:25

ChachaChapati : I love the idea of Homer being in Geneva "chairing a conference on nuclear fission." Great stuff, Conan.

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin : I love how the entire nuclear power plant just has a nap time.

NASTY CANASTA : No wonder Smithers made me head bee guy.

Doctor What : can you do a channel about futurama

Michael S : Simpsons Logic: Has no nuclear energy whatsoever. Absolute meltdown after Homer.

Drixenol86 : "How dare you wake me up during nap time!"