Man loses leg caught on dashcam

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Mark Felt : that moan at the end though..

NGATUPUNA : Damn, i legit thought he lost his real leg.😂

Alexey Goncharenko : Is it new art-house movie? Biker lost leg, smiling girl with no shoes, ancient car on the opposite line... WTF?!

RAMMY : why did my dumbass think that was a real leg

Mark Felt : that moan at the end though..

Anas Khalifa : Press 9 and enjoy

Татьяна Сушкова : It is FORD-T??? 0_о

Roel : Respect on the perseverance of the motorcycle rider.

casusbelli : some weird ass sounds

Eastsidedirtykid : Oh God cringy reeeedit is on its way smh -_-

Billy B : 0:52

Matt Del Videos VLOGS : Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!

Mat Walter : I was thinking, "man this guy is taking the whole 'lost my leg' deal pretty well"

Скад Лаунчер : *Автор - молодец!*

Eli Nahon : Is that a time traveler in the other lane?

jacksprrow : you couldnt wait to make sure he got on his bike fine? Hows he gonna lift the bike up with a collapsing leg?? I wonder if he's still on the side of the road fiddling with his leg.

eastendthug : Did he died?


Jack Moran : Hello, My name is Jack Moran and I am a producer for the TV show "RightThisMinute". Our executive producers saw your video and would like to feature it on the show. Would you give us permission to share it on our show and digital platforms with full credit to you and your channel? You will retain all rights to the video. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Please email me at Thanks, Jack

Dopp3lGanger : When the "hero" saves the poor guy 3 seconds of walking and just flies off afterwards basking in the glory

SmileytheFeralCat : At least one fuck given.

xwarped83 : What year is this???

Дмитрий Садковский : Что это было?

Derpster : Does his leg shit in the woods?

PoVaR : Я вахуе

PortierBlog : Jak dla mnie to zgubił PROTEZĘ nogi, nie nogę. Ale nie ma jak dobre pozycjonowanie w Googlach ;)

sastry85 : ..и срочно в больничку - пришивать.

Оппозиционер Путена : я смотрю хрустов только могила сиправит

Heather Fryer : And then he lost it again....

Hans Schmalberger : Lol poor guy

Robin Wier : lol

Quetzalcoatll : 0:24 Look at the car. They had a HD camera 100 yrs ago?!

Junior Junior : LUL

Frankie meme : baited

Jahwae Manuel : Came here because of Tinder lmao

Jahwae Manuel : Came here because of Tinder lmao

James Sciales : Somebody give her a hand

Michael Stanley : He didn't lose his leg. He knew where it was. That's why he was hopping back to get it.

Anthony James : should have game him a kiss.

jonathan montgomery : Why didn't she wait to check he got sorted okay? Nobody else here think that driving off while an amputee tries to reattach a prosthetic limb is a little cold?

- - : And he lived hoppily, ever after.

Андрей Здрямов : *даже в этой смешной англии все как везде - безбашенные хрусты, пофигистические бобби... откуда токо понты берутся у них ставить себя выше вселенной всей, с таким говнищем-то...*

augustreet : 義足ですね。

lauralishes1 : Who does she keep looking at? She's obviously alone in the car

lauralishes1 : Obviously didn't learn the first time around.

konチャン : 感心するわ 自分は片足なくなったらバイク降りるで

YourArgumentIsInvalid : press 'F' to pay respect

Delta Romeo : Baleigh Campbell I've saved your "moan" as my message tone on my phone.... And no, I'm not ashamed! :) But good on ya for helping him out!

Chris Rickett : This is quite the twist. Could we possiby feature it in a news story on and its social media channels? With full credit to you of course. And links leading back? Contact me at for more details – thanks!

theymusthatetesla : Riding a motorbike whilst legless, eh? That's felony, that is!