Man loses leg caught on dashcam

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West Senkovec : *Plot twist:* He lost the leg long time ago

shizukagozen777 : WTF is that place ??? I mean, that old car... that dude who lost his leg in the middle of road only God knows how... This is too weird for me. 😅

NGATUPUNA : Damn, i legit thought he lost his real leg.😂

Mike Dixon : 0:51 I think she came

abhi seng : It would have been funny if she would have just ran away after picking up that leg.. 😂😂

The Ceiling Fan : 0:52 Did someone just orgasm??

DBoy 37 : Damn, such clickbait, but at the same time, not clickbait.

RandomFinn : 0:52 When u get interrupted driving the bang bus by some guy who lost his leg

Jim Goodenough : He didn't lose his leg - he knew right where it was

Jason McMurry : at least it hurt less than the first time!

Mark Felt : that moan at the end though..

Mat Walter : I was thinking, "man this guy is taking the whole 'lost my leg' deal pretty well"

- - : And he lived hoppily, ever after.

Alexey Goncharenko : Is it new art-house movie? Biker lost leg, smiling girl with no shoes, ancient car on the opposite line... WTF?!

SuperSpeedMonkey : She gave him a hand with his leg.

1 : That moan at the end.. *BOING*

MrGameAZ : 0:51 wtf?

YouTube5000 : Where the hell is this town at? Dude loses leg while riding motorcycle, old car from the 1900’ drives by not giving a single F and then cutie gets out of her car or spaceship to help the crippled guy or hermaphrodite maybe? All was left to see is a T-rex humping a hippo.

Panzer Meyer : she cumming?

casusbelli : some weird ass sounds

hughes2397 : It's just a prosthetic leg! I thought someone lost their a real leg at first!

Mark Felt : that moan at the end though..

Eli Nahon : Is that a time traveler in the other lane?

James Souza : He's doing alright though?..Start's a new job next Monday @ Ihop

jacksprrow : you couldnt wait to make sure he got on his bike fine? Hows he gonna lift the bike up with a collapsing leg?? I wonder if he's still on the side of the road fiddling with his leg.

ohbogey : Helpful, but a b!tch for laughing at his misfortune. It's all funny until YOU lose your own dam leg. & I guess she didn't see the bike down? Didn't feel like helping the rider lift his bike upright?

TheLondonCyclist : 0:52 Hmmm

jonathan montgomery : Why didn't she wait to check he got sorted okay? Nobody else here think that driving off while an amputee tries to reattach a prosthetic limb is a little cold?

RockinRob69 : *There's something you don't see everyday.....that old car from the 20's!!*

king 304 : I actual thought he had broken his leg and was just hopping around😂

Wølf Official : is she fingering herself the whole time before and right back in the car? that sound she make the entire video tho

Billy B : 0:52

Si_vis _pacem : 0:52 Your replay button

J0ZZE123 : That moan sounds like I was eating her clit.

Roel : Respect on the perseverance of the motorcycle rider.

Nigel Braunig : That was totally f'd just leaving him like that, poor guy. I would of helped him till he could ride off or something.

C. Lassard : Bizarre sequence of events there!!

coco cornflake : Anyone elses heart drop when they first saw the leg?

coc0s : I was expecting the worst but got a big laugh out of this.

Greasy nPoor : that moan! damn!

Quetzalcoatll : 0:24 Look at the car. They had a HD camera 100 yrs ago?!

Esquire : I was hoping for a full Guardians of the Galaxy scene where she takes off with it.

Anas Khalifa : Press 9 and enjoy

Татьяна Сушкова : It is FORD-T??? 0_о

Ricardo Carrera : She's very kind

James Hall : Hit and run? I don't think he'll have a leg to stand on.

Not Zeus01 : It's not click bait tbf

S E A N 2 5 4 1 : Next time title the video *man lost his FAKE leg*

Vivek ! : Girl: Hey , Here is your leg . Cheers ! Legless Guy : Thanks, I just lost a bolt . Will fix it.

Jinxie_Jester_ Gaming : I thought it was a real leg till I didn't see the colossal kill bill amount of blood.