Man Throws Shoes At Bush

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"CBS News RAW:" At a press conference in Baghdad with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, President Bush got a reminder of the fervent opposition to his policies when a man threw two shoes at his head.


dayum son : Shoe accuracy: *0* Bush evasion: *100*

Spell icup : I wouldn't be suprised if the guy who threw the shoe is from Florida

MyHeroMacadamiaNuts : Who's here because of the tweet hoping that the guy that threw the shoes is doing ok

That Topaz : I love how Bush is all like “ya that shoe, no big deal it didn’t bother me. Like man, he wasn’t even throwing that hard. Now watch me launch this golf ball”

Chirag Joshi : Mission Failed we'll get them next time

cray 3K : if only he had a third shoe, george bush would of never seen that coming

Marcus Justiniani : Just imagine how legendary bush would be if caught and threw back the shoe.

Mr. Money : 0:05 Ultra Instinct Bush

johnny marston : this was more dangerous than jfks assasination

hieu nguyen : when you forget to bring your grenades anyway, the rest of the room should have joint that guy just think about how many shoes were there LOL

Herculean Yousuf : Bush doesn't deserve to be thrown at shoes. Because, Shoes are more valuable and respectable than him. Boycott USA ❌

Naveed Khan : I like the game in which we threw shoe on bush 😂

これは何?いちご : he managed to hit the US flag though haha

MAK PLAYS OFFICIAL : This man dided much good work support u bro

Billy Bob John Adam Joe : When your president doesn’t just start wars off of bogus intel, but can also easily dodge a pair of flying shoes.

Batty Rash : I would have saved my shoes and threw a bucket of piss at him.

ImJustMe 616 : My question is where was the secret service? He shouldn’t have been able to throw a second shoe

berry boy : Anyone 2019??🤣🤣

Chalupa !! : How INCREDIBLE would it have been if Bush caught it and threw it back!? Lol

Kim Pinez : He deserves that. Thats the most demon President in USA

ButodenDan : Ultra instinct Bush confirmed.

Trent Neal : This dude is braver than the troops. o7

Ali chudrue : King. Fire double play. With that time what happen two. Situatie toegather

no name x : It 2019 now......"Freedom and peace" saying that next to the guy who handed out mousel to isis ....god job fu**ing america

The Revolutionary Penguin : "Watcha gonna do when the Ballas attack you throw shoes on em?" ~Carl "Cj" Johnson

Wow Wow : Imagine throwing two shoes at a guy standing in the open right in front of you and missing both times💀

مسلسلات - HDR : Do you know what the Iraqi journalist said when he threw the shoes - (this is before him farewell) means leave and do not return Iraq does not need you like Iraq is sick and not die

Cole Francis : Bush:”Read my lips,no more shoes.” Crowd:Cheers

Jonathon Organ : Damn I wish one would have hit him

雷電 : So he threw shoe, not bomb. That's a progress!

Chilloo : Lol when they asked the guy if he had any regrets he said *i wish i had more than one pair of shoes to throw at him*

DANtheMANofSIPA : Say what you want about Bush, that was a hell of a good dodge by Bush

moving parts : They actually built a statue dedicated to one of the shoes in Tikrit although apparently the police destroyed it.


amona__ __2001 : muntadher al_zaidi🇮🇶💪

Noor Ali Fahim : Masha Allah 👍 Bush is a dog 🐶 monkey 🐒 soytan 😈 eblis

CrazyChicken : Why is there only 2 comments

beandip666 _ : Just imagine if that connected... god damn lol

Z Atta : You deserve a 100 shoes on your head too.

AnimeLover55 : Bush is from the matrix

Mike P : All these new comments wow

Manoj Choudhary : Atleast Throw the second shoe so That bush can use it lol.

CCCP : Atack 100% Stealth 0%

Jerry Gonzales : That was a nice dodge

Gaurav Kumar Choudhary : That first dodge tho

Victor mishra : Who is here after recent g v l narsimhan shoe attack in india😂😂

Gerson Salazar : Why is this in my recommended on 2019? Hilarious af tho.

Kardelen Özgür : Guys now I understand much more why Donald Trump hiding when he comes to iraq

you are gay : Respect for this man and his shoes❤❤❤